2882Shop-Shop Your Style: Revolutionizing The Way to Shop. Curated Style Collections No Matter Your Trend Choice- For Ü

Two beautiful women dreased in long floral dresses reming us o the cottage-core trend.

Shop Curated Collections based off of Your Personal Style Trends Like this Cottage -Core Collection

Hip hop styledressed man holding his hat in front off his face showing the hop hip style fashipn clothing.

Do the 90s Make You Feel all Coolio Inside. Then You Will Wanna Creep Over to Check Out the Shop Your Style Hip Hop Collection anbd it mwill make you feel unpretty.

2882 Barcode Classic Lockup

2882 Barcode Classic Lockup

Online Retailer 2882Shop Announced The Launch of its New Website, Showcasing a Unique Experience where Shoppers Can Browse Items Curated in Their Personal Style

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The new online store offers curated clothing collections based on current trends and styles to save customers time when shopping, while also giving them fresh ideas and inspiration to enhance their look.

Many clothing stores provide filters based on generic categories such as sex, color, and size when shopping online – however, this can often return an extensive selection of items. Due to the large inventory of clothes available from online retailers, this can still require time-consuming scrolling to search for the right items to fit a customer’s style. 2882 are revolutionizing the online clothes shopping experience with their new ‘Shop Your Style’ website design.

The clothing collections available through the new website are curated into trends and styles such as Business Casual, Boho Chic, Rocker, and Sporty, with more collections being added daily. Each collection includes items that match the selected trend and feature recognized brands such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace.

The Los Angeles-based company built its website focusing primarily on the customer’s shopping experience rather than a business or inventory perspective. This user-oriented design created an online store that is both smoother and more intuitive for customers, allowing them to quickly find the right products for their needs.

With the launch of their new website, customers are invited to sign up to receive exclusive deals and an introductory 20% promotional code. Additionally, 2882 are launching their ‘2882 Shopper Elite’ membership program that includes private shopping invites, birthday gifts, and early access to new collections.

The retailer is currently offering free shipping for all domestic orders over a qualifying amount within the US, and international shipping available throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.

The company’s founder and CEO said, “I set out to create a place based on you. To shop the way you like. To save you time and energy. To allow you to have a much more bespoke, personalized shopping experience every time you shop.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.2882Shop.com

2882 LLC
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Refreshing newsflash: The bevveg free app, dubbed “the ultimate vegan alcohol guide” can help you search and determine what is vegan safe before summer!

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Is your beverage a BevVeg? Summer is around the corner and we can all use a sip of a cold drink! But did you know beer, wine, and many alcoholic beverages are processed with animal parts (gelatin, casein, glycerin, isinglass amongst others) and that not all beers are vegan friendly?

Refreshing newsflash: The bevveg free consumer app, dubbed “the ultimate vegan alcohol guide” can help you search and determine what is vegan safe before summer! You can download the free app at google play and ios app store.

The BevVeg app easily lets you know you if your beverage is a BevVeg. All you have to do is download it! The searchable database let’s you make recommendations, submit edits to vegan status for BeVeg review, and it even lets you email companies for more information directly from the app. BeVeg International welcomes users to interact with the database by submitting reviews and product pictures to make the vegan alcohol experience more enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy their beverage?!

Check out the new vegan app, and give it 5 stars. If there’s any user experience issue, please submit the feedback to info@beveg.com so the app kink can be addressed. BeVeg is in the business of consumer transparency through the ISO accredited vegan certification program. This app compliments the certified vegan program by allowing the consumer to drive the demand for such vegan label transparency.

Download the app on google play and at the ios app store. Sip Sip hooray!

BeVeg Law Firm
BevVeg Int'l Vegan Cert
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Skygarden, The No.1 Ecommerce Platform in Kenya, Achieves Great Results with Insider

Founded in 2015, Skygarden has become Kenya’s number 1 eCommerce platform built specifically for retailers in Africa

Insider has allowed us to implement huge changes to our customer experience without the tech overhead. We have seen great results so far”

— Isaac Hunja, Managing Director of Skygarden

NAIROBI, KENYA, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Skygarden, an eCommerce platform built specifically to serve African entrepreneurs, is now the top eCommerce platform in Kenya. The Skygarden merchant app is a fully stocked inventory management system through which business owners can upload products, specify price points, check stock levels, add product variants, and much more. Skygarden attracts entrepreneurs selling everything from mobile phones and electronics to fashion, household items, decor, art and even safety equipment. To list and sell products through Skygarden, all a business owner has to do is download the app from Google Play or The App Store and set up an account. There are no registration fees, entry costs, or monthly fees for using the platform.

