Triad Real Estate Partners Wins CoStar’s Q1 2021 Power Broker Quarterly Deals Award

Triad Real Estate Partners

CoStar Power Brokerage Award

Triad Real Estate Partners honorored with prestigious award from CoStar for their strong performance in Q1 2021.

Our strong activity levels in Q1 2021 demonstrate that there is a significant amount of demand for the product types we sell, Multifamily and Student Housing. They have both remained resilient.”

— Sean Lyons

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Triad Real Estate Partners Wins CoStar’s Q1 2021 Power Broker Quarterly Deals Award

CoStar Group, Inc., the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics, and online marketplaces, today announced the CoStar Power Broker Quarterly Deals winners for the first quarter of 2021. Triad Real Estate Partners came out on top in the list of winners in Multifamily and Student Housing. The CoStar Power Brokers Quarterly Deals winners are determined by the top deals executed every quarter, based on price and square footage.

By completing $6.8 Billion in real estate valuations in 2019-20 leading to over $835 Million in closings, Triad is one of the fastest-growing Multifamily and Student Housing Brokerage firms in the country. We are honored to be given this award for the sale of The Delaware, a multifamily asset in Indianapolis, along with Carriage House Townhomes, a Student Housing asset at The University of Connecticut. Both sales generated a significant amount of interest from what remains a very strong market on the demand side.

Please help us congratulate Triad Real estate Partners CoStar Power Broker Quarterly Deals win for the first quarter of 2021 in Multifamily and Student Housing

For more information, visit:

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About Triad Real Estate Partners

Founded in 2010, Triad Real Estate Partners strives to be the premier private client student housing and multi-family real estate brokerage company in the Midwest. Triad has closed over 275 transactions in 15 states covering nearly 30,000 multi-family and student housing units with an aggregate value of over $3.5 Billion. Triad has experience in all types of housing including affordable housing, conventional market-rate multi-family, and student housing. Triad is headquartered in Chicago’s Downtown Loop.

About CoStar Group, Inc.
CoStar Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSGP) is the leading provider of commercial real estate information, analytics, and online marketplaces. Founded in 1987, CoStar conducts expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the largest and most comprehensive database of commercial real estate information. Our suite of online services enables clients to analyze, interpret and gain unmatched insight on commercial property values, market conditions, and current availabilities. STR provides premium data benchmarking, analytics, and marketplace insights for the global hospitality sector. Ten-X provides a leading platform for conducting commercial real estate online auctions and negotiated bids. LoopNet is the most heavily trafficked commercial real estate marketplace online with over 7 million monthly unique visitors. Realla is the UK’s most comprehensive commercial property digital marketplace. The network,,,, Westside Rentals,,,, and form the premier online apartment resource for renters seeking great apartment homes and provide property managers and owners a proven platform for marketing their properties. Homesnap is an industry-leading online and mobile software platform that provides user-friendly applications to optimize residential real estate agent workflow and reinforce the agent-client relationship. CoStar Group’s websites attracted an average of approximately 69 million unique monthly visitors in aggregate in the third quarter of 2020. Headquartered in Washington, DC, CoStar Group maintains offices throughout the U.S. and in Europe, Canada and Asia with a staff of over 4,300 worldwide, including the industry’s largest professional research organization. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Sean Lyons
Traid Real Estate Partners

Sean Lyons
Triad Real Estate Partners
+1 312-878-7363
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CTB – The Late Edward Henry’s Legacy

The Late Edward Henry

EH and family

Simplicity is Honesty

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 30, 2021 / — If you look back at the people who meant the most to you, who comes to mind? Is it someone you were close with, or someone you wasn’t always around, but they changed your life in the best way when they were? Did they lead you in the right direction without trying because that’s just the kind of person they were? Edward Henry, author of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling, had a person in his life who was the epitome of a leader, a man who helped him learn, grow, to lead others and live honestly.

Edward’s grandfather truly impacted his personal and professional life. Edward bases a great deal of how he started selling honest and creating CTB because of what he saw in his grandfather. Along with bringing many life lessons to the table, his grandfather’s character made him look back at himself and rethink whom he wanted to be. Sometimes the best people in your life don’t always impact you right away. It can take years or even one experience that brings you back to the person who was there all along.

