Disabled Veteran Turned Fayetteville Fashion Designer Defies All Odds with ‘ICAN’ Spirit

ICAN by Kelsey Battle

ICAN by Kelsey Battle

Fashion Designer Kelsey Battle

Fashion Designer Kelsey Battle

ICAN Clothing

ICAN Clothing

You are the brand. Comfort, purpose, and style are what you choose! ICAN is a style that lets you become the conversation!”

— Kelsey Battle

FAYETTEVILLE, NC, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — This Veterans Day we pause to acknowledge the challenges our enlisted men and women face in the field and back at home. Returning to civilian life can pose many challenges in fact according to a recent Pew Research Center survey of 1,853 veterans, 27% say re-entry was difficult for them—a proportion that swells to 44% among veterans who served in the ten years since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. One Fayetteville native and entrepreneur has beaten the odds even while dealing with bouts of post-military anxiety and in doing so has become a rising star in the fashion world. Meet Kelsey Battle, creator of the inspiring ICAN clothing line.

In 1999 while serving in the military at Fort Bragg NC, Sgt. Battle and his soldiers were on duty watching the aftermath of the notorious Columbine shootings. It was there in the weight of the tragic moment that Evangelist Billy Graham came on to deliver a powerful, life-affirming message and Kelsey saw despair juxtaposed with hope and he began to formulate a business plan for a clothing line reflecting a message of resilience.

Billy Graham’s words rang clear to him that day. He spoke from Philippians 4:13, which says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. According to Kelsey, “If kids only knew the ICAN brand like they know Nike, Adidas or Rebook, something positive, we need to do something positive to empower the kids.” The acronym (ICAN), boldly displayed on each item is an encouraging theme of determination, purpose, strength, and direction not just for kids but for men and women, as well. It is a universal message combined with the current style.

Kelsey a happily married man for 27 years says the journey to get to this measure of success in his life was not without struggle. Growing up in a broken home, living in poverty with a drug-addicted mother was not easy but he had the strength to succeed and beat the odds. Kelsey had the ICAN theme purposely deposited in him even back then. As a senior in high school, he realized that his inability to read would lead him nowhere good. Being a person of faith, he prayed and begged God to show him how to read and faithfully God answered his prayers. Kelsey graduated and enlisted in the Army where he served his country proudly for 11.5 years in the 82nd Airborne Division traveling around the globe to Germany and South Korea.

Kelsey had a dream, but funds were tight, so the ICAN spirit kicked in again and the tenacious trendsetter worked three jobs to fund his first launch. By day he worked in the Army and nights and weekends were spent as a grocery bagger for the local market and a shoe store clerk. His hard work gave birth to a clothing business that inspires kids, and which mirrors the heart of the people. The trendy and contemporary designs can be easily worn for leisure or sportswear.

The sought-after designer whose creations are found online and soon in department stores nationwide knows what you wear delivers a message. Why not wear clothing that sends a positive vibe? “ICAN is clothing that lets you become the conversation.” From the Boss Lady Jogger Sets to the colorful rainbow jackets and camo coats you can become a walking billboard for tenacity and change. These stylish items are a complement to any wardrobe complete with accessories such as caps, backpacks, slippers, etc. There is something for the whole family including hoodies. sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and many more.

Together with his wife their five wonderful children Kelsey is building more than a clothing line he is building a movement.

“You are the brand. Comfort, purpose, and style are what you choose! ICAN is a style that lets you become the conversation!” says Kelsey.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Battle at: www.icanclothes.com or sales@icanclothes.com

Kelsey Battle
ICAN Clothing
+1 240-495-3189

ICAN Clothing Line

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Huge Inventory of Forté Appliances Available During Appliances Connection’s Black Friday Sale

Forte Range

Check out our entire suite of appliances inspired by Italy’s rich history of exquisite stylistic designs.

Forte Refrigerator and Range Hood

A huge inventory of ready to ship, in-stock refrigerators, ranges, range hoods, rangetops, microwaves, and more from Forté are available.

Forte Microwave

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From October 21st – November 28th, get the best deals on a huge inventory of ready to ship, in-stock refrigerators, ranges, and more from Forté.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the holiday season just around the corner, Appliances Connection is rolling out their biggest Black Friday Sale yet. From October 21st – November 28th, customers will have access to the best deals on a huge inventory of ready to ship, in-stock refrigerators, ranges, range hoods, rangetops, microwaves, and more from Forté. Get 5% back on an Appliances Connection Gift Card when using 6 months or 12 months special financing when purchased using an Appliances Connection Credit Card.