To scale at a secure, sustainable rate, Skygarden needed an intelligent growth marketing platform that could help them segment their customers and create personalized automated messages that required minimum technical resources. They chose Insider to enhance their segmentation capabilities and targeted messaging to create a seamless targeted customer experience.

Currently, more than 800 global brands, including Carrefour, Makro,Estee Lauder, Avon, Marks & Spencer, Dominos, Nissan, BBVA, IKEA, and CNN, use Insider’s platform to drive their digital growth through highly individualized multichannel experiences backed by artificial intelligence.

"It's a great tool, and has helped us with many automations that don't require tech resources from our team. We are happy with the progress we've made. Insider has allowed us to implement huge changes to our customer experience without the tech overhead. We have seen great results so far," says Isaac Hunja, Managing Director of Skygarden.

About Insider

Insider is a B2B SaaS company with a unique approach to multichannel experience orchestration. Recently, Insider announced its $32 Million Series C funding round, led by Riverwood Capital and joined by Sequoia, Wamda, and Endeavor Catalyst. Insider was featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs 2020 and was named the #1 leader on G2’s Mobile Marketing Software and Personalization Grids, with a 4.6/5 rating based 100% on user reviews, 17 quarters in a row. CrunchBase recently ranked Insider’s co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir as one of the top women CEOs outside the US.

Many of the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies and top brands in retail, automotive, and travel use Insider to deliver AI-backed personalized experiences that exceed customer expectations. Insider is trusted by over 800 global businesses, including UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Virgin, Toyota, New Balance, IKEA, Samsung, Newsweek, MediaMarkt, Nissan, AVIS, Marks & Spencer, Allianz, BBVA, Dominos, Avon, and CNN.

+90 5385128305
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Non Profit Launches Business Pandemic Preparedness System

Press Conference June 1st, 2021, 11:00 am EST; the world needs pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and universal safe business practices.

We have to change the narrative. We need to take the politics out of our governance. We need to come together as a community if we are to be successful.”

— Steve Anderson

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the past year, SmALL businesses have felt helpless, hopeless, unsupported, and confused. Witnessing the pain and challenges felt and faced by honest, hardworking people in our communities, it became very clear we MUST take action. This sparked the inception of the organization called Social Distance Management (SDM).

Edward Henry Company (EHCO) has made the decision to give away all licensing rights and intellectual property of SDM, which includes Social Distance Advisory (SDA), Social Distance Compliance (SDC) systems, and research to SmALL Business is Essential (SBE).

SDM believes that all businesses need universal compliance measures to operate safely during a pandemic and other unprecedented times. By having access to these practical systems, SBE will have the resources it needs to develop the support for all businesses. ALL businesses are essential, and business continuity is the focus. Any opportunities managed from these systems will help all businesses secure and implement adequate steps to stay open, thrive, and have their voices heard.

The Journey of Social Distance Management

In March of 2020, EHCO started SDM with a mission to stand by businesses. Two months later, on May 11, 2020, with extensive research, collaboration and data collection, they released their first version of universal compliance standards.

Under SDM, sub-resources, including SDA and SDC systems, were established to display universal compliance guidelines and assess the threat levels in specific areas to protect the population. The idea to start SDM came from the utmost care about people and businesses, not from a political approach. Universal health measures and the life of our economy are not two isolated conversations. It is ONE conversation.

To contribute to the information gathered, in July of 2020, a Research Internship was formed to discover and outline details on various businesses in Canada and the United States. The outcome of the research included details which contributed to SDC, such as further development of safety protocols, requirements for operation, compliance measures, capacity limits, and PPE requirements. SDM used the data collection to create additional tools, such as self-assessment audits that provide a checklist for what businesses need to stay compliant and operate safely.

Taking its cue from other systems such as ISO, Homeland Security, The World Health Organization, and research from John Hopkins University, SDM developed its Advisory system. This system was developed with the intent to assist businesses and communities in preparing for crises and mitigating restrictions. “There needs to be accountability to the decisions that are being made that affect our small businesses,” said President of EHCO, Edward Henry.

