Startup Company Quair Announces Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for the Plasma Mini Wearable Air Purifier

Electronics startup QUAIR launches the Plasma Mini, a new-age wearable air purifier recognized for its unique air purification technology – Bipolar Ionization.

HONG KONG, March 6, 2021 / — QUAIR is pleased to announce their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign garnered over 130% funds due to exceptional response, allowing for the Plasma Mini to move ahead with manufacturing and fulfillment.

The Plasma Mini is a portable air purifying device that uses effective Bipolar Ionization Technology to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria, ideal for crowded environments and polluted areas. By creating positive and negative ions, the device replicates nature’s method of air cleaning. The ions actively seek and eliminate airborne contaminants by inducing a chemical reaction that removes the contaminant’s life-sustaining Hydrogen bond to completely neutralize it. The device protects the wearer’s breathing space and has a battery life of 8 to 10 hours, allowing for fresher air throughout the user’s day.

Minimalistically designed and weighing only 85g, the portable device is available in five vibrant colors (Cool Gray, Sky Blue, Sky Pink, Midnight Navy, and Turquoise) fit to suit the user’s everyday outfit. The product comes with a silicone neck strap, allowing for optimal comfort, and also additional button clip and protective case accessories that are sold separately.

On a mission to bring fresher air through thoughtfully considered design, QUAIR launched its Plasma Mini via the Indiegogo campaign in December 2020. The crowdfunding campaign is still currently operating for those who wish to support the product at a special discount. For more details, please click here.

“We are thrilled to launch the Plasma Mini and are incredibly grateful to hear of all positive feedback it has received thus far. Given the circumstances that the past year has brought forth, it is more important than ever to focus on our health. Our goal at QUAIR is to provide a state-of-the-art air purifier that aims to protect our customers by ridding them of harmful pollutants; ultimately providing peace of mind in today’s unprecedented times. Not only is it effective and lightweight, but the product is also practical and can easily be incorporated into one’s daily routine.”
– Jason Yung, Founder, QUAIR


QUAIR is a consumer electronics startup, based in Hong Kong that creates practical and thoughtfully-designed devices for those concerned with their health and well-being. The brand was established in 2020 amidst a global pandemic and saw an opportunity in people’s increased awareness for what they’re inhaling.

In six months, QUAIR successfully launched its first crowdfunding campaign, reached its goal, began manufacturing and fulfilling its orders, and continues to do so daily. As the world continues to adapt, the health and wellbeing of the new generation is not just a trend, but a new normal. QUAIR’s mission is to bring fresher air to everyone without sacrificing effectiveness for design and looks towards making every space a fresh one with innovative air-purifying solutions.

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Why Vegan Certified Claims are Mainstream #BeVeg

BeVeg Vegan Certification - the Global Trademark Retail Chains Can Trust

BeVeg Vegan Certification – the Global Trademark Retail Chains Can Trust

BeVeg International Vegan Certification Standard is the only Accredited Vegan Trademark

BeVeg International Vegan Certification Standard is the only Accredited Vegan Trademark

Vegan Certified products feed a large market share: allergen sufferers, kosher interested consumers, plant-based eaters, ethical vegans, and more. #Mainstream

Vegan certified products are going from popular to mainstream as the consumer learns all the reasons why shopping and choosing the vegan certified product is the better option.”

— Carissa Kranz, Esq. BeVeg Founder/CEO

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2021 / — "Vegan certified products are going from popular to mainstream as the consumer learns all the reasons why shopping for the BeVeg vegan certified product is the better option," says Carissa Kranz, BeVeg International founder and CEO.

