Stamford reveal their latest Neon Sign: The Dream Merda


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Dream Merda a new neon out now..


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The latest Neon revealed and it’s an absolute winner for those who like their interior design to come with a drop of sarcasm.

Italy’s most infamous designers Seletti are unrivaled world-wide with their daring collection of homewares that always make a statement anywhere….anytime….”

— Nick Smith CEO At Smithers of Stamford

STAMFORD, LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND, September 17, 2021 / — Neon signs have seen something of a revival over the last few years and with their rise in popularity continuing to grow, it’s vital you stay on the right side of the flooded neon market.

Smithers of Stamford have revealed their latest neon addition and it’s an absolute winner for those who like their interior design to come with a drop of sarcasm.

Having upheld a long working relationship with the Italian design house, Smithers latest neon is designed by Seletti and portrays their usual sense of black humour. It’s easy to fall into the kitsch category when it comes to choosing a new neon sign, thankfully this latest offering could not be further from cute.
The Dream Merda Neon is a play on words, and if you were paying attention in those mind-numbing Latin lessons, you’ll understand its playful meaning. Step away from the likes of the live, love laugh mentality, and opt for this humorous neon on the bedroom wall instead.

The Dream Merda Neon is available to pre-order now with deliveries expected in October. With supply chains still being somewhat disrupted and retailers warning shoppers to be organised with their purchases to save disappointment, it would suggest ordering sooner rather than later is the best option.

The Dream Merda Neon is available to pre-order online now from Smithers of Stamford and can easily be found in their Neon Collection at the top of the home page. The website is easy to navigate and makes shopping from the comfort of your home a very pleasant experience.

The Seletti brand is renowned not only for its dark sense of humor but also for its sublime quality. You really do get what you pay for, so whilst this neon may cost a little more than most, Smithers guarantee the quality is unrivaled.
Unlike many other neon’s, the Dream Merda sign is dimmable – neon lights are often easier on the eye than other lighting options but it’s always good to have options.

Order yours now and make your neon dream come true.

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