The Advisory system narrows in on the WHO’s Pandemic Phases and the Homeland Security system and uses five levels of risk and threat: low, moderate, substantial, severe, and critical. The colors associated include green, blue, yellow, orange, and red. Each phase clearly defines which business practices, products, and services are considered essential and non-essential and the types of businesses permitted to open during each phase. The Advisory system is currently in the process of implementing data from John Hopkins University, along with data collected by other reputable models.

Despite the aforementioned systems, resources, and extensive research to support our findings, ambiguous guidelines still remain. Therefore, businesses are left without genuine reasons as to why they cannot safely reopen and recover.

A Multi-faceted Problem Requires Innovative Solutions

Stand By SmALL Businesses and Our Communities

SmALL Business is Essential

After spending some time in the development phase, SDM ventured out and sought support from government officials and local politicians. After COUNTLESS meetings and constantly being redirected elsewhere, it was time to take drastic action. Edward Henry states, “Limited power is not an excuse for not doing the right thing.” This year has been about a lot of the wrong things, and in the beginning, SDM was seen as a profit-making opportunity, and taking advantage of a terrible situation. The lack of change cannot continue. Coming together as a collective unit is essential.

For sustainable change to happen, SDM’s resources need to be placed in the right hands. They need to be placed with an organization that isn’t narrow minded, but bilateral with its thinking so sectors, such as health and business can come together. SBE is a not-for-profit association that operates based on three core pillars: pandemic preparedness, sustainability, and safe business practices. SBE aims to collectively arm small businesses with the support, protection, and resources needed to operate safely while envisioning economic recovery and stability through business unity.

This pandemic is not just a small business problem; it’s a world problem. The government’s attempt to segregate businesses into non-essential and essential classifications created ambiguity. This ambiguity initiated the thought that, not some, but ALL businesses are essential. As EHCO releases all of its SDM systems, traffic, assessment, and auditing models to SBE, a new leadership position begins. SBE’s goals encompass the severity of the issue at hand, which is why there is no better person for the job than Steve Anderson. As a Social Entrepreneur, Olympic Gold Medal Coach, and Community Champion, Anderson takes over as President of the not-for-profit association SBE. Edward Henry states, “My choice to recruit Steve Anderson was because of his character, coaching background, competitive nature to overcome challenges, and his experience with a multi-faceted range of individuals.” Speaking to Anderson’s character, he doesn’t make excuses. Steve is a good man, and SBE needs his character to bring everyone together.

Along with Anderson’s motivating character, he is the first African American to coach an Olympic team in indoor or beach volleyball and the first to win an Olympic Gold Medal in either practice. Anderson is highly committed to being the driving force behind SBE to support ALL businesses. He, along with the efforts of SBE, will pave the way towards a better normal.

Our current actions reflect our future results. If we don’t continue putting in effort and showing our care for our businesses, we will continue losing pieces of our community and, in turn, our economy. Small businesses have experienced unfair measures and restrictions, putting them at risk for permanent closure. Continuous lockdowns are not a solution. “This current pandemic has cost over $20 trillion because we were not prepared,” said Edward Henry. The definition of insanity is to perform the same actions and expect different results. “We will do this over again if we don’t start changing the way we do things,” he added. The focus needs to be on Social Distance Compliance and universal protocols to preserve business continuity. If we want an improved normal, we need to stand by SmALL businesses and our communities. There is no better time than now to help businesses transition from lockdowns and longer than expected restrictions.

Register for Zoom Press Conference

Location 10 Sunray Street, Suite 23
Whitby, Ontario L1N 9B5
Limited Space for TV Media only, call contacts below to confirm or email info@edwardhenry.com

Edward Henry
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The Challenges of Social/Collaborative Learning Tackled by L&D Experts from Google, Volvo, Blinkist

Young, fair-skinned girl with an excited face on a colorful background pointing at text "L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning" with a caption and green button "Register for free"

HCM Deck’s Social/Collaborative Learning Conference will start on June 22nd, 2021

Social/Collaborative Learning has long been present in the corporate L&D arena and keeps getting more important in the hybrid world. Credit: unsplash.com

HCM Deck

L&D thought leaders from Google, Volvo, or Blinkist will cover social/collaborative learning at a free online event L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning.