“I used to say that my grandfather could walk in the door after getting hit by a car and sit down for supper. When asked how his day went, he would reply, ‘It was just fine.’ ” – Edward Henry in Chapter 16 of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling.

Edward’s grandfather was a simple man, and the key to him living with a positive mindset and straightforward life was honesty. The way he lived his life was the ultimate example of an honest individual who never cut any corners. Even after enlisting to join the Second World War, he always lived up to his promises and never changed who he was to please someone else. Without asking for anything in return, he was helpful, always there for his family, and didn’t have a selfish bone in his body.

“I explained to my staff how my grandfather was brilliant and could have done anything he wanted. Instead of going to university, he enlisted into the armed forces to fight in the Second World War, where he lost his hearing due to a friendly fire incident. He was always about taking care of his family and never had a selfish ambition. He kept his promises with a reputation of class, respect, honesty, and decency.” – Edward Henry in Chapter 4 of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling.

So what was next? Edward knew he wasn’t living up to his grandfather’s name the way he should’ve been. For most of his life, he was the complete opposite of his grandfather. As mentioned above, sometimes you realize how important someone is when you look back on how they lived their life and the positive influence on yours and think to yourself, “I need to change.” Edward adjusted how he did business and how he grew his relationships with those around him because of the example that his grandfather set for him. Edward’s business, Edward Henry Company, now focuses on cutting the bullsh*t (CTB) and selling honest. Selling honest is the most authentic way of defining yourself as a sales professional, and honesty will lead you through the life you were meant to live. “To my grandfather, the seeds that you have planted have finally grown.” You can download your copy of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling for free for a limited time by visiting:

Edward Henry Company
Edward Henry Company
+ 16477257575
email us here

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Introducing the Spirit of Wales Distillery Virtual Tasting and Tour.

Spirit of Wales Distillery Premium Distilled Welsh Spirits with Fever Tree Tonic and Mixers in the Newport Distillery.

Enjoy a selection of Welsh Spirits to try during the event.

Spirit of Wales Distillery Virtual Tasting Kit

Each seat booked includes four of our premium distilled Welsh spirits, botanicals to match each spirit and Fever-Tree Mixers and Tonics. Also included are Jones Crisps and our chocolate.

Discover how the Spirit of Wales Distillery in Newport, Wales creates their premium Welsh Gin, Vodka and Rums with their virtual distillery tour and tasting.

We’ve had such an enjoyable time taste testing our spirits with friends and family, it is exciting that we can now launch a regular event. We welcome folks to join us and experience our spirits.”

— Daniel Dyer

NEWPORT, WALES, UNITED KINGDOM, April 30, 2021 / — The Spirit of Wales Distillery launches their first experience. A virtual tasting and tour that you can enjoy safely from the comfort of your home. Join a group or invite your friends. Expect a fun-filled night with information about our spirits, a brief distillery tour, the tasting sessions, and a fun quiz with prizes. The first event takes place over two hours on 7 May 2021 and limited to 20 people, or pre-book for future events.

A unique Welsh Experience
This unique experience gives visitors a taste of the Spirit Wales first Distillery Release Welsh Spirits, including the first in the collection, a dry Welsh Gin, a contemporary Welsh Vodka, and premium speciality white and lightly spiced Welsh Rums. Erica Willmott and Daniel Dyer will host live from the distillery and joined by participants at home. A unique virtual tasting and tour that is informative and fun. Unlike any other tasting event in the country, we guide participants through each flavour journey of our premium Welsh spirits combining the best aromas and taste possible in each drink. Between each tasting, guests can take part in a quiz to test their knowledge of all things Welsh and watch our distillery video tour.

Daniel Dyer, Founder and CEO of the Spirit of Wales Distillery, commented,

“We’ve had such an enjoyable time taste testing our spirits with friends and family, and it is exciting that we can now launch a regular event. We welcome folks outside of our area to join us and experience our spirits. It’s also a great family and team bonding experience with lots of information about our distillery, our process and of course Wales.”

