OAKA, the World’s Healthiest Dress Shoes for Active Professionals Launches on Kickstarter September 14th

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, September 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — OAKA announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to put an end to the detrimental health effects created by traditional dress shoes including poor posture, shortening of the tendons, and foot pain. Traditional dress shoes are also rigidly made, they don’t travel well, are non eco-friendly, and ultimately don’t represent the modern active professional in a post-Covid world.

“I have been ripping the soles out of my shoes for a decade trying to maintain a dress shoe look while allowing my feet to strengthen on their own,” says Michael Plater, founder of OAKA. OAKA represents a new kind of modern professional that cares about their mind and body and combines suit-ready style with soft, breathable material and a zero drop sole. The whole shoe is machine washable and anti-slip making it perfect for an on the go lifestyle.

Years of research went into thoughtfully designing OAKAs from scratch with a faux heel to create a dress shoe look while maintaining a barefoot friendly zero drop sole. OAKAs are incredibly comfortable as well and are knit from soft, flexible fibers made to reduce production waste. They also have an innovative anti-slip open tread outer sole which will prevent hydroplaning like you’d find in a traditional dress shoe but without you being able to actually see the treads from the side like on a sneaker. The laces are also faux, creating an easy slip-on shoe.

As we slowly move towards a post-Covid world more professionals are demanding more from their clothing in terms of comfort, healthiness, and mobility. A year and a half of mostly walking barefoot in their homes has individuals rethinking their traditional dress shoes and looking for more workleisure and travel friendly options.

Michael Plater

Source: EIN Presswire