In my experience, and I suppose many experts would agree, collaborative social learning is an integral part of a complementary L&D strategy.”

— Dorota Piotrowska, VP of People and Organization Development at HCM Deck

KRAKOW, POLAND, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 86% of L&D professionals around the globe believe people are more engaged when learning in a social/collaborative way and 91% think that employees who learn together become more successful, says LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2021. This trust in social/collaborative learning is well-founded in research. According to Harvard Business School research, the completion rate of social/collaborative learning programs is 85% higher. The numbers are compelling and the opportunities for the future of work promising. Yet this does not come without its challenges for L&D.

Already on June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, global experts will address the most difficult issues in social/collaborative learning and will show how to best take advantage of the opportunities:

→ Designing learning communities, the topic will be presented by Matthew Murray, Leslie Powell, and Brad Kemp – Digital Learning Design, Organizational Development, and Learning Experience experts from Google.

→ Maximizing the impact of microlearning the advice will be delivered by Hamira Riaz, VP Strategic Leadership at Volvo.

→ Collaborative learning formats in the new, remote work times, namely, how is social/collaborative learning done at Blinkist by Edward Leach, Well-being Specialist, Vilmalotta Ala-Tuuhonen, Senior People Development Specialist and Anna-Lisa Obermann, Director of People & Workplace in the company.

→ Lifelong/continuous learning, namely, how to practice it in simple steps. The keynote will be presented by Sylwia Górska-Przytulska, Global Learning and Development Leader.

The agenda of the event also includes topics such as experiential learning, future of work and social/collaborative learning, self-determined and lifelong learning from speakers from Netguru or HCM Deck.

“In my experience, and I suppose many experts would agree, collaborative social learning is an integral part of a complementary L&D strategy. We live in times of rapidly decreasing 'expiration date' of knowledge and so it is critical that we leverage the individual and the collective team and cross-team knowledge and experience when collaborating on company outcomes,” says Dorota Piotrowska, VP of People and Organization Development at HCM Deck. “Yet many L&D professionals may feel overwhelmed by the task of redesigning the social/peer2peer, the structured and the on the job learning in the new hybrid reality. I'm sure the L&D Meetup, hosting many great experts from renowned organizations, will help L&D vested professionals take ownership of (re)designing collaborative social learning and bringing learning culture and strategy into a new, hybrid future proof level.”

The event’s format reflects one of the ingredients of successful social/collaborative learning – learning in the flow of work. The online conference will span 3 days, with 3 keynotes delivered every day, so that the participants can align their workday with the event and focus on the topics that interest them most.

The L&D Meetup #SocialCollaborativeLearning starts on June 22nd at 9:30 am CEST. Participation in the event is free of charge. Registration is available here.

About the organizer
HCM Deck enables large companies to shift to a people-centric and agile approach across the whole employee development journey. Thanks to enterprise-grade solutions embedded into user management, roles, and permissions, companies can create a top-notch employee experience at scale.

HCM Deck's platform empowers enterprise business and HR management to achieve better efficiency and ROI on talent management investments and increase employee engagement through a better experience. With HCM Deck, companies can build a culture of learning and improvement, align L&D and employee growth, scale learning and employee development, and achieve business KPIs.

For more information
If you would like to become a speaker at the events we organize or are interested in our enterprise platform, please contact us via the website at hello@hcmdeck.com or call directly on +44 772 357 2297.

Visit our website: hcmdeck.com.

HCM Deck
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Scandinavian Wallpaper Demand Surges In 2021

Hoppet Black Folk Scandinavian

Hoppet Black Folk Scandinavian

Bright & colorful wallpaper known as "Scandinavian" have become hot in 2021. People are moving away from earthy neutrals and desiring patterns with more flair.

ODESSA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wallpaper Boulevard is reporting a surge in the demand for Scandinavian wallpaper (also known as Boråstapeter wallpaper to many industry purists).

It seems like the American public is finally moving away from plain solid neutrals or textured earthy tones to bright florals that really make a room stand out.

“It started in 2019 but now we are really seeing an uptick,” says Erin Shanks, co-founder of Wallpaper Boulevard." "People talk and dream about big and bold wallpaper patterns but the actual buying habits of US, at least when it comes to wallpaper, reflect a very conservative decorating mindset. We see most people buying samples of loud patterns but settling on something toned down when they’re actually ready to buy full rolls. But the last two years we have been our customers become bolder and take bigger risks. Maybe it was due to Covid or maybe it was due to the fact that Millennials are becoming a bigger percentage of our customers instead of Boomers and Generation X."