In an era of ever-changing and expanding kitchen styles, the timeless design of a Forté appliance brings an air of modernity to any kitchen it graces its presence with. Forté’s entire suite of high-quality kitchen appliances draws inspiration from Italy’s rich history of exquisite stylistic designs, which have dazzled consumers the world over. As such, these units are crafted with the singular ambition of blending tradition and superior quality with sleek, easy-to-clean designs. Notable features include powerful Multi-Function convection on their ranges, Multi-Air Flow Cooling on their refrigeration units, and gorgeous welded seams on their range hoods.

For dependable, sturdy residential kitchen appliances that combine fine workmanship, varied aesthetics, attainable pricing, and user-friendly designs, then Forté is a brand to keep in mind. They’ve been perfecting their craft in this specific area for quite some time and will deliver everything they promise in both power and performance for years to come.

Visit https://www.appliancesconnection.com/ today. Also check out our blog to find out about new releases, our favorite appliances of the year, read our monthly newsletters, and more.

John Winters
Appliances Connection
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Appliances Connection Black Friday Sale

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Institute of Design Promotion expanded on the special meaning of this year’s message

TOKYO, JAPAN, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Japanese beauty brand Waphyto is proud to announce that they are the recent recipient of a Good Design Award for the brand’s cosmetic packaging.

The Good Design Award is a movement that began in Japan in 1957 as a comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system. Each year, the award’s founding organization recognizes excellence in the design of various products and services with an international competition.

About The 2021 Good Design Award
According to their website, the goal of the Good Design Award is “To provide support to those who have managed to identify the possibilities of design, explore what can be made happen with design, broaden the fields where design can play a role, and ultimately lead to the creation of the society where everyone can lead a rich and creative life.”

The theme for the 2021 Good Design Awards was “Aspiration and action with consideration.” In an online statement, Hiroyuki Fukano, President of Japan

“This is a wonderful theme that verbalizes how our wishes and hopes for a better world can be realized if we all worked together. I believe that the selected designs embody this spirit in various ways,” he said. “Interest in design has never been stronger. Designers envision an ideal future, give it a specific form, and forge a path to that future. This year, the number of entries, as well as winners, is significantly higher than last year. When society yearns for a better future, designers respond with excellent works of art that propose multiple paths forward.”

Waphyto’s Remarkable Product Packaging Design
In the category of cosmetics, Waphyto has received The Good Design Award for its unique and innovative product packaging in the category of packaging for the general public. Each of the line’s self care and wellness products features its own colorful, sleek, eco-friendly container. When developing the packaging the brand’s vision was one that promotes a harmonious existence between people and plants.

Waphtyo’s signature colors are nature-inspired and as a clean beauty brand, the company is exceptionally committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Key brand strategies for reducing waste include containers made from recycled plastic, boxes made from recycled paper from plant residue, and FSC-certified labels using vegetable inks for the printing of all packaging text. Customers can even return used containers for recycling via Waphyto’s partnership with Terracycle.

About Waphyto: The Power of Plants Meets Modern Cosmetic Science

Developed by award-winning plant scientist Atsuko Morita, based on her knowledge of traditional herbalism and modern beauty technology, Waphyto is a self care and wellness brand that combines the finest natural ingredients with the most sophisticated cosmetic innovations.

From skincare to body and hair care, Waphyto products embody an appreciation for Japanese Wa culture – promoting peace and harmony. With a passion for preserving the purity of nature, Waphyto works to ensure that all ingredients and formulas meet the highest standards of the company’s scientists and herbalists, as well as those of today’s socially responsible marketplace.

Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/waphyto or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Waphyto.Global

Wakana Honami
+81 3-6416-1709

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Jewelry Company Aphrodite's Recent Launch on Amazon Dominates Profit Margin & Sales: Bergio Intl. (Stock Symbol: BRGO)

BRGO’s Berge Abajian

BRGO Custom Jewelry

BRGO Aphrodite Line

BRGO’s High End Line


Profitable Diamond in the Rough Jewelry Company Aphrodite's Recent Launch on Amazon Dominates Profit Margin & Sales: Bergio Intl. (Stock Symbol: BRGO)


"The success we have seen from our Crown Luxe Division gives us confidence that expanding our footprint into the direct-to-consumer market through our brick-and-mortar locations was the right move”

— Berge Abajian, Chief Executive Officer of BRGO,

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Profitable Diamond in the Rough Jewelry Company Aphrodite's Recent Launch on Amazon Dominates Profit Margin & Sales: Bergio Intl. (Stock Symbol: BRGO)

Leading jewelry firm BRGO expands foray into Amazon to boost sales for the lucrative Cyber 5 (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday), kick-off for the holiday shopping season.

 Established Jewelry Design & Sales Company for Famous Bergio Brand.

 Launched New Direct to Consumer (DTC) Marketing Program.