Whether you're choosing to be vegan for health, allergens, animals, religion, environment, or just for a meal, the reality is more people are choosing to buy the plant-based vegan products for one reason or another, and vegan products are hitting store shelves at exponential rates. This translates to increased sales and profits in the plant-based space — and that matters to brand owners and retail chains. Even the world's largest meat manufacturers are buying in: just consider Tyson's investment in Beyond Meat and own plant-based meat line, or JBS, the world's largest meat manufacturer, who launched a vegan pea protein line, "Ozo by Planterra", and went as far as certifying it vegan with BeVeg, though their admitted audience is the flexitarian. Or, even McDonald's and Burger King who forecast 50% plant-based menus in the next decade.

Ethical vegans, while a growing market share, are still only a fraction of the large market demanding certified animal-free alternative products from BeVeg. When 20% of the world's population is allergic to lactose (dairy), and 41% of all packaged goods are Kosher certified because there must be separation between meat and dairy, and close to 1/3 of Americans are flexitarian, with 80 million people identifying with the vegan lifestyle globally, there is a clear dollar demand for store shelves to carry products that can warrant, with reliability and confidence, a "free from" animal material or BeVeg certified vegan claim. As the market dictates increased demand, grocery chains are responding by increasing their options, giving more shelf space for plant-based items, expanding their vegan private label lines, and even creating vegan sections of stores. Tesco grocery chain recently announced a designation of vegan only aisles.

"The fact that an allergic customer or Kosher customer cares about valid certified vegan claims for different reasons (health safety / legal liability / religious law) does not dilute the vegan message, but rather empowers the bottom line," says attorney Kranz. “The key is making vegan options accessible and applicable to the masses, not just the animal activists, because this is what the market demands… and it just so happens that the animals benefit too, which is a nice intended benefit from BeVeg,” says attorney Kranz, a vegan from birth.

At this time, BeVeg International is the only vegan trademark in the world that is accredited in accordance with ISO 17065, making it the most reliable vegan certification standard a product/business can achieve, which also makes it the most inclusive and relevant to the masses looking for reliable "free from" animal contamination claims. BeVeg vegan certification requires factory controls to be in place to ensure no animal residue is left so there can be “free from” animal claims on products, just like there can be gluten-free and Kosher certified finished products from shared facilities.

“There shouldn’t be sloppiness in vegan claim handling, as we pen ‘vegan’ into the law to mean free from animal material. A vegan claim must be able to be relied on by the ethical vegan, or the momentary vegan (seeking a free from animal claim because of allergies, religion, or other personal reasons)" says attorney Kranz.

“Veganism is about inclusivity, not exclusivity,” says Heather Landex, BeVeg Chief Compliance Officer, and allergen food safety auditor. “‘Inclusivity’ in this sense means the ability to serve groups normally excluded in the context of food. The vegan need is mainstream and options must be more accessible. We must cater to all potential customer sectors (Kosher / allergic / ethical vegan / flexitarian) and be able to stand behind our free from animal origin claims, as that's what is relevant and needed by the masses.” Landex even authored a book on this exact topic: "Inclusive, the New Exclusive", which helps the food industry understand the inclusivity of vegan claims for mainstream needs, making the need for vegan claims to be audited, certified, reliable and easily accessible.

Allowing “may contain” allergen alibi warnings (meant to help the allergic customer make informed decisions) to also be on vegan claims, provides zero protection and direction for the consumer. These two claims should not be on the same packaging. It is confusing and prevents the consumer from actually making an informed decision, says Landex, who asserts the BeVeg vegan trademark demands industry respect for vegan claims and brings unprecedented protection much like what we currently expect from gluten-free and kosher certified claims. "If the product was made in a shared facility but in a separate building, it should not also say "may contain traces of" dairy, because that means controls are in place to protect the consumer," says Landex.

Unfortunately, it is widely accepted to allow these confusing disclaimers on packaging with vegan claims because businesses don't want to be sued and legally anyone can claim vegan by their own self-defined standard. "The responsibility and expectation, however, should be on the business to keep things separate, and not force the purchasing consumer to assume the risk by purchasing a hypocrite label intended to be a legal liability waiver. This is accomplished through the BeVeg vegan certification standard, which contemplates allergen controls and has clearly defined traceability tests and risk assessments" says attorney Kranz.