Erica Willmott, Events Manager at the Spirit of Wales Distillery, adds,

“We look forward to showing you around the distillery and introducing you to our Welsh Spirits, so grab your mates and let me take you on a flavour journey.”

The Spirit of Wales Distillery Virtual Tasting Kit.
Included in the experience is four of the Spirit of Wales Distillery first release spirits and Fever-Tree Tonic to match each Welsh Gin, Vodka and Rum. To complete the flavour profile, botanicals such as juniper, dried lemon or grapefruit and sugared ginger included for further experimentation during the evening.

How to take part in the Virtual Tasting?
To attend the Spirit of Wales Virtual Tasting experience is book their space and make payment on the online store. Once they received your order, the team at the distillery will send a Virtual Tasting Kit to guide you through the evening.

Before the start of the virtual tasting, make sure you have some glasses ready for the evening, lots of ice, and a notepad to prepare for the quiz. Each participant will receive a Zoom link to attend the event. Once started, they get to discover four of the Spirit of Wales Distillery Release Products throughout the evening. The distillery team recommends using a laptop or tablet to view both the speakers and content.

Find out more about the virtual tasting event and pre-book a ticket from the Spirit of Wales website.


Note to editors:
To learn more about the Spirit of Wales Distillery limited releases, please visit or find us on social media.

About the Spirit of Wales Distillery
The Spirit of Wales is a new and exciting Welsh Distillery in Newport, South Wales, in April 2021. The Welsh Distillery creates affordable and authentic Welsh gins, vodkas, and rums. The range features a refreshing, surprising, handcrafted flavour ignited by the red dragon. Discover the range of limited release distillery releases contemporary Welsh spirits with the Virtual Tastings that launch in May 2021. Throughout April, The Spirit of Wales released a new limited edition: Distillery Dry Welsh Gin, Welsh Vodka, and lightly spiced Welsh Rum, all included in the tasting or available online from the Spirit of Wales store. Look out for the White Rum and Blueberry gin coming soon.

For more press information, please contact:
Daniel Dyer, from “The Spirit of Wales Distillery”: 01633 965035 or email Claudette de Chermont at

Clauudette de Chermont
The Spirit of Wales Distillery
1633965035 ext.
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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My Body, My Choice Identifies Potential Illegal and Unethical Actions At Trader Joe’s

Organization Advocates Health Freedom

“No company is above the law.". “We are not asking for special treatment, we are merely asking that Trader Joe’s comply with the law.”

— Allan Stevo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — My Body, My Choice, a California Based Health Freedom Organization announced that it contacted executives at Trader Joe’s asking them to explain the claims of disability discrimination made against them and insisting that Trader Joe’s make all of its policies around face masks public. The organization stated that Trader Joe’s may be acting illegally and unethically in its face mask policy. Members of My Body, My Choice contacted Executive Director Allan Stevo over the Trader Joe’s refusal to allow customers to invoke legal exemptions from wearing face masks in the establishment. Stevo has demanded from Trader Joe’s, its written policy around face masks and also any documentation around how employees are trained to handle exemptions when invoked by a customer. He is also demanding to know why employees of Trader Joes are also unable to invoke legal exemptions to wearing face masks. The United States has a long history avoiding one-size-fits-all approaches and making clear individual accommodation when it comes to ability and disability, medical advantages and disadvantages, psychological conditions and psychological benefits, and that includes legal exemptions for face masks he noted.

“No company is above the law,” said Allan Stevo. “We are not asking for special treatment, we are merely asking that Trader Joe’s comply with the law. The public deserves open source customer and employee policies, in which transparency is paramount, so customers can know where they stand and how to comply. I call upon Trader Joe’s to respond to our request and make sure the law is carried out as it was intended to be.”

About Allan Stevo

Allan Stevo has been a tireless advocate for more fair treatment of individuals under the law for over two decades. From the disabled to those with severe medical conditions, Stevo has pushed for individualized approaches, rather than the one-size-fits-all treatment our institution often foists upon those most in need. Face Masks in One Lesson demonstrates how and why that individualized, patient-centric approach must be continued for the benefit of those most in need.