 Expanding Overseas Manufacturing to Scale for Q4 and to Meet Ever Growing Consumer Demand.

 New Partnership with Growth Marketing Engine PDOCS Labs Ventures.

 Launching Sterling Silver Holiday Jewelry Collection to Over 10,000 Retail Sellers for Fourth Quarter.

 Brick-And-Mortar Division Surpassed Last Year’s Revenue as of August.

 Marketing on Amazon to Continue Profit Margin Increase.

Bergio International, Inc. (BRGO) is a global leader in jewelry design and manufacturing. The Bergio brand, the primary portfolio asset, is associated with high-quality, handcrafted, and individually designed pieces with a European sensibility, Italian craftsmanship, and a bold flair for the unexpected.

Established in 1995, the BRGO signature innovative design, coupled with extraordinary diamonds and precious stones, earned the company recognition as a highly sought-after purveyor of rare and exquisite treasures from around the globe. With family jewelry roots reaching back to the 1930s, BRGO founder, CEO, and designer Berge Abajian is a third-generation jeweler, blending superior knowledge in design and manufacturing to create unparalleled collections in craftsmanship and style. The BRGO Berigo brand features fine jewelry, silver fashion jewelry, bridal, couture, and leather accessories, ranging in price from $50 to $250,000.

 BRGO Direct to Consumer (DTC) Brand Aphrodite's Global Launch

On October 5th BRGO announces its DTC jewelry brand, Aphrodite's, has launched its limited release "You Are Gold" collection worldwide. This launch expands their expertly beautifully crafted line of gift pieces to HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet) and their current customers worldwide. With this BRGO gold collection, Aphrodite's is the first fashion jewelry brand to execute a launch in the fine jewelry space with custom-crafted inspirational message cards and gift boxes for an unprecedented, elevated gifting experience.

Aphrodite's is poised to make gifting easy during the upcoming holiday season for the fast-growing jewelry consumer, the 35- to 55-year-old mid to high-income demographic group with its "You Are Gold" line. This BRGO collection features 12 solid gold pendants, such as, the ever-popular coin medallion, representing love, luck, life, hope, and dreams to inspire, empower and delight the everyday woman in her everyday moments. And, it's designed to be timeless with a collector's appeal.

"We've experienced a lot of exciting growth over the last 6 months," said Berge Abajian, CEO of BRGO. "Now, with the addition of "You Are Gold", we'll continue our evolution into the upmarket space for Aphrodite's. Our ultimate global vision is to see our Aphrodite's customers styled from head to toe with our hand-crafted unique gorgeous designs. He added, "With this collection, we are expecting to tap into the solid gold global market which has been estimated at $2.2 billion in 2020 and is estimated to increase to $2.9 billion by 2027. This disruptive expansion in the DTC space gives Aphrodite's a cutting edge". He continues, "Since our acquisition, we have done a lot of changes to improve top revenue and bottom line. And the addition of "You Are Gold" in the fourth quarter, which is the best quarter of the year for ecommerce, is another step for Aphrodite's to be the brand leader in the DTC space."

 BRGO Expands Overseas Jewelry Manufacturing to Scale for Q4 & to Meet Ever-Growing Consumer Demand

On September 29th BRGO announced expanding its international jewelry manufacturing in Armenia to accommodate growing customer and market demand for Q4 scale. BRGO forecasts to at minimum double its year-to-date sales in the last quarter of the year, the "Golden Quarter" in eCommerce.

BRGO CEO Berge Abajian went on a tour of Armenia, meeting with key leaders to gear up operations for economies of scale and to finalize the last stage to acquire a jewelry manufacturer which will solidify the BRGO vision to control its end to end vertical manufacturing chain.

Armenia's labor force is as competitive in price and speed as the Far East and has been consistently growing stronger. This thriving region is well-known for advanced skills and high ethical standards in jewelry manufacturing, making it a desirable global hub. Armenia is also a key gateway to launch BRGO into the key Russian market.

Since going public in 2008, the BRGO vision has been to expand and diversify its global and digital presence. This year BRGO acquired Aphrodite's, a fast-growing digitally native jewelry e-tailer, for $5 million, and GearBubble, a B2B e-commerce POD (print on demand) and fulfillment platform, for $3.2 million. Solidifying overseas manufacturing will help to pivot quickly to launch out new styles weekly and to boost inventory on product styles that become popular. Since the jewelry will be manufactured within the BRGO supply chain, the quality will remain high to align with its' brand value and promise.

 How BRGO Plans to Dominate the Jewelry Industry – Faster, Leaner, and More Profitable Than Ever

On September 22nd BRGO announced a partnership with growth marketing engine PDOCS Labs Ventures.