Retail chains may not care about doing away with meat, but they do care about catering to the masses and legal liability. Grocery chains and supply chains are mindful of consumer protection laws in place intended to protect the consumer from fraudulently and negligently asserted label claims, allergen controls, risk of expensive product recalls, food safety, food defense, and contamination.

"After all, ebola, e.coli, and other common illnesses that cause expensive product recalls are often born of animal contamination. This is about global food safety and a heightened clean standard,” says attorney Kranz.

…. and that just so happens to benefit the animals and the environment too, which makes Landex and Kranz happy, two corporate vegan executives.

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B.O.S.S. Class LLC CEO & Founder to Guide 1 Million Entrepreneurs to Lucrative Amazon Online Business Careers

Yassin Hall Black Amazon Guru Teaches Middle High School Students

Yassin Hall Black Amazon Guru Teaches Middle High School Students

E-commerce Amazon guru and self-made millionaire, Yassin Hall, launches an online university course that will propel entrepreneurs into lucrative success!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — Yassin Hall, often referred to as an “Amazon Guru BOSS Lady,” acquired millions of dollars in sales via Amazon, what is referred to as “of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.” Hall began teaching middle and high schoolers at Genesis Preparatory Academy in Fayetteville, Georgia through a course entitled, “How to Profit from Amazon and eBay.” In just 90 days, the students made $6,000 while managing their store during class time, an hour once a week.

In January 2021, two of the students opened Ebay stores. Another student, who lives with autism, started a t-shirt line. Hall’s autistic teen daughter, Yamisha, purchased her first home at the age of 17 with earnings from her own Amazon store.

“I am so proud of the young BOSSES! They were ecstatic to learn real-world entrepreneurial skills, and their success demonstrates the need for both B.O.S.S. Amazon and eBay Classes in more schools.” –Yassin Hall, CEO & Founder, B.O.S.S Class LLC

Watch the students celebrate listing their first item!

Hall touts the success of her own Amazon stores — She purchased two homes and three vehicles during the pandemic. Her philanthropic efforts include supporting hurricane relief efforts — supplying students in the U.S. Virgin Islands and in Georgia with laptops and tablets needed to access the Internet for online learning.

To learn more about the courses, visit To learn more about Yassin Hall, visit or follow her on Instagram @YassinHall.

About B.O.S.S. CLASS LLC – Built on Self-Motivated Success

B.O.S.S. CLASS, LLC is an online university that empowers individuals to own their own business as a seller on Amazon, the world’s #1 online retail store. B.O.S.S. CLASS, LLC educates others how to build a profitable Amazon business online that creates unlimited freedom and allows them to relax and enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of your dreams. Our unique proven online system teaches entrepreneurs how to invest in selling on Amazon, sell products in high demand and purchase low-cost inventory. Our goal is to guide 1 million entrepreneurs towards financial freedom and leave a legacy!


Yassin Hall
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Emergence Global Enterprises Inc. Announces Acquisition of ProDynn Distribution LLC

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 5, 2021 / — Emergence Global Enterprises Inc. (“Emergence Global” or the “Company”) (CSE: EMRG) (OTCQB: ELOAF), an acquirer, creator, and builder of reputable natural health consumer foods, products, and brands, is pleased to announce that it has completed its acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding member shares in the capital of ProDynn Distribution, LLC ("ProDynn") (the "Transaction"), a distributor of branded all-natural foods, sports, and nutrition specialty supplements. The acquisition was completed pursuant to a share purchase agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”), dated March 5, 2021. Under the terms of the Purchase Agreement, the sole member of ProDynn (the "Vendor") received aggregate consideration of 1,000,000 common shares in the capital of the Company ("Common Shares") issued to the Vendor at the closing time. The Price per Share at the close of the market on the day prior was $.85.