He has spoken to audiences at the University of Chicago, MIT, and dozens of other top schools in the US and around the world. In 2012, he became a bestselling author and in 2014, a syndicated columnist.
His writing has appeared widely in publications as diverse as: The Hill, Roll Call, The Daily
Caller, Economic Policy Journal,, The Tenth Amendment Center, and The
Daily Bell, in print publications such as The New York Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Buffalo News, Anchorage Press, Lexington Leader, Epoch Times, Nevada Legal Review, and at think-tanks such as the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, The Cobden Center,, and many others.

Stevo’s influential writing has been described as “a precedence of sanity,” “the truth in print,” and “a beacon of liberty.” Stevo’s been described as “one of the rare individuals who operate under reason and logic.” Reading Face Masks in One Lesson “might be the most important thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your country,” writes Professor Robert Wright.

“What does Stevo’s writing mean to me?” asks Dr. Walter Block “All the world.”
Stevo’s Face Masks in One Lesson provides the ultimate response to mandatory masking and is an irreplaceable tool for those who will not go masked another day.

David Johnson
Strategic Vision PR Group
+1 404-380-1079
email us here

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Walking Portfolios: How SKINSINK Redefined Modern Streetwear to Create a New Niche In Art







SKINSINK Rallies Like-Minded Artists From Around the Globe to Create a Tangible Means of Sharing Art with the Masses

BERLIN, GERMANY, April 30, 2021 / — Oscar Wilde famously said, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” Thankfully, there is no longer a need to compromise one for the other. Over the decades, fashion develops, trends come and go, but art never fades. SKINSINK, the premier t-shirt and hoodie company based out of Berlin, is bridging the gap between visual art and fashion through purpose-driven partnerships with artists from various countries, backgrounds, and styles. SKINSINK’s one-of-a-kind t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hoodie line feature artwork from talented painters, graphic designers, illustrators, pixel artists, and street artists to create a living portfolio seen walking the streets of our communities.

SKINSINK takes the traditional idea of fashion design and flips it on its head; taking art from the museum, and bringing it to the street. Each line is masterfully curated through careful collaboration with the artist, making sure that no aspect of their vision is lost in translation to the apparel. Designers and artists who partner with SKINSINK do more than merely create t-shirts and hoodies; they join a movement.

Dedicated to empowering artists and soulful expression through tangible means, SKINSINK has crafted a business model that builds not only an online and living portfolio but a 50% share of the profits for each work of art sold. In 2021, artistic expression can tend to get lost in the noise of busy, tumultuous times; SKINSINK seeks to bring everyday patrons back to a state of expression, appreciation, and admiration for art through more modern avenues.

"SKINSINK supports independent artists like me, that especially now in challenging times, spur great motivation by promoting us and creating amazing apparel with our designs. Thank you very much!" – Cristina Vives, artist

"Working on SKINSINK is very rewarding. I feel so lucky being able to uplift artists and I am proud that we also make sure to give back to the environment and charitable causes." – Erla, Co-Founder

SKINSINK’s clothing is eco-friendly, sustainable, and unisex to fit bodies of all shapes, sizes, and identities. Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to supporting like-minded artists from around the world; SKINSINK’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

To learn more about SKINSINK, please visit:


SKINSINK is a modern streetwear brand fusing art with fashion to create a new niche of apparel that places artists at the forefront of the brand. Founders Erla and Nader, both with a rich background in art, design, and photography, launched SKINSINK in 2020 to create a tangible means of bringing art to the masses. Located in Berlin, SKINSINK redefines the one article of clothing everyone adores; the t-shirt. Through purpose-driven partnerships with international talent from around the world, SKINSINK’s exclusive line of unisex t-shirts and hoodies provides a platform for artists of all backgrounds to share their talents using a human portfolio. Each article of clothing is eco-friendly, with 50% of profits going to artists and a portion of profits going to charitable organizations from around the world.


