Philadelphia-based consulting firm pledges to help local businesses become highly profitable

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Independence Bridge Consulting a boutique technology management consulting firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Independence Bridge Consulting keeps communities afloat and helps local businesses become more profitable by adopting groundbreaking business solutions.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — Independence Bridge Consulting, the innovative boutique consulting firm, has decided to focus all of their efforts on helping local businesses in the tri-state area grow and become more profitable.

Small business owners are having a tough time adopting new technology and keeping their operations running. This isn’t just a pandemic issue. It’s been a major problem for the past decade. Independence Bridge Consulting aims to solve this problem for local businesses with their Business Acceleration and Retail Experience Transformation services.

Business Acceleration provides businesses with a custom strategy roadmap, helps them set goals, and achieve those goals quickly and sustainably. Retail Experience Transformation helps local retail businesses get a competitive edge and serve their customers better. Both of these services have the objective of increasing revenue, maximizing profit, and building a healthy business environment for customers, employees and business owners.

It’s impossible to overstate the need for these services for local businesses. Adopting new technology and optimizing business processes can no longer be seen as a “nice to have” approach. It’s mandatory for local businesses in order to stay afloat in the post-pandemic world. And the time is quickly running out for businesses to adapt to this changing environment.

“I saw a market need. As an outsider, it’s easy to see there’s a lack of confidence in the industry. Independence Bridge Consulting was established for small businesses. Our innovative solutions and network of experts will make a considerable impact on small businesses in the Philadelphia Metro Area.” says Nilesh Mehta, CEO of Independence Bridge Consulting.

The boutique consulting firm also invests in providing free education to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. They provide useful content on automating retail businesses, and avoiding potentially fatal mistakes. The ever-evolving content is available through their white papers, as well as their blog.

The past two years have been particularly tough for local businesses. Endless uncertainty and lockdowns have made it difficult for small businesses to operate and be profitable. Combined with chaos in the labor market, it’s been increasingly more difficult to stay in business. If we learned anything since the pandemic started, it’s the importance of being engaged in our local communities. Independence Bridge Consulting is getting involved in the community in more than one way.

“Our firm is intensely focused on crafting a meaningful CSR strategy. We plan on donating 1% of revenue each year to support our youth. The primary motivation, the reason we tick is to nurture sustainable businesses so they can hire locally and create jobs.” said Mehta.

However, Mehta’s approach isn’t just about hiring new people. The approach helps businesses hire new talent in a sustainable way that removes business bottlenecks and drives more revenue. While removing the stress and anxiety that business owners have when everything they’ve worked so hard to build is on the line.


Independence Bridge Consulting is a Philadelphia-based boutique consulting firm that helps local businesses become more profitable by adopting new technology and lucrative business solutions. IBC’s core mission is to improve local communities. This mission is achieved only through intense support of small businesses and through continuous investing into the communities. Learn more at

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