The partnership with PDOCS Labs Ventures comes after a big year for BRGO. They announced the acquisition of the fast growth online jewelry retailer, Aphrodite's, earlier this year. BRGO then acquired technology based ecommerce & print-on-demand pioneer Gearbubble which is known as one of the first platforms to sync into platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and others.

The plan: outmaneuver the entire jewelry industry through data science, new technologies, proprietary systems, and innovation that has not been seen before in the jewelry & accessories space.

BRGO has been looking for the right data & direct response team to take the digital side of their acquisitions to the next level. Through the new acquisitions, they were able to find "accelerator" PDOCS, which fit perfectly into the upcoming model and data needs.

The combined team behind PDOCS Labs Ventures has been responsible for an estimated $500m in revenue generated across ecommerce for the past 4 years. The 7 person team specializes in machine learning technology, direct-response copywriting, media buying, and most importantly for the deal: data-driven advertising & decision making.

Adam Lucerne and Jesse Gibson, Co-founders of PDOCS Labs Ventures, shared, "Our vision for this partnership is to create a roadmap for jewelry and ecom brands under the BRGO brand to go digital and adapt faster, leaner and more profitable than ever. The pandemic has created an equal playing field for the jewelry industry with many major outlets being forced to go digital… While other competitors are slowing down production, Bergio is ramping up at exponential speeds. BRGO is already projected to have an explosive 20X plus growth over last year."

The BRGO plan is focused on lowering cost per acquisition, then becoming one of the first online retailers to leverage intent based-data to provide hyper-targeted remarketing across all major social channels – TikTok, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

The data-engineering Heads of PDOCS Labs, Josh Hamilton and Chase Gibson commented on the opportunity of taking a major outlet digital stating:
"Brands have two options:

1. The first is to spend money to build audiences and rely on ad platforms for insight on performance. You spend money to rent anatomized data.

2. The second is to leverage things like machine learning and live customer databases to build product-to-person specific audiences before spending a dollar. You own and control your data.

BRGO is now leveraging the second option through our in-house tech. When you can map the market ahead of time, sales and profit become a predictable metric, VS a speculative one."

BRGO has now found a rhythm into the technology & ecommerce industries with the help of the 2 leaders from its new acquisitions of Aphrodite's & Gearbubble. Jonathan Foltz & Don Wilson are now leveraging their network, know-how, & influence to set the company with all the newest technologies & partners under the BRGO holding company.

BRGO is pursuing & investing the newest data softwares & technologies to leverage the new digitally conscious world.

 BRGO Acquisition GearBubble Launches Sterling Silver Holiday Jewelry Collection to Over 10,000 Retail Sellers for Fourth Quarter

On September 14th BRGO announced that GearBubble, their newest B2B portfolio acquisition, has officially unveiled their holiday jewelry collection. Introduced on Friday, September 10, 2021, the sterling silver designs of four necklaces, a bracelet, and earrings, are now available to over 10,000 active retail sellers.

GearBubble is a B2B e-commerce fulfillment platform that improves customer experience through integration with Amazon, Etsy, and more. While lacking access to quality jewelry in the past, GearBubble still managed to sell 12,000 units per day, with some peak months surpassing 100,000 units. With the launch of the new jewelry collection, GearBubble will provide its sellers with premium jewelry items. The addition of experimental gifting options, which includes upsells such as gift boxes and personalized messages, will create the opportunity for higher order values.

 BRGO Announces That Crown Luxe, Their Brick-And-Mortar Division, Has Surpassed Last Year’s Sales Revenue as of End of August

On September 8th BRGO announced that their Crown Luxe Division has surpassed last year's sales revenue with a healthier bottom line, based on internal figures through the end of August 2021.

The Crown Luxe Division is part of the BRGO portfolio and was the first time the company applied a direct-to-consumer model. They have been selling their trendsetting jewelry and popular accessories through two brick-and-mortar locations located in Closter, NJ and Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ.

Berge Abajian, Chief Executive Officer of BRGO, shared, "The success we have seen from our Crown Luxe Division gives us confidence that expanding our footprint into the direct-to-consumer market through our brick-and-mortar locations was the right move. We are blown away by the success we have achieved in just five short years and look forward to seeing the continued growth of this segment of our expanding portfolio."

Berge Abajian added, "Surpassing last year's revenue is just the start. As we move into the future, the direct-to-consumer foundation has been set, allowing for scalable e-commerce growth which will continue to produce increased revenues profits for our all our portfolio assets. We are grateful for our skilled and passionate team that has brought us to this achievement and know their support will help us reach even greater heights."

CEO Berge Abajian will be presenting at the Emerging Growth Conference on October 13, 2021, to discuss growth, acquisitions, and vision. All investors are encouraged to attend and ask questions directly to the CEO. For more information, visit https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1487781&tp_key=e2bca7d62c&sti=brgo .