According to Joe Byrne, President & CEO of Emergence Global Enterprises, “The acquisition of ProDynn Distribution will provide the needed logistics and supply chain support that is needed by Emergence Global enterprises as we continue to expand our footprint across the food and nutrition marketplace.” Jeff Hoffman of ProDynn Distribution, LLC said that” This move to join a growing company in the health and nutrition marketplace provides ProDynn with additional products, channels, and potential customers as both companies continue to expand their scope of operations. We look forward to joining Emergence and bringing our great value, service, and dedication to our industry and customers.”

Additional information about the Company can be found on SEDAR under the Issuer Profile of “Emergence Global Enterprises Inc." or on OTC MARKETS.

About the Company
Emergence Global Enterprises Inc. ("Emergence") is an acquirer, creator, and builder of reputable natural health consumer foods, products, and brands. Following the acquisition of Nubreed Nutrition, Inc., Emergence has become a North American developer and distributor of branded sports and nutrition specialty supplements. The Company is currently considering several development projects.

For further information on the Company, please contact: Joseph Byrne, President & Chief Executive Officer and a Director at phone: 519-257-0460 or by email at:

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Information

Forward-Looking Statements
This news release includes certain “forward-looking statements” under applicable Canadian securities legislation. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to: closing and the terms and conditions of the proposed transaction; the business and operations of the Company after closing the proposed transaction. Forward looking statements are necessarily based upon a number of estimates and assumptions that, while considered reasonable, are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors which may cause the actual results and future events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, but are not limited to: general business, economic, competitive, political and social uncertainties; delay or failure to receive board, shareholder or regulatory approvals; and the uncertainties surrounding the nutraceutical and botanical industry. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward- looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law. There can be no assurance that the proposed transaction will occur or that the anticipated financial, economic or strategic benefits will be realized.

Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange nor its Market Regulator (as that term is defined in the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange) or OTC Markets accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this press release.

Joseph Byrne
Emergence Global Enterprises Inc.
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skinnytees Celebrates International Women's Day

Honoring international women everywhere skinnytees will donate a portion of the profits to the ACLU both nationally as well as to the Michigan chapter.

Our team is right and tight and we are a family. Helping all women feel confident, strong and seen.

BIRMINGHAM, MI, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — International Women's Day is coming up on March 8th. This year’s theme is #choosetochallenge. skinnytees is owned, and operated by Michigan businesswomen, Linda Schlesinger-Wagner whose story of business success has not been an easy journey. Wide awake in the middle of the night, looking for a way to make money after going through a divorce and during the mortgage crisis in 2008, Linda Schlesinger-Wagner had an idea: create a camisole that would fit every woman. It would be a little longer than other shirts, a little wider, and it had to be flattering. "It had to appeal to every woman, every age, every size," remembers Schlesinger-Wagner. Linda borrowed $1000 on a friend’s credit card to go and make the skinnytees product. She began working from a home office. “I charged a little each month and paid it back each month.” She rolled over the income back into the business. In 2009, skinnytees was born of both a personal and marketplace need that would evolve the booming smooth-wear industry into a collection of essential shapes that could be worn as versatile fashion pieces.

Schlesinger-Wagner wanted to honor the women she so fiercely believes in and believe in her who helped her run skinnytees. SEVEN STRONG! Each was asked what woman in history inspired them and why. Each of the seven women that work with skinnytees will have a small feature in an email to its millions of customers March 1st – 8th via email and on their website

Schlesinger-Wagner loves running an all women company she says, “ Women get women. Our team is right and tight and we are a family all working towards helping all women feel confident, strong and seen. skinnytees is all about inclusion, and with our diverse sizing and SKIN line, we have something for every woman.

