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Megascend, Heidi Harris, CEO

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CEOCFO Magazine interviews Megascend CEO Heidi Harris on their SAP Ariba Procurement Consulting Services

Megascend is here not just help you get Ariba products up and running, but also be around when you have issues or your business needs change.”

— Heidi Harris

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, US, October 13, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Heidi Harris, CEO of Megascend, an Alpharetta, Georgia-based procurement consultancy.


“Megascend is here not just help you get Ariba products up and running, but also be around when you have issues or your business needs change. We can come in and look at what you need and really get it to work for you,” said Ms. Harris during the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse. Asked what is it about Ariba that you have created a company all around it, Ms. Harris said, “I have been working on Ariba for twenty years. I worked as an employee for companies who are maintaining Ariba and I have worked as a contractor to help implement installations of Ariba. I do believe it is a great product for what companies need for their purchasing and their contracts. It has gone to a cloud solution which is great and is being sold as sort of a plug-and-play solution. I think it is not quite that. There is always that need to truly understand the product and not just plug it in as is. Further, there is a need to make it work for the client and not just have it installed and then the person installing it walks away and leaves them scratching their heads with some of it not working for them.”

In the interview, Ms. Harris explained their focus and what they do for clients, “Megascend is a consulting company in the space of business procurement. We cater to many procure-to-pay clients who are installing SAP Ariba and really want to have a client to work with them that understands Ariba. We dig into clients’ requirements beyond what they think they need, and help them implement the product to really work for them and their businesses.”

Asked about the challenge of using Ariba today, Ms. Harris replied, “The challenge is Ariba has gone from one extreme where the client had all the control to the other with no control. So, we, at Megascend, work with the constraints of a cloud solution and achieve individual needs of the clients.”

As for her philosophy and what sets Megascend apart when working with clients Ms. Harris replied they, “Listen to them and find out what they need. I do not think that a lot of consulting firms do that. They just come in and do what is expected of straight out-of-the-box. They hardly take time to go beyond to make sure Ariba will work for their clients.”

Asked why procure-to-pay companies should choose Megascend, Ms. Harris told CEOCFO, " With Megascend, you are not just going to find what you think you want; it is going to do what you truly need. We have a lot of experience behind us; we have been doing this for twenty years each. We really understand the product inside and out. We think beyond what you just think you know you need, to what you really do need to make your business succeed. We ensure your implementation of Ariba is worth the time and really work for you.

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