The BRGO portfolio also includes Aphrodite's, a growing fashion jewelry label, and GearBubble, a B2B e-commerce fulfillment platform. This past year, Bergio acquired Aphrodite's for $5 million and GearBubble for $3.2 million, which has already begun to positively impact the company's revenues and profits.

 BRGO Launches Aphrodite's on Amazon to Continue Profit Margin Increase on Fashion Jewelry

On August 30th BRGO announced that Aphrodite's, their fast-growing fashion jewelry label, officially launched on Amazon. Entering the market on August 5, 2021, the launch of Aphrodite's on the global platform was one of the fastest in the BRGO portfolio.

For more information on Bergio International, Inc. (BRGO) visit www.bergio.com and www.aphrodites.com

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UBC Newsworld Video for BRGO

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Mallcomm signs partnership with ECE Marketplaces to deliver digital engagement platform at over 100 shopping centres

Image: The custom ECE network app screenshot

The custom ECE network app

Mallcomm Logo

Mallcomm Logo

Mallcomm announces it has signed a partnership with ECE Marketplaces to deliver a digital engagement platform at centres in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy

LONDON, EUROPE, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global proptech company Mallcomm announces today it has signed a pan-European partnership with ECE Marketplaces to deliver a bespoke digital tenant-engagement platform at more than 100 shopping centres in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy

The partnership, which is the largest single agreement Mallcomm has signed in Europe, will initially encompass 107 assets, including leading retail destinations Adigeo, Verona; Galeria Krakowska, Krakow, Arkad, Budapest, Olympia-Einkaufszentrum, Munich and Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum, Hamburg. In total, the assets span more than 3.5 million sqm of retail and leisure space and accommodate more than 12,300 retail tenants.

Mallcomm’s proprietary technology will be used to deliver a bespoke technology platform which will allow day-to-day operations to be managed digitally and provide real-time data insights, with the capability to track footfall, sales and energy performance. The platform will enable 24/7 communication between centre management teams and retailers allowing centre management teams to gain a deeper understanding of what is driving store conversion and deliver targeted services and placemaking initiatives.

The surge in demand for digital tenant engagement solutions has enabled Mallcomm to double its global footprint in the past six months, with more than 650 properties, comprising in excess of 400 million sq ft, now using its proprietary technology to support tenant experience and property management. Its clients include leading property owners Hammerson, Brookfield, Klepierre, Oxford Properties, Mall of America and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

Michael Triebold, Director Digital Business, Marketing & Research at ECE Marketplaces: “We are excited for this cooperation with Mallcomm and believe that we have found a great partner to progress on digitalization within our shopping centres. Implementing this solution will allow us to become faster in our communication with our partners as well as more sustainable. This young partnership with Mallcomm has already been very rewarding, so we are very much looking forward to extending this relationship.”

David Fuller-Watts, Managing Director of Mallcomm, said: “This is the largest partnership we have ever signed in Europe and we are delighted to be selected by ECE Marketplaces to support the next phase of evolution at more than a hundred leading retail destinations.

“Our platform helps drive closer collaboration between landlords and tenants, enabling real-time digital engagement that helps streamline day-to-day operations, creates service charge efficiencies and increases trust and transparency around critical areas such as energy performance and sales. We look forward to working with ECE Marketplaces, and more than 12,000 retail tenants, to create truly connected communities at these assets.”

Ben Hammond
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Medtech Maldives commences Digital Transformation with Microsoft & CloudFronts

CloudFronts – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner

CloudFronts Microsoft partnership

Medtech Team with CloudFronts CEO & ERP Practice Lead

CloudFronts will help Medtech Maldives to transform its operational and sales capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

MALÉ, MALDIVES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Male, Maldives, October 27, 2021

CloudFronts is delighted to announce it has been selected by Medtech Maldives Pvt Ltd, one of the largest sellers and distributors of hospital equipment devices to deploy Microsoft Dynamics to bolster its CRM, and ERP capabilities.

Having its motto as Bridge to Medical Excellence, Medtech Maldives is one of the largest healthcare companies specializing in selling and distributing medical equipment, consumables, laboratory reagents, and products related to the medical field. You can explore more about them here http://www.medtechmaldives.com/

CloudFronts’ commitment to Maldives emerges from the fact that it is already currently serving a string of public and private enterprises in Maldives across the sectors like Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Insurance, and warehouse management, and nevertheless, has emerged as a South Asian tourist island’s top Microsoft technology partner.