Linda’s two adult children David and Annie, both living in the Los Angeles area who are a part of the daily life of skinnytees. Annie Schlesinger has been with skinnytees for five years and it was no surprise to many to find she said her mother inspires her. “My mother, Linda, the owner and creative mind behind skinnytees has always been a driving force in the fashion industry. From her multiple retail stores, to multiple lines of clothing and design, she has always had her finger on the pulse of what women want in fashion. She is always evolving and adapting to the changes around her, be it personal or societal,” comments Annie. Yet Annie knows what most people know about Linda, is she has never forgotten those who were there to assist when she first started out. “She has raised me to see how a woman can be a business owner, entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist.”

Philanthropy among the pillars of skinnytees. Linda enjoys speaking and working with entrepreneurs and has no secrets to her business failures and accomplishments. Schlesinger-Wagner recounts a story that has always made a big business impact with her. “In 1977, I went to a local bank to get a $10,000 line of credit to buy clothing in Europe. They wanted my husband's signature to secure the loan, however, if he had applied for a business loan, he never would have needed my signature.” This lesson is something young people today and the women who work for her are taught, reminded and empowered to believe. “Shortly after I rejected that offer, a woman banker, who believed in me and my ability as a businesswoman, gave me a line of $30,000 credit. Her hint was always ask for more than you need!”

skinnytees has more than 210 different products, including tops, leggings, dresses. The skinnytees team is always coming up with new things. The clothes are one-size-fits-most to be worn for athletics, maternity, casual lounging or dressed up. The uniqueness of skinnytees fabric is that it is not Spanx-tight, but soft-tight and therefore works for most people. If you name a style: crew neck, V-neck, round neck, off the shoulder skinnytees has it. Founder, Linda Schlesinger- Wagner, listens to her customers and what they are looking for and therefore, patterns, cardigans, vests, velvets have been added to the skinnytees products over the years.

During this International Women's Day, Linda Schlesinger- Wagner wants to be sure #choosetochallenge and leave this message with all women, “We can do anything – we are strong – we are resilient – we are tough.” will run a 25% off sale March 1st- 8th. Site wide Code: WOMEN25
Honoring international women everywhere skinnytees will donate a portion of the profits to the ACLU both nationally as well as to the Michigan chapter. and

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Epitomizing the elegance of Parisian women, Maison DJULA is among the most prolific, trendy and fashionable fine jewelry brands, taking the world by storm, and worn on the red carpets by dozens of celebrities: LADY GAGA, ARIANA GRANDE, JENNIFER LOPEZ, JUL

Fashionistas Around the World, Unite!

A true trend-setter, DJULA Paris has developed a complete 18K White Gold and Diamonds Piercing collection that is fast becoming its avant-garde signature.

DJULA Paris is pleased to announce the appointment of BeauGeste Luxury Brands as their exclusive Agent in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.

"We at BeauGeste are excited to work with such a Parisian creative powerhouse," There is a new world on the horizon!”

— Thierry Chaunu, Founder & CEO of Beaugeste Luxury Brands

NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 5, 2021 / — Epitomizing the elegance of Parisian women, Maison DJULA is among the most prolific, trendy, and fashionable fine jewelry brands, taking the world by storm, and worn on the red carpets by dozens of celebrities: LADY GAGA, ARIANA GRANDE, JENNIFER LOPEZ, JULIA ROBERTS, KATY PERRY, GWYNETH PALTROW, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, MICHELLE OBAMA…to name a few.

It is sold around the world, at the most fashionable retailers, from Harrod's to Galleries Lafayette, from Paris to Dubai, Monaco, and St Barts, including two company-owned boutiques on Madison Avenue and Beverly Hills.

This most dynamic of fine jewelry brands are now ready to expand its distribution to trendy jewelry retailers throughout North America.


Having a visionary mentality and always thinking ahead of his time is how Alexandre Corrot, Djula’s designer and artistic director, revolutionized the jewelry industry with his creativity and his style. He broke the traditional jewelry idea by launching a glam-rock trend known as the « barbed wire » collection.

