RIA Safeguard in a college

RIA Safeguard in a college

RIA Safeguard open office

RIA Safeguard open office

RIA Safeguard Side View

RIA Safeguard Side View

Introducing RIA Safeguard featuring AtmosAir technology – a new rapid-deploy air filter used by the Pentagon and Apple.

Business owners want to do to the best for their customers – that includes providing clean, particle-free air and sanitized surfaces.”

— David Chao

LAS VEGAS, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The essential new product making waves at 2021’s virtual CES isn’t a new phone or a smart piece of software. It’s a portable purifier that filters the air and sanitizes surfaces like nothing else out there. For businesses wanting to open their premises after COVID-19, it’s not a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have.

Here’s how it works:
– HEPA filter at the device removes 99.9% of PM0.3 particles in the air – that includes Coronavirus
– RIA Safeguard also releases bi-polar ions into the space that seek and destroy 99.9% of germs and viruses in the air and on solid surfaces
– Lightweight and portable – one device protects up to 100 square meters of space

The new rapid-deploy version of RIA Safeguard launches at this year’s digital CES and is already turning heads. It uses the same tech that RIA provides for huge venues like the Staples Center, corporate giants like Google and Apple, and iconic medical facilities including Walter Reed and Johns Hopkins.

Business owners need to know about RIA Safeguard now. As the world wakes up again after COVID-19, consumers want to go shopping again, and go back to the office. But, they are rightly worried about risking their health, maybe even their lives.

People are quick to throw blame around if they get sick after visiting a company’s premises – and thanks to social media, word can spread around the world whether it’s true or not.

For business owners, RIA Safeguard is simply the most effective way to ensure that the air inside your premises is pure and free of virus particles, while your surfaces are clean and sanitized. There are no guarantees in this life, but using RIA Safeguard is as close as you can get.

RIA Safeguard helps you give your customers the best experience possible when they come to your premises. When they tell their friends, word will spread and more will join them.

It’s also great peace of mind – no business owner wants to think they didn’t do enough to protect their customers.

David Chao, RIA Safeguard’s founder, said – ‘Business owners want to do to the best for their customers – that includes providing clean, particle-free air and sanitized surfaces. The new RIA Safeguard brings a new level of protection. We can’t wait to bring the purification technology that protects staff and patients at Johns Hopkins and Walter Reed to the wider world.’

You can find out more about RIA Safeguard at the virtual CES 2021.

Notes for editors:
RIA Safeguard is the ultimate portable air purification system
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