As healthcare equipment business soared post-pandemic, Medtech Maldives expressed to migrate from legacy Dynamics AX ERP to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management along with Dynamics 365 Commerce and Field Service. They will also leverage intuitive and interactive Dashboard and reports with Microsoft Power BI for Data insights and analytics along with Microsoft 365 for email, security, file sharing, and storage. Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics suite will unify and automate the client’s financial, operational, sales, accounting process, and enable Medtech Maldives’s business to reduce expenses and make smarter and faster decisions.

On this occasion, Sairaj Kalekar, Marketing Head of CloudFronts says, “This win is yet another evidence of CloudFronts’ dedication to digitizing Maldives’ economy with Microsoft technologies. Our ultimate vision is to enable every single enterprise in the Maldives on Microsoft Dynamics.”

Visit us at https://www.cloudfronts.com/ to learn more about our Dynamics 365 offerings.

About CloudFronts Technologies

CloudFronts is a 100% Dynamics 365 focused Microsoft Gold Partner helping Businesses around the world to Solve their Complex Business Challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Our head office and robust delivery center are based out of Mumbai, India along with branch offices in Singapore & U.S.
Since its inception in 2012, CloudFronts has successfully served over 500+ small and medium-sized clients all over the world such as North America, Europe, Australia, Maldives & India with diverse experiences in the sectors ranging from Professional services, Finances, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, F&B, Retail, Logistics, Energy, Automotive and Nonprofits.
Please feel free to connect with Dynamics 365 Solution Architect Anil Shah at ashah@cloudfronts.com

Anil Shah
CloudFronts Technologies
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Detroit Sewn Launches New Option for American Made Hoodies

Detroit Sewn logo

Detroit Sewn logo

Cozy Unisex Hoodie on female

Cozy Unisex Hoodie on female

Cozy Unisex Hoodie on male

Cozy Unisex Hoodie on male

PONTIAC, MI, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The pandemic pointed out the blatant need for a stronger U.S. supply chain, and after a year and a half of producing sustainable PPE for hospitals around the country, Detroit Sewn, Inc., a full service cut and sew manufacturer in Pontiac, Michigan, is now taking on the blanks industry (clothing and accessories that are purchased “blank” and then decorated with logos or art) with their first product: the classic hoodie.

“When I opened the factory six years ago, my original goal was to manufacture t-shirts for local brands that are decorating and selling them,” says Karen Buscemi, President & CEO of Detroit Sewn. “Now it’s finally the right time to go down this road, thanks to the name and reputation we’ve built over the years paired with the container ship issues causing huge inventory issues for U.S. companies large and small.”

Detroit Sewn’s first product is the Cozy Unisex Hoodie, made from a substantial 14 oz. sweatshirt fleece, in sizes XS-4XL, that offers all the high-quality features consumers want in their hoodies, including a lined hood, grommets, and double-needle stitching. They are currently available in three colors, and customers get to customize their hoodies with one of 14 different drawstring colors.

Retail, corporate and wholesale pricing is available, along with a wide variety of fabric color choices for wholesale buyers.

In addition to manufacturing the hoodie, Detroit Sewn decorates them, too, utilizing screen printing, embroidery, and a wide variety of heat transfer options.

The company plans to launch their first t-shirt before the end of this year, along with two variations on their current hoodie.

A socially responsible manufacturer, Detroit Sewn’s retail sales are made to order in an attempt to combat the wastefulness found globally in apparel manufacturing. Orders are cut, sewn and shipped within two weeks.

Learn more at detroitsewn.com.

Karen Buscemi
Detroit Sewn, Inc.
+1 2487228407
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Appointment of COO announcement

Web DataWorks Logo

Web DataWorks Logo

Rory O'Kane - COO, Web DataWorks Ltd

Rory O’Kane – COO, Web DataWorks Ltd

Web Data Works Ltd (“The DataWorks”), announces the appointment of Rory O’Kane to the position of COO to support and execute the company’s strategy and vision.

We are very excited to have Rory come onboard as our COO and a co-founder. Rory has a wealth of high-level leadership experience in the eCommerce industry and is highly respected in the sector”

— Allen ONeill

DUBLIN, IRELAND, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Web Data Works Ltd
Appointment of COO announcement
10th September 2021

Following its recent €1.2m seed investment round, Web Data Works Limited (“The DataWorks”), announces the appointment of Rory O’Kane to the position of Chief Operating Officer. O’Kane will support CEO Allen ONeill in executing the company’s strategy and vision to become the leading provider of both raw data and actionable insights to eCommerce focused data-intermediaries who consume web data at scale.

O’Kane brings with him more than 20 years delivering operational excellence in the Enterprise Technology sector. He has a strong track record in delivering complex, quality focused solutions in demanding global business environments. Most recently O’Kane has worked as a leader in eCommerce analytics, working with major brands to drive increased growth and sales.