It's not a coincidence that Alexandre Corrot is found of the "Art Nouveau" style, as it was an important part of artistic history in the 1920s. His style can be described as adventurous and delicate. His obsession with sleek and graphic lines is evident in all of his collections. He plays a big part in bringing to the jewelry industry a definite urban signature, which explains the "engouement" (drive) of younger generations for this vibrant Parisian brand.

Maison DJULA is very attentive to source all of its diamonds and gemstones from non-conflict areas. DJULA's ethical policy and core values are uncompromising. No child labor is used at DJULA's diamonds and gemstones suppliers' workforce. All diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free with Kimberley certificates. The Company is also committed to seeking ways to eliminate waste and respect the environment in all its packaging and logistics chains.

"We at BeauGeste are excited to work with such a Parisian creative powerhouse," says Thierry Chaunu, Founder & CEO of BeauGeste Luxury Brands. "Just as there will be a pre-COVID and a post-COVID world, we believe that savvy retailers will embrace quality brands that are fresh, creative, bold, new, unafraid to break conventional norms. There is a new world on the horizon! Just the idea of wearing your mother's or grandmother's jewelry has little appeal to a whole new generation of consumers. With DJULA, fashionistas can express themselves with a unique French touch".

As an organization consisting of regional independent sales professionals, BeauGeste Luxury Brands is committed to delivering "white glove service excellence" to America.

For any wholesale inquiry, or to become a DJULA Paris Authorized Retailer, please contact BeauGeste Luxury Brands at (212) 847-1371

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“The Liberator” Larry Sharpe Beats New York Governor Cuomo with Venue Lawsuit and Media Blitz

How to Defeat Cuomo: Stand Up NY and The Sharpe Way Lawsuit vs. Cuomo, Legalize Comedy Meme

How to Defeat Cuomo: Stand Up NY and The Sharpe Way Lawsuit vs. Cuomo, Legalize Comedy Meme

Generous Andy Meme Created By The Sharpe Way

Generous Andy Meme Created By The Sharpe Way

Larry Sharpe from The Sharpe Way Show

Larry Sharpe from The Sharpe Way Show

Dani Zoldan, The Owner of Stand Up NY

Dani Zoldan, The Owner of Stand Up NY

James Mermigis, The Anti-Shutdown Lawyer

James Mermigis, The Anti-Shutdown Lawyer

New York Entertainment Venues to Reopen April 2nd After Larry Sharpe Instigates Comedy Club Lawsuit, Pressuring Cuomo to Stop Bankrupting Small Businesses.

Culture is the key to New York City rebuilding. It’s time to let us heal.”

— Larry Sharpe

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — The lawsuit that Larry Sharpe of The Sharpe Way organized with Dani Zoldan of Stand Up NY against Governor Cuomo proved successful. Two days after Attorney James Mermigis, the “Anti-Shutdown Lawyer” brought suit, Cuomo announced that entertainment venues including comedy clubs would be able to reopen on April 2 at 33% capacity.

"Dani's constant support of the industry made him the perfect person to be the face of this push against Andrew Cuomo." – Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe defeated Governor Andrew Cuomo with a four-pronged attack.

1) He convinced Dani Zoldan, the owner of Stand Up NY, to sue Governor Cuomo.

2) For over two months, Sharpe’s team discussed strategy and vetted many lawyers on behalf of Zoldan to find the perfect fit for the case. Constitutional lawyer James Mermigis had a history of defeating Cuomo. This track record put more pressure on Cuomo than that of a lawyer who has not achieved positive impact with anti-shutdown cases.

3) The teams partnered to produce a website and petition at LegalizeComedy.NYC to raise awareness.

4) Through Zoldan’s media connections, they put together a media blitz where Zoldan represented Stand Up NY on multiple media outlets including The New York Post, Fox & Friends, NY1, and blogs including and

Cuomo’s announcement to unshutter entertainment venues came just hours after an appearance by Larry Sharpe and Dani Zoldan on Bernie and Sid in the Morning.