Scandinavian patterns tend to be very colorful and loud. In the US, we would normally refer to these patterns are toiles. They typically incorporate folksy multi-colored animals, block florals (i.e., Block tulips), and abstract tree and forest scenes.

It’s definitely not the type of wallpaper you would say “matches with everything.” And yet, that is precisely what more people are wanting.

These types of patterns hail from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands. While the quality of life in those countries always rank very high on any list, the fact remains that those countries also have cold, rainy and dreary weather during most of the year.

From that environment, Scandinavian design was born to bring life into the area’s home décor.

How ironic that the people who created Law of Jante (basically stating that no one is better than anyone else) also created Scandinavian wallpaper!

Wallpaper Boulevard carries all types of Scandinavian wallpaper for any room in the house, including unique Boråstapeter designs from Hanna Werning. They feature the 17 major Scandinavian collections from Brewster, York, Wallquest and Patton.

Alexis Colba
Wallpaper Boulebard
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Sir Hemp Company Memorial Day 2021 Sale

Sir Hemp Co. CBD Oil Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Sir Hemp Co. CBD Oil Memorial Day Weekend Sale

CBD for Cats and Dogs

CBD for Cats and Dogs

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Florida based wellness company Sir Hemp Co. announces major Memorial Day Sale. The all-natural hemp extracts company will be offering a deep discount.

We want everyone to take advantage of our Memorial Day Sale, while remembering and honoring those who served our great country”

— Alfredo Cernuda

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, USA, May 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Florida based wellness company Sir Hemp Co. announces major Memorial Day Sale. In an unprecedented move by the all-natural hemp extracts company, they will be offering a deep discount across their entire product line. “We want everyone to take advantage of our Memorial Day Sale, while remembering and honoring those who served our great country”, said Sir Hemp Co., President & Founder, Alfredo Cernuda.

Sir Hemp Co. products range from Full Spectrum CBD Oil containing all the cannabinoids naturally found in the industrial hemp plant to CBD Isolate, which only contains CBD. They offer a highly concentrated version of CBD called CBD RSO as well. For those not wanting to carry around a tincture bottle, Sir Hemp Co. offers CBD Candy. The company also offers a human-grade CBD oil for pets. This is CBD for cats & dogs made from premium U.S.A. grown hemp.

Sir Hemp Company offers a CBD Oil subscription as well as a-la-cart selection of premium high potency hemp oils. While CBD subscription customers receive a monthly discount, their single purchase items are rarely discounted. This Memorial Day Weekend sale will be 30 % (thirty percent) automatically added to the customers cart at checkout. This marks the first time in company’s history that a broad discount is being offered.

Stacy Jones
Sir Hemp Co.
+1 800-836-5820
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Buddies Bites Release New Dog Treat For Dogs with Anxiety

Buddies Bites has released an all natural dog treat for dogs anxiety.

ADEL, IOWA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dogs can experience anxiety for several reasons. From stress caused by fireworks to a full-blown case of separation anxiety, there are plenty of ways that a dog's nerves can get on edge. When that happens it can cause a lot of trauma for both the dog with anxiety and the dog owner.

The aim of Buddies Bites is to help dog owners quickly and easily treat this anxiety.

Separation stress, also called separation anxiety, is a term applied to a variety of behaviors that can occur when a dog is left alone. The severity of separation stress and behaviors associated with this issue vary among dogs. Common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs include clinginess, pacing, panting, whining, barking or howling inability to settle, hovering near doors, house-soiling (accidents). In severe cases, dogs may become destructive, hurt themselves or attempt to escape.

Many dogs that in the past never exhibited any type of anxiety issues are now experiencing it for the first time due to Covid. Most businesses required their employees to work from home as covid spread throughout the country. Their dogs then became used to their owners being home with them all of the time. Now these pet owners are returning to work and the dogs are obviously not used to this since them have been with them for the past 14 months.

Buddies Bites can help solve this issue. The all natural dog treats are made with just 7, non-gmo ingredients and have been shown to reduce anxiety in less than 26 minutes. Since they were formulated to be great tasting they are extremely convenient and easy to give to your dog.