Erla Riedel
Visit us on social media:

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Team UCLA Bruins in the house at The Sanitizer Company for Toprosan hand sanitizer donation

UCLA Bruins #20 Charisma Osborne

UCLA Bruins #20 Charisma Osborne

Toprosan Hand Sanitizer, Essential Scented Oil, Moisturizing Lotion

Toprosan Hand Sanitizer, Essential Scented Oil, Moisturizing Lotion

UCLA Bruins #20 Charisma Osborne & Mom Chaka Ferrell

UCLA Bruins #20 Charisma Osborne & Mom Chaka Ferrell

UCLA Bruins All Woman Basketball Player #20 Charisma Osborne visits The Sanitizer Company to receive sizable donation to help keep teammates safe.

Helping the UCLA Bruins stay safe while traveling to play games during the Covid-19 pandemic gave purpose and meaning to The Sanitizer Company of Riverside County. Go Team Bruins!”

— The Sanitizer Company

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Watching the UCLA Bruins play basketball is more fun when the players are friends. About 15 years ago The Sanitizer Company, www.Sanitizer.Co, owner worked closely with and became close friends with the Osborne-Ferrell family of Riverside County. As we watched the children grow we knew they'd raised a winner; namely Charisma Osborne #20 of the UCLA Bruins All-Woman Basketball Team.

Fast forward to the pandemic, and the modifications of team sporting events during the trying times made sense for The Sanitizer Company to make sure the traveling team and staff stay safe. In mid-April over a dinner and meeting with Charisma Osborne and Mom Chaka Ferrell, a sizeable donation of Toprosan FDA Approved 75% Ethyl Alcohol Sanitizer plus other items from the Toprosan brand was donated to the Bruins.

The Sanitizer Company was thrilled to host a meeting at their headquarters and visit with Charisma Osborne #20 representing the UCLA Bruins women's basketball team. We talked about the importance of staying safe during the pandemic while keeping a mindful eye focused on the ball. Reminiscing and looking forward to a new season, we felt proud of the Bruins' accomplishments and excited about their future success.

The Sanitizer Company (www.Sanitizer.Co) is the authorized reseller of the Toprosan brand liquid sanitizer, moisturizing lotion and essential scented oils. All Toprosan products are plant based, eco friendly, biodegradable and organic. They are made from all natural products and packaged inside recycled or recyclable containers. All Toprosan products are derived from natural plant based sources to support ecologically sustainable systems. Toprosan: To Protect and Sanitize is FDA registered and made with FDA approved 75% ethyl alcohol. The Toprosan liquid sanitizer can be used safely on both skin or surfaces. The Toprosan National Drug Code Number (NDC) is 80149-001.

Toprosan: To Protect and Sanitize Products:

(1) 75% Ethyl Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer Spray – Convenience of a fast drying fine mist spray is used on skin or surfaces.
(2) Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion – Formulated specifically for dry skin after using high alcohol content sanitizer.
(3) Essential Scented Liquid Oils – Added to the unscented liquid sanitizer creates your own personal scent.

For more information about the Toprosan brand of products, visit www.Sanitizer.Co. Gift sets available. All purchases ship free within the USA; some ship Amazon Prime.

Toprosan – ValueRays
The Sanitizer Company
+ 17605659572
email us here
Visit us on social media:

TOPROSAN – To Protect & Sanitize

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Go9tro Wireless LLC Introduces Advanced Bitcoin POS Merchant Services

The goal of the innovative crypto-funded company is to bring a more diverse group of people into the cryptocurrency space.

CASPER, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Go9tro Wireless LLC is staying true their goal of helping brick-and-mortar locations join the new world economy with the introduction of its Bitcoin POS Merchant Services.

Described as the “world’s first cryptocurrency internet service provider,” Go9tro Wireless LLC offers fast, secure mobile WiFi in over 137 countries worldwide, via patented virtual SIM technology, and has plans to continue delivering innovative technology-backed solutions to as many people as possible across the globe. In addition to its revolutionary solutions, the company’s customer-driven strategies are what set it apart from the competition – with zero hidden fees, no surprise data charges, and no SIM card swapping, just to name a few.