Sharpe believes that we can defeat Cuomo again, in court if not at the ballot box. Cuomo has done enormous harm to people and small businesses over the last year, and politicians are not holding him accountable. Cuomo’s bad policies resulted in a 40% surge in bankruptcies since the lockdown began, with over 6,000 New York businesses shut down by September 2020, according to Bloomberg. His incompetence also resulted in thousands of deaths that the Cuomo Administration under-reported by 50% as of January 19, according to the Associated Press.

Larry Sharpe ran for governor in 2018 because he was fed up with the poor leadership that is failing New York State. He continues to help the people of New York despite being a plain citizen who does not hold public office. People are already using nicknames like “Liberator Larry” to describe the man who is taking on Cuomo one lawsuit at a time.

“Culture is the key to New York City rebuilding. It’s time to let us heal,” says Larry Sharpe

About The Sharpe Way: The Sharpe Way show was founded by Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York to help heal the nation’s political divide between liberals and conservatives.

Georgia Walker / Dennis Consorte
The Sharpe Way
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Announcement: Cuomo, Comedy and The Anti-Shutdown Lawyer!

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Mintec publish new Agri-food price assessments to aid price transparency for food ingredient buyers

Mintec Analytics Food Commodity prices


Mintec Analytics Food Commodity prices

Mintec Analytics

Plant-based protein2

Plant-based protein2

BOURNE END, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, March 5, 2021 / — Today Mintec, the leading global provider of price data for food ingredients and CPG materials, published a range of new price series relating to food commodities on to their platform Mintec Analytics. These included prices for wheat, coffee and rice. Along with meat assessments, including cattle and turkey and fish and seafood stretching from salmon to squid and crab.

These granular price assessments provide additional transparency for procurement teams and souring and category specialists looking to manage complex product portfolios. These assessments are necessary to manage their production costs affected by frequently changing prices driven by factors that can increase market volatility.

These new prices add to the more than 14000 price series already published and updated by Mintec. These prices include a wide range of proprietary prices in niche sectors including nuts, plant-based proteins, organic and Fairtrade products such as coffee, cocoa and vanilla

Some of the prices published include:

Series Code Series Name
VP03 Wheat NS basis 14% MN US
VP02 Wheat milling basis 14.5% MN US
VP01 Wheat milling basis 14% MN US
VPXX Wheat milling basis 13.5% MN US
CDH1 Coffee Arabica diff SHG HN (MBP)
CDH2 Coffee Arabica diff HG HN (MBP)
CDB2 Coffee Arabica dif MTGB BR (MBP)
YN42 Cattle steer lvwt fob AB CA
YN43 Cattle heifer lvwt fob AB CA
YN44 Cattle cow D2 lvwt fob AB CA
YN45 Cattle bull lvwt fob AB CA
QZ09 Salmon farm 3
UHCS Rice white (Platts) CME TH
VN30 Turkey whole fzn 7.25
VN29 Turkey whole >9kg whs UK
VN28 Turkey whole 7.25
CU29 Sablefish exv CA US
CU28 Sablefish exv OR US
CU27 Sablefish exv West Coast US
CU30 Squid California exv CA US
FP07 Crab Dungeness exv CA US
FP06 Crab Dungeness exv OR US
FP05 Crab Dungeness exv WA US
FP04 Crab Dungeness exv W Coast US
FP03 Lobster Spiny whole exv US
FP02 Hake Pacific exv W Coast US
FP01 Hake Pacific whole exv OR US

David Bateman
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Data-driven insight into food commodity prices

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Aprifood | Dried Apricot Producer and Exporter in Malatya

Dried Apricot

Dried Apricot

Sun Dried Apricots

Sun Dried Apricots



Dried Apricot Shipment

Dried Apricot Shipment

Dried Apricot loading 1

Dried Apricot loading 1

MALATYA, BATTALGAZI, TURKEY, March 5, 2021 / — All You Need To Know About Aprifood Agricultural Industry Limited

Aprifood agricultural industry limited was found in the year 1995 with the sole objective to produce high-quality apricots for the masses. It was founded by Mr. Fikret IMIR who is currently the chairman of the company. The brand's whole and sole purpose are to produce very high-grade Malatya Dried Apricots which are already famous for their international quality and standards to the present world market. Aprifood produce Dried Apricots , Sun Dried Apricots , Diced Dried Apricots .