Allen ONeill, CEO of DataWorks, commented.

"We are very excited to have Rory come onboard as our COO and a co-founder. Rory has a wealth of high-level leadership experience in the eCommerce industry and is highly respected in the sector. He is known for his ability to quickly synthesize highly complex customer problems and find solutions to intractable problems. I have worked with Rory before and have seen first hand the transformational benefits he brings to an organisation – we are lucky to have such a high calibre industry professional join the leadership team.”

About Web DataWorks:

Web data is useful information that exists on websites which companies collect and use to inform them about their customers and market trends and provide a competitive edge over their rivals. Web DataWorks' platform and technology, which is focussed on the e-commerce market, has the ability to gather very large data sets from multiple sites and geographies in real time. Technology provided by the company is unique in the marketplace and is underpinned by a strong portfolio of patents and other intellectual property.

DataWorks' proprietary technology is far ahead of the current competition and is unique in the marketplace. It provides a compelling opportunity for customers, putting them fully in control of their data whilst dramatically lowering the cost of collecting large volumes of data at extreme scale.

Rory O’Kane
Web Data Works Limited
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Qrates & Fat Beats Establish Press-to-Order Global Vinyl Distribution Network for Retailers

Qrates logo

Qrates logo

Fat Beats Logo

Fat Beats Logo

Duckwrth 'SG8*' Album Art

Duckwrth ‘SG8*’ Album Art

Duckwrth’s 'SG8*' LP will be first vinyl project distributed via new partnership

Vinyl for independents is far from dead; it’s growing! It’s about time independents got a piece of the pie.”

— Taishi Fukuyama, Co-Founder and CMO at Qrates

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Qrates is continuing its mission to democratize vinyl for independent musicians and labels by signing a new agreement with iconic hip-hop distribution company, record store, and record label Fat Beats. The deal will allow select Qrates vinyl projects to be picked up for in-store distribution through Fat Beats’ network, which includes hundreds of independent record stores across North America such as Rough Trade (NYC), Amoeba Music (LA/SF), Newbury Comics, Zia Records, Bullmoose, Criminal Records, Sunrise (Canada), plus hallowed international institutions like Sounds of the Universe (London), Gibert Joseph Musique (Paris), Rush Hour (Amsterdam), Disk Union (Japan), and dozens more.

Rather than guesstimating the total number of records to press and distribute, Fat Beats will promote selected vinyl projects from Qrates directly to its retail network, soliciting firm, pre-paid orders and working with Qrates to eliminate waste by pressing only the agreed-upon number of records. This eliminates financial and inventory risk for independent labels and artists, who need not put any money down for the pressing or store unsold records in their basements, while Fat Beats’ strong presence and influence in the hip-hop market ensures their music is featured in some of the most influential record stores in the world.

The first Qrates project to be distributed through the partnership will be Duckwrth’s new LP, 'SG8*,' which was released digitally on September 3rd. The project, which follows Duckwrth’s 2020 critically acclaimed album 'SuperGood,' features the singles “4K” featuring Phabo and “Make U Go,” plus six other tracks inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapper, who just wrapped a 2021 headlining tour, caught the attention of pop superstar Billie Eilish, who will be taking Duckwrth on the road with her in March 2022. To preorder a copy of 'SG8*' on vinyl, visit www.qrates.com/projects/24994-sg8-limited-edition.

“With the process of pressing and selling vinyl records becoming more difficult for independent artists and labels, Qrates’ mission is to buck that trend and once again prioritize these releases — this partnership with Fat Beats helps us do exactly that,” said Taishi Fukuyama, Co-Founder and CMO at Qrates. “By teaming with Fat Beats, we are opening up new opportunities for them to sell their music in this highly lucrative, in-demand format, all with zero risk, zero waste, and zero upfront costs. Vinyl for independents is far from dead; it’s growing! It’s about time independents got a piece of the pie.”

“We’re big fans of what Qrates is doing for the independent community and are excited to kick off our partnership by bringing Duckwrth’s 'SG8*' LP to vinyl,” said Joseph Abajian, founder of Fat Beats. “By working together, we can eliminate many of the biggest problems associated with vinyl distribution while giving worthy projects a major boost through our retail network. We look forward to working with Qrates much more in the future.”

"I’m excited that my new project, 'SG8*,' gets to be the first as a part of this exciting union between Qrates and Fat Beats,” said Duckwrth. “Providing a platform for physical retail distribution to indie artists is a game changer. As a personal lover of vinyl, I can attest to there being nothing like hearing your favorite album on the record player and even more so hearing your own music on wax. 'SG8*' is a special one for me as it marks not only my personal hope of a brighter future, post COVID, but of my own independence as an artist. I am glad I am able to tap into something like Qrates and the legendary Fat Beats to make it available on another medium to the world."