“Technological advancements have continued to deliver innovative solutions to enhance the lives of millions of people across the globe, as well as digital products and services to support businesses,” says Wes Rustin, founder of Go9tro Wireless LLC. “Blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrency, for example, have disrupted different industries worldwide, but several industries are yet to leverage the features and benefits of the technology. Fortunately, our team at Go9tro Wireless LLC has ensured the case is different in the telecommunications industry, with our range of innovative services further substantiating this claim.”

Based on the company’s impressive data, Go9tro Wireless LLC is currently leading the way in offering solutions that seamlessly blend technology, telecom, and travel. One of the solutions that has launched the company to the top of line in the telecoms industry, for example, is its comprehensive BTC POS merchant services. These Bitcoin POS merchant services include retail payment POS and cryptocurrency unit, POS wireless license package, and the city developer POS package. These services are specifically designed to help more businesses reach their target audience with relative ease, leveraging the features of decentralization and universality of Bitcoin – and the entire cryptocurrency concept.

The crypto-funded company also recently launched its token to deliver the world’s first convergence of cryptocurrency economy and the internet of things.
For more information about the Bitcoin POS Merchant Services and other disruptive solutions from Go9tro Wireless LLC, please visit –

About Go9tro Wireless LLC

Go9tro Wireless LLC is one of the world’s fastest growing crypto-funded companies founded by forward-thinking entrepreneurs and globetrotters to create a solution for fellow travelers. The Wyoming-based company is at the intersection of technology, telecom, and travel – providing a fast, secure, reliable mobile internet connection while traveling abroad.

The company currently has a presence in more than 137 countries, delivering the last mile of mobile data on-demand through the best local networks for one flat rate, with plans to set up global distribution through E-commerce channels and over 500 global retail locations.

Wes Rustin
Go9tro Wireless LLC
+1 972-382-9109

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For Autism Awareness Month: New Middle Grade Novel REAL Addresses Autism and Bullying

REAL, middle grade book - Autism Awareness

Inspired by a true story, Real speaks to all those who’ve ever felt they didn’t belong and reminds readers that all people are worthy of being included.

Authors of this 2021 Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection state their goal as helping kids see the magic that happens when all are valued and included.

Autism Awareness Month should really celebrate Autism Acceptance and Welcoming”

— Carol Cujec

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Inspired by a true story, REAL speaks to all those who’ve ever felt they didn’t belong and reminds readers that all people are worthy of being included. This 2021 Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection is perhaps the first middle-grade novel told through the eyes of a girl with non-speaking autism. The authors Carol Cujec and Peyton Goddard state their goal as helping kids to view autism as a different way of experiencing the world and to see the magic that happens when all kids are valued and included.

The story was inspired by the experiences of Peyton Goddard, whose unpredictable body and inability to speak led people to assume she was mentally challenged. Once she gained a dependable mode of communication, she graduated from college as valedictorian. Goddard, who types to talk writes, "Difference is in all of us. Fear it we do not need.” Her message centers on “changing this worrisome world” through compassionate understanding and support for all.

Cujec and Goddard hope their story builds empathy in readers for all who are different, ultimately protecting those most vulnerable from bullying and abuse. “Autism Awareness Month should really celebrate Autism Acceptance and Welcoming,” says Cujec. In REAL, Peyton’s story is portrayed by thirteen-year-old Charity, who may have no voice and an unruly body, but she’s determined to learn at her new school. Can everyone see past her autism?

Through June 3, 2021, school teachers and librarians can be part of the authors’ virtual book tour and watch a special presentation about acceptance and inclusion, with a powerful anti-bullying message. Teacher and parent resources are also available on the authors’ website,, which includes tips on inclusion and for making friends with someone who is different.

Visit to order this powerful and moving novel, which currently has a 5-Star Amazon Rating, and to sign up for a virtual book tour presentation.

Shadow Mountain is a general trade publisher of fiction and non-fiction, and the publisher of the NEW YORK TIMES best-selling series FABLEHAVEN and the sequel series DRAGONWATCH by Brandon Mull.

