Getting Back to Business is Scary

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Photo of Denise Meridith, CEO & Founder of World's Best Connectors, a virtual community of CEOs.

Denise Meridith is CEO/Founder of the World’s Best Connectors, a virtual community of CEOs.

Getting Back to Business is Scary

It is exciting business is bouncing back, but scary for executives facing challenges. WBC collaborates with government, academia, and business to provide the knowledge and skills needed in the 2020's.”

— Denise Meridith, CEO of WBC

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, May 15, 2021 / — For the past 14 months, business people throughout the US have been living in a twilight zone that even Rod Serling could not have imagined. From the mailroom to the C-suite, people were isolated in tight quarters, alone or with innumerable family members. The "lucky" ones were paid to stay home or hid out in their secluded summer/winter homes. Many others had to cope with suddenly now-dangerous essential service roles or no income, food lines and oppressive health care bills for themselves or relatives. Now, the masks are coming off and, and people are getting back to work, but not to normal. The World's Best Connectors (WBC), a virtual community of CEOs, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, wants to help with a series of workshops and seminars in 2021.

WBC enhances executives' connections with family, employees, clients, government, and the media. Its partners include Arizona State University, Cornell University, Arizona Commerce Authority, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Arizona and California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Arizona Black Chamber, and many others. WBC's theme for 2021 is The Business of Recovery and it is offering a variety of live, hybrid and online events for business executives that range from one to three hours and from $25 to $100, which guarantee that attendees will leave with access to the new, invaluable 3 R's: "resources, references, and referrals" that they can explore on their own.

The next one-Getting Back to Business— is an overview of various business services that people may have thought about looking into in 2019, but, maybe unfortunately, didn't. Now is the time to learn from experts how to develop strategies to deal with three of the most pressing challenges for businesses and families: how do you safeguard your business and your family via supplemental health insurance, legal protection, and property/casualty/business insurance.

Getting Back to Business is a virtual hour, with Javier Bravo (Bravo Insurance Agency), Zarinah Nadir (Nadir Law), and Jei'mar Spell (Woodith Company) live and available to answer questions, which will be on May 27, 2021 from 1-2 PM Pacific/Arizona time. Anyone can register now at

Denise Meridith, CEO of WBC says: "While it is exciting that business is expected to bounce back, especially, in Arizona, to which tech and manufacturing businesses are flocking, it is, also, scary for many executives, who are facing new challenges at home and in office. WBC is collaborating with government, academia, and successful private businesses to provide the knowledge and skills they need in the 2020's."

WBC will be offering more intensive workshops throughout the year. For example, business executives must register now for Sustainability 101 for C-Suite Executives, hosted by the City of Chandler, Arizona, live with limited seating.

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