Veterinarians are also recommending Buddies Bites to their patients because they also treat and prevent both hip and joint pain.

With the “Love Every Bite” Guarantee, dog owners can try these amazing dog treats virtually risk free. The immediate refund will be issued immediately for their guaranteed satisfaction.

Buddies Bites are great tasting dog treats that will help get the anxiety in your dog under control in less than 27 minutes.

Buddies Bites are all natural and made with just 7 all natural ingredients and are manufactured in the United States.

Steve Recardo
Buddies Bites
+1 800-597-8847

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Carlos Dorado: The emblematic Casablanca Boutique turns dreams into reality

Casablanca Fashion Group Store

Casablanca Fashion Group gardens

Casablanca Fashion Group a place to shop and recreate

It was recognized by Vogue USA as one of the 25 “top” stores to visit in the world.

I still remember the day when my wife and I met a beautiful white house in an elite area of Caracas such as La Castellana.”

— Carlos Dorado

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — I still remember the day when my wife and I met a beautiful white house in an elite area of Caracas such as La Castellana. We both contemplated with equal "magic" and admiration all that that house contained; a construction from the fifties, surrounded by a 4,000 square meter natural space with various tropical plants (mango bushes, hanging tree ferns, multicolored bougainvillea, tropical palm trees), and the most important thing for us was that that day, 33 years ago, we conceived a “dream” that with time, work and good work, became what is now known as the emblematic Casablanca Boutique in La Castellana.

Little by little, Casablanca was adopting a more modern and avant-garde architectural aspect (always respecting the original construction) in which the spaces of the store merge with the exterior gardens taking advantage of natural light, giving it that warmth and "magic" that from a My wife and I had first noticed it when we first met this wonderful place.

In the “Casablanca” dream, in addition to having a business model linked to haute couture fashion, it was intended to grow with prestigious allies of the large exclusive firms in European fashion. So, there was the concept of creating a multi-brand store that had little to envy the boutiques in any of the cities that today the world identifies with fashion. In Casablanca, clothing and fashion accessories from firms such as Prada, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Moncler, Roberto Cavalli, and Valentino are sold among other firms, which in turn are integrated with different pieces of art by well-known international artists. Boutique Casablanca was recognized by Vogue USA as one of the 25 “top” stores to visit in the world. It currently has 14 stores in Latin America, thus becoming an important business group of recognized financial strength.

I am very proud and happy to preside together with my wife (always creative, and inexhaustible businesswoman) to this boutique icon in Caracas, and by extension in Latin America, where the most recent trends in fashion and art merge with good taste, the architecture and the explosive natural force of tropical plants.

Speaking of dreams; We recently met Nicole Halfon, a young entrepreneur, dynamic, and internationally trained in the discipline of yoga. She is currently the manager and representative in Caracas of the firm “Arayoga”. For her, yoga is more than just a healthy discipline for the body; is to be part of an exclusive “community-family” who share the same ideal: to belong to a team of people who through yoga want to live unique experiences oriented to disconnect from day to day to connect with the essence of each person both in terms of physical, as well as mental and spiritual: And all this in a balanced way with nature and beauty.

This meant a great challenge for Nicole, who had the dream of creating an “elite yoga studio” in Caracas.

This meant the recruitment of the best yoga teachers in Caracas, a very special target, and the search for an ideal space where to create that exclusive "Yoga Studio" that offered beauty connected to nature. He toured different spaces and venues in Caracas that would guarantee that ideal environment, without any success. And when she already believed that her dream was lost, someone she trusted suggested that she contact La Boutique Casablanca, in La Castellana, since that space she was looking for was probably there. Indeed, as soon as the first day arrived in Casablanca, and entered the boutique seeing each space, the exterior gardens that gave natural light fused with the exuberance of tropical plants, he perceived all that "magic", which perhaps was similar to the one that my wife and I had in 1988, when we discovered that “white house”.

This young entrepreneur, full of illusions, drive and desire to do many things with her "Yoga Studio", began to see that her dream could only come true in our Boutique Casablanca. After some agreements, Nicole was allowed to use both the outdoor gardens and the roofed gardens of Casablanca to create her “Yoga Studio”.

