TurboFlex® Eyewear Frames Recommended by Renowned Eye Health Expert

TurboFlex® technology eyewear was featured on the Doctor Eye Health show.

MONTREAL, CANADA, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TurboFlex® Worldwide Patented Technology is pleased to announce that its revolutionary new eyewear frame has been recommended by one of the world’s leading eye care experts, Dr. Joseph J. Allen, O.D., FAAO. Turboflex eyewear frames were recently featured on Dr. Allen’s YouTube channel.

“We are proud of our significant contributions to technological advancement in the eyewear industry,” says company founder Nonu Ifergan. “We’re also delighted to see that our products are recommended by Dr. Allen, who is a well-respected name in the field.”

Founded with the mission of creating the world’s most durable pair of glasses, TurboFlex technology allows the hinges of the frame to rotate 360°. And with the TurboFlex Easy Twist, the bridge of the frame can be bent or twisted and then returned to its original shape.

Turboflex technology offers a number of advantages:

• The ‘360 Hinge,’ made with high quality stainless steel is extremely strong and durable, particularly suitable for those with active lifestyles or for children

• Frames are so flexible that they can move in any direction, allowing them to be worn in the most difficult circumstances

• The unparalleled flexibility of the frames allows for exceptional comfort.

“Our frames will last you a lifetime,” adds Ifergan. “We offer the world’s only 360 degree rotating hinge, incredible durability, and hundreds of beautiful styles and colors to choose from!”

For more information about Turboflex frames, visit https://www.TurboFlexEyewear.com.

About the Company

A division of Aspex Group, Turboflex Worldwide Patented Technology has made notable contributions to the technological advancement of the eyewear industry. The company is renowned as the original makers of the magnetic clip-on sunglasses, EasyClip, and is now gaining international recognition for its Turboflex eyewear frames, created to become the world’s most durable, flexible and comfortable.

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Source: EIN Presswire