Troy Butcher
Shadow Mountain Publishing
+1 385-202-5227
Visit us on social media:

REAL – Austim Awareness Month

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New tools to help children become happier and more active through Yoga and Mindfulness

The mats have a sequence of yoga poses embossed directly on the mat - just unroll it and you're ready to Ommm!

The mats have a sequence of yoga poses embossed directly on the mat – just unroll it and you’re ready to Ommm!

The pandemic has taken its toll on children's mental and physical health, Soul Mates® is here to activate their bodies and calm their minds.

The pandemic has taken its toll on children’s mental and physical health, Soul Mates® is here to activate their bodies and calm their minds.

The Mindfulness Story Pillow has a simple meditation for children, the audio is activated when pressed, giving children the opportunity to manage their own emotions in their own space.

The pandemic has taken its toll on children's mental and physical health. Soul Mates® is here to help them by activating their bodies and calming their minds.

I felt compelled to develop a Yoga and Mindfulness programme, especially now because of the harsh effects of the pandemic on kids’ mental and physical health.”

— Amy Holden: Perinatal psychologist and founder of World Alive.

BARCELONA, CATALONIA, SPAIN, April 29, 2021 / — World Alive S.L. are the creators of the top selling toy brand Aqua Dragons, 'hatch and grow live aquatic pets’ and are now launching the new eco-lifestyle children's brand Soul Mates®.

The pandemic has taken its toll on children's mental and physical health. Amy Holden, perinatal psychologist, mindfulness teacher and founder of children's brands company World Alive S.L. has designed and created Soul Mates®, a range of products aimed at helping them to improve their health and wellness, by activating their bodies and calming their minds, reducing the effects of inactivity and excessive use of screens. With this innovative project, World Alive S.L. aims to join the exciting trend in wellbeing towards yoga and mindfulness, making these practices into fun games for children from two years and up.

The concept of mindful toys is new and innovative. Mostly toys serve to entertain but in this case they have been created not only to do that but also to develop both somatic and emotional growth, making them a unique proposition. This makes them powerful tools, which help mums and dads in the challenging task of parenting.

Managing frustrations, fears, anger, difficult emotions, learning to calm oneself and to sleep alone, or simply to have a good attitude are some of the benefits that this brand has been developed to provide for children.

Amy has created five nature-based characters, Sun, Moon, Cloud, Wave and Earth or “The Soul Mates®” who each embody different mindful superpowers, which they can share with you. Positive attitude, connection, resilience, patience, gratitude, courage and calm are just some.

The fun and endearing characters are at the centre of the Soul Mates® programme, which consists of yoga and mindfulness activities inspired by nature. These are implemented through a series of mindfulness children’s stories, a children’s yoga app that turns yoga into a fun game, and lots of “Ommmazing Activities” that are available through email subscription.

There is a range of toys to support children’s physical play, use of breath, noticing and regulating their feelings and to promote a positive attitude – they don’t need to understand the intellectual concepts behind yoga and mindfulness to become active and aware and so benefit from using them.

All of the products now launched are themed with Soul Mates® characters;

Child sized eco yoga mats.
When it's time for physical activity, Soul Mates ® Kids Eco Yoga Mats encourage free play with suggested yoga poses embossed directly onto the mat. Children don't need an instructor or to follow complicated instructions, they can simply unroll them and begin to experiment. Each of the four mats in the range includes different yoga poses from the Sun and Moon Salutations to poses inspired by nature and the world around us.

Mindfulness story pillows
The mindfulness story pillows create a completely unique way for small children to discover mindfulness. The five characters are plush toys that include a simple breathing exercise and a creative visualisation as part of the story. The audio is activated by giving the pillow a gentle hug, so that they can listen wherever and whenever they like.

Soul Mates illustrated storybooks
Illustrated books that contain creative visualisations and short mindfulness practices within the fun and adorable children's stories. Kids of two and up will love these and will also learn mindfulness superpowers. Available now on Amazon.

– Yoga cards

– Free yoga game app, Soul Mates Kids Yoga Spinner
– Free kids’ yoga classes available on the YouTube channel.