The Fat Beats partnership expands upon Qrates’ own retail store network, available at no additional cost to all Qrates users, which includes distribution to stores such as Waterloo (TX/U.S.), Rough Trade (U.K.), HMV (Japan), Music Millennium (OR/U.S.), Juno (U.K.), and HHV (Germany).

To learn more about Qrates’ partnership with Fat Beats, visit https://fatbeats.qrates.com. For more information on Qrates, visit www.qrates.com.

Duckwrth Social Media
Twitter – https://twitter.com/DUCKWRTH
Instagram – https://instagram.com/duckwrth
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqCjmUIKpKe9bjoJKzP3ypA
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6I3MElirhT5t6Kf7p0hGk9
SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/duckwrth
Linkfire – https://thisisduckwrth.lnk.to/sg8

About Qrates
Qrates (pronounced “crates”) democratizes vinyl for indie music, as the world’s premier destination for fast, hassle-free creation, financing, distribution, discovery, and sales of records. To date, over 6,000 artists have created and distributed vinyl records to over 140,000 fans using Qrates, which has paid out over $2 million to artists. All an artist needs is their final recording and art design, and they can create a campaign, master the audio, upload the cover art, and distribute the final recording directly to fans as well as to online and physical record stores around the world. Because Qrates has direct relationships with pressing plants, it is able to turn around orders more quickly than other companies. And with free warehouses in North America and the U.K., music is never far from the fans.

Launched globally in 2015 by a team of technology experts who decided to use their expertise to expand access to this fast-growing physical format, Qrates helps artists and labels take advantage of one of the most lucrative formats in the music industry today. Currently, a Qrates artist who sells 300 vinyl albums for the average price of $26 apiece would earn around the same as they would from 1 million streams, depending on production costs and shipping. In addition to crowdfunding campaigns, which require no money down, artists and labels can also deliver their projects via Qrates-powered direct-to-fan orders, or simply have the records pressed and sent to them.

For more information, visit www.qrates.com.

Laurie Jakobsen
Jaybird Communications
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The RAHA Series

Author Alborz Azar

In the Raha Series, Alborz finds himself trapped between loving his wife, while endowed to the woman of his dreams.

Author Alborz Azar

RAHA was magical, she was attractive, looking gorgeous…..

Author Alborz Azar

Alborz Azar is an English novelist who imagines himself as a character in his books. His novels focus on delivering the message of love to the readers.

In the Raha Series, Alborz finds himself trapped between loving his wife, while endowed to the woman of his dreams.

PRESCOTT , ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the Raha Series, Alborz finds himself trapped between loving his wife, while endowed to the woman of his dreams. When he tries to profess his love to Pantea, she strongly implies her dislike for falling in love with anyone. As their relationship progresses Alborz continues to declare his undying love. The tides change and Pantea starts using the word love for Alborz. At least once a week, she openly says she loves him. However, unrevealed secrets place a strain on their bond, and just when Alborz thinks all is well, a random affair with someone is revealed.

In his attempt to repair the damage, Alborz admits he would have died for his beloved if there had been a good reason. He shows how he would have done anything for Pantea’s happiness, even it meant losing everything. In the process he discovers her wisdom is one of a kind, with unmatchable charm unlike any other girl on the planet; truly one in a billion.

Alborz’s horrible mistake is narrated in the second book by using her innocence to expose their relationship to one of her previous boyfriends, eight years before she met Alborz. The consequences thereafter are revealed in the third book. Their relationship teaches him how two people should treat each other, in a way that can only be based on sorting out disagreements through mutual discussions. The RAHA Series is based on Alborz’s life with his Eshgham, as Lana inspires him to write and share his memoirs with the world.

Author Alborz Azar
Published by Writers Publishing House
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Other Works by the Author
All Books Available in 24 Languages

Published Books – Available @40,000 plus retail stores world-wide

• What Comes Around Goes Around

Coming Soon…..

• Short Lovely Sexy Love Makings
• 8 Stunning Sexy Love Making
• Will Love Perish the Pandemic Seperaation Covid 19?
• Prolonged Emotional Exhaustion -Covid 19
• Will Our Desires Disappear During Covid?
• 22 Jiby Sexy Love Making
• Transition Uncertainty During Cold War by China
• Our Desire to Live Alone
• Survival Fruitless Without Raha
• 15 Sexy Love Making Holidays
• Second Wave of Covid 19
• Superb Jiby Sexy Love Making
• Supreme Outcome of Love
• Enjoyed Freedom Being Alone
• Veridicality About the Raha Series

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The RAHA Book Series

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