The next step that is being taken in this synergy between Casablanca and the Arayoga firm from Caracas is the opening of a small “wellness” bar. There, the people who attend the Yoga Studio workshops, as well as the exclusive clients of the Boutique, have the opportunity to consume fresh and healthy drinks (green juices, coconut water, etc.), and healthy and light meals such as quinoa, whole grain crackers, etc. In this way, the bar also becomes a space for social exchange and integration of that "top" community, which is being created around the world of yoga, integral well-being and the exclusive concept of being the only "top yoga studio” that exists in Caracas, and in Venezuela. Of course, it is a reason for our pride that this whole concept of yoga takes our Boutique Casablanca as its exclusive and idyllic setting.

Between Casablanca and “Arayoga” in Caracas, we have made the gardens of our Boutique a place where different profiles of people meet; from businessmen and company managers-executives, to people who had the habit of practicing yoga, or who were attracted to this discipline; but that until now they had not found a place that offered the integral concept of health, quality well-being and connection with nature and beauty. From the entrance through a tropical vegetable tunnel, until you reach the open and roofed gardens where the yoga workshops are taught, people feel that they begin to disconnect from their respective chaos (work, city, society, etc.) to enter an oasis of peace, beauty, connection with nature and with oneself, and join a community that wants to live healthy experiences for the body and mind. And why not; have a space to dream.

Carlos Dorado
Organizacion Italcambio
email us here

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Klik Belts Revolutionizes Tactile Apparel Industry with Innovative ‘Build-Your-Own-Belt’ Option

The company is renowned for utilizing workhorse materials found in the aerospace industry.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Globally renowned company, Klik Belts, is pleased to announce the official launch of its game-changing ‘build-your-own-belt’ option for men and women.

Klik Belts is a revolutionary tactical belt with an aesthetically empowering design that combines strength with form and function. The company designs a variety of different styles to suit any wearer, male or female, and features AustriAlpin’s trademark 7075 aluminum alloy COBRA® buckle – a workhorse material that has been utilized in the aerospace industry since 1943.

In the company’s most recent news, Klik Belts has launched a brand-new service for those looking for durable custom belts – its ‘build-your-own-belt’ option. This option enables visitors to the site to self-design their ultimate belt using the website’s integrated and interactive feature.

“We’ve received so much positive feedback about our products, and we are continuously looking for ways to innovate in our niche market,” states Dona Seitsinger, owner of the company. “After many creative brainstorming sessions, our team developed the idea to enable clients to build their own belts to suit their specific tastes and needs. We are very excited for this launch and know our current and future clients will be, too.”

“Our new feature uses the latest 3D technology and animation to build your custom belt through a truly unique and gorgeous graphic experience,” Seitsinger continues. “After you build your new custom belt, the belt will strike like a COBRA snake.”

When using the website’s integrated ‘build-your-own-belt’ feature, consumers will be able to choose from a variety of customizable options, including:

• Buckle style and color
• Belt width
• Belt color
• Ply count
• Size
• Positioning of Velcro on inside of belt and belt tail

To make this incredible feature possible, Klik Belts collaborated with a number of companies to ensure a seamless transition:

Inventory Technologies – Inventory Technology Partners provided expert consulting to Klik Belts to reinvent their back-end DEAR inventory management system including a SKU solution for the Build Your Own Belt feature that addresses the thousands of SKU possibilities while also being easy to manage and update.

Brand 3D – The Brand3D technology platform hosts the Shopify App and Brand3D was tasked with creating the 3D belt product configuration process, including the 3D graphics and animation used to show what each option would look like using photorealistic 3D effects. Brand3D is a leader in a new wave of innovation in realistic 3D product experiences for e-commerce.

Madwire Marketing 360 – Madwire is Klik Belt’s marketing firm which uses and manages the app integration, landing page, and completed all of the 3D rendering of components.

For more information about Klik Belts, or to ‘build-your-own-belt,’ please visit www.klikbelts.com.

About Klik Belts

Founded in 2014, Klik Belts was specifically designed to provide consumers with a revolutionary product made from a simple object. The company is owned and operated by Dona Seitsinger, whose mission is to ensure every product ships quickly, looks stylish, and doesn’t sacrifice security.

The company’s signature AustriAlpin COBRA® buckle was inspired by the aerospace industry, which has been utilizing this robust material for everything from commercial planes, fighter jets, and space travel.


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Source: EIN Presswire