The Soul Mates developer Amy Holden:
"Motivated by my own motherhood, and my personal practise in yoga and thinking of how much healthier kids can be if they are able to acquire a mindful lifestyle early, I actively searched for, but was unable to find kids’ yoga and mindfulness products or programmes, for my own kids. So, I felt compelled to develop a programme, especially now because of the harsh effects of the pandemic on kids’ mental and physical health. . This project is very close to my heart and is the culmination of many years of study in perinatal psychology, child development, yoga and mindfulness practise. My own children have been integral teachers and testers in the development process and we’ve seen how helpful and joyful it has been for them to play with the Soul Mates characters."
“My goal was to create fun, healthy toys for kids to play by themselves, with family or in a group that is caring for the environment too, and I believe we have successfully done that. Aware of how most toys quickly end up in landfill, it is our objective to develop toys with an extended play pattern that are healthy, educational and ecological. We call this caring for the planet and caring for yourself”

The Soul Mates® launch will be supported by a communication campaign that includes well-known influencers. Product prices are very competitive and accessible. The products will be sold through specialist retailers in the toy, sport and yoga sectors as well as in department stores. They will also be sold in the education sector and to children's yoga teachers who would like to provide a programme and the accessories to their students.

Wholesale and Factory Sales
We are looking for distribution partners! Soul Mates products are currently available in the European Union directly through World Alive S.L. As trade shows are currently suspended, you can receive a personalised presentation and order samples by contacting for more information.

Soul Mates® branded products are now available online through or Amazon or all of its European platforms, in EurekaKids, Drim and Toys R Us.

Marketing & Collaborations: Lucie Lanham

Wholesale: Mariona Casas

Distribution / licenses: Amy Holden

WORLD ALIVE S.L Passeig de Sant Joan Bosco 57, baixos interior, 08017 Barcelona, ESPAÑA


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Soul Mates brings the ancient wisdom of yoga and mindfulness to children, helping them to activate the body and calm the mind.

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FaZe Clan, the world's most prominent and influential gaming organization is excited to release their new Bunker collection today at 12pm PT on

For this collection, FaZe Clan tapped into their own creative team to showcase the intersection of FaZe Clan’s tactical style and streetwear. JVY creative directed and photographed the collection which was designed primarily by Blazzy who took inspiration from military bunkers and gaming culture as a whole. JVY paid homage to FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty roots by using cold undertones with the imagery and included prominent influencers in the streetwear community to model. Joy Divizn (Phoenix), who has been closely involved in the rollout and creative direction of Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red album and his protege, Lil Homie Anthony, an upcoming figure in the skateboarding and streetwear spaces are featured in the lookbook.

This drop comes on the heels of FaZe Clan welcoming Arizona Cardinals quarterback and first overall NFL draft pick in 2019, Kyler “FaZe K1” Murray, as the newest official member. The collection features hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, jersey, clock, blanket and more ranging from $30-$90 . Alongside the Bunker Collection, official FaZe K1 t-shirt and hoodie ranging from $40-$90 are also available today at

About FaZe Clan:
Since its inception in 2010, FaZe Clan has established itself as the world’s most prominent and influential gaming organization known for its disruptive original content and hyper-engaged global fanbase of over 350 million combined across all social platforms. FaZe Clan holds an unrivaled position at the epicenter of gaming, sports, culture and entertainment, driving how the next generation consumes content, plays and shops. Their roster of 85 influential personalities consists of world-class gamers, engaging content creators and a mix of talent beyond the world of gaming, including NBA star Ben Simmons, Lebron “Bronny” James Jr and Lil Yachty. The organization’s unmatched esports division includes nine competitive teams in Fortnite, FIFA, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty League (Atlanta FaZe), VALORANT, Rocket League and CS:GO with dozens of world championship trophies among them. In addition, FaZe Clan has become a sought-after fashion and lifestyle brand through an inspired apparel line and limited-edition collaborations with partners including Champion, NFL, Manchester City FC, Lyrical Lemonade, Kappa, CLOT, LA Kings, and more. Follow us @FaZeClan, @FaZeApparel and @FaZeUpdate.

FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan
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Source: EIN Presswire