skinnytees Celebrates International Women's Day

Honoring international women everywhere skinnytees will donate a portion of the profits to the ACLU both nationally as well as to the Michigan chapter.

Our team is right and tight and we are a family. Helping all women feel confident, strong and seen.

BIRMINGHAM, MI, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 / — International Women's Day is coming up on March 8th. This year’s theme is #choosetochallenge. skinnytees is owned, and operated by Michigan businesswomen, Linda Schlesinger-Wagner whose story of business success has not been an easy journey. Wide awake in the middle of the night, looking for a way to make money after going through a divorce and during the mortgage crisis in 2008, Linda Schlesinger-Wagner had an idea: create a camisole that would fit every woman. It would be a little longer than other shirts, a little wider, and it had to be flattering. "It had to appeal to every woman, every age, every size," remembers Schlesinger-Wagner. Linda borrowed $1000 on a friend’s credit card to go and make the skinnytees product. She began working from a home office. “I charged a little each month and paid it back each month.” She rolled over the income back into the business. In 2009, skinnytees was born of both a personal and marketplace need that would evolve the booming smooth-wear industry into a collection of essential shapes that could be worn as versatile fashion pieces.

Schlesinger-Wagner wanted to honor the women she so fiercely believes in and believe in her who helped her run skinnytees. SEVEN STRONG! Each was asked what woman in history inspired them and why. Each of the seven women that work with skinnytees will have a small feature in an email to its millions of customers March 1st – 8th via email and on their website

Schlesinger-Wagner loves running an all women company she says, “ Women get women. Our team is right and tight and we are a family all working towards helping all women feel confident, strong and seen. skinnytees is all about inclusion, and with our diverse sizing and SKIN line, we have something for every woman.

Linda’s two adult children David and Annie, both living in the Los Angeles area who are a part of the daily life of skinnytees. Annie Schlesinger has been with skinnytees for five years and it was no surprise to many to find she said her mother inspires her. “My mother, Linda, the owner and creative mind behind skinnytees has always been a driving force in the fashion industry. From her multiple retail stores, to multiple lines of clothing and design, she has always had her finger on the pulse of what women want in fashion. She is always evolving and adapting to the changes around her, be it personal or societal,” comments Annie. Yet Annie knows what most people know about Linda, is she has never forgotten those who were there to assist when she first started out. “She has raised me to see how a woman can be a business owner, entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist.”

Philanthropy among the pillars of skinnytees. Linda enjoys speaking and working with entrepreneurs and has no secrets to her business failures and accomplishments. Schlesinger-Wagner recounts a story that has always made a big business impact with her. “In 1977, I went to a local bank to get a $10,000 line of credit to buy clothing in Europe. They wanted my husband's signature to secure the loan, however, if he had applied for a business loan, he never would have needed my signature.” This lesson is something young people today and the women who work for her are taught, reminded and empowered to believe. “Shortly after I rejected that offer, a woman banker, who believed in me and my ability as a businesswoman, gave me a line of $30,000 credit. Her hint was always ask for more than you need!”

skinnytees has more than 210 different products, including tops, leggings, dresses. The skinnytees team is always coming up with new things. The clothes are one-size-fits-most to be worn for athletics, maternity, casual lounging or dressed up. The uniqueness of skinnytees fabric is that it is not Spanx-tight, but soft-tight and therefore works for most people. If you name a style: crew neck, V-neck, round neck, off the shoulder skinnytees has it. Founder, Linda Schlesinger- Wagner, listens to her customers and what they are looking for and therefore, patterns, cardigans, vests, velvets have been added to the skinnytees products over the years.

During this International Women's Day, Linda Schlesinger- Wagner wants to be sure #choosetochallenge and leave this message with all women, “We can do anything – we are strong – we are resilient – we are tough.” will run a 25% off sale March 1st- 8th. Site wide Code: WOMEN25
Honoring international women everywhere skinnytees will donate a portion of the profits to the ACLU both nationally as well as to the Michigan chapter. and

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