Having decades of experience in hand, the company continues to produce apricots in Malatya in quality-oriented work performed by an experienced team. All the products that are manufactured by Aprifood Agricultural Industry Limited come in accordance with TS 485 standards following both US AND EU norms. Furthermore, the company is Kosher , ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000 , A grade BRC certificated

Overall Quality Policy Of Aprifood Agricultural Industry Limited

In the current competitive scenario, all the customer expectations and demands are continuously deepening and changing. In order to meet all these criteria, Aprifood industry has come with several steps and ideas.

• In the very first place, the company is working hard to meet the end needs of its customers continuously on time.
• The company is following developments and innovations closely and is also trying to keep hygiene conditions under control.
• In order to strengthen its position all the way to the top, the brand is striving to improve its services, products, and the overall effectiveness of the quality management systems.
• The company also undergoes continuous training in order to create a team spirit and improve the personal talents of the employees by also benefitting them in the best effective way.

The Formation, Method, And Processing Of Dried Apricots By Aprifood Agricultural Industry Limited

All our Dried Apricots are produced organically in the Malatya region of Turkey. One of the key features that distinguish their products from their competitors is the wonderful aroma and the sweet taste. All the Apricots of Aprifood industries are usually harvested in the month of July and once done they are further filled in crates and are placed in different treatment chambers in order to get sulfurized.

Then these the harvested apricots are exposed to sulfur dioxide fumes helping in further purification from harmful bacterias and insects. Moreover, all the apricots that absorb sulfur fumes have a nice appearance in yellow and light orange color.

After conducting all these processes the apricots then undergoes natural resting under the sun for approximately three to four days. Once done, the seeds of these apricots are manually extracted by the factory employees. Then these dried apricots are further ready to be processed and to be marketed by the villagers.

All the raw products of the company are purchased directly from the farmers and undergo strict quality control and workmanship.

Finally, all the processed apricots are subjected to a final check by the company’s food engineers and are put into durable and robust cardboard boxes that are suitable for transportation. Being one of the largest Dried Apricots Exporters in the country Aprifood maintains strict hygiene protocols and the products are packed in polystyrene packages covered with film stretch. In case, you want to know more about any of their products or offerings don’t forget to have a glance at their web site

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ADA Lists World’s Best PHP Developers

App Development Agency

Crux: Here is why ADA chose these PHP Development Companies and the trends and technologies they follow!

UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — The easiest way to solve a problem is to pick an easy one. But ADA did its homework before listing the world's best PHP developers on its podium. Neither the work they do nor is selecting the best ones out of the rest easy.

PHP development companies have to select effective backend web development frameworks include Django, Laravel, Express etc. They chose the web development frameworks by the features and functions that they wanted in their website. The best PHP developers are versed with these latest technologies but even specialize.

These PHP development companies have followed up with upcoming trends like single-page applications (SPA) for speed, better user experience, easy debugging, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud integration, effective user interface, effective IoT with tools for highly-effective solutions and efficient cyber-security mechanisms.

These ten best PHP performers swear by their relentless efforts, notwithstanding the consistency throughout the project development life cycle.

1. Konstant Infosolutions
2. Clavax Technologies
3. IT Craft
4. July Rapid
5. Hidden Brains
6. RapidOps Inc.
7. Dotcomweavers
8. Matellio
9. Octal Info Solution
10. Fingent Technologies

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