How Important is Physical Activity and Dietary Nutrition for Your Health

Leafy green vegetables is best for a healthy diet

Leafy green vegetables. dan gold/unsplash

Oranges are a good source of  vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C

Oranges are a good source of vitamins and minerals-bruna branco/unsplash

Running improves health and  reduce stress

Running improves health and reduce stress. naassom azevedo/unsplash

The obesity rate in the U.S. today is an alarmingly high rate of 42%, yet most American’s devote little time to physical activity and dietary nutrition.

It's important to get enough vitamin C from your diet to reap its health benefits”

— Keri Glassman

JAMAICA, NEW YORK, US, January 12, 2021 / — How Important is Physical Activity and Dietary Nutrition for Your Health

The obesity rate in the US   today is at an alarmingly high rate of   42%, yet most American’s devote very   little time to daily physical activity and good dietary nutrition.  Research has demonstrated that an active lifestyle consisting of daily exercise can delay   or prevent the onset of certain diseases such as diabetes, cancers and heart attacks. This should be an important concern to you, since these diseases can increase the risk of developing serious health issues. How important is physical activity and dietary nutrition for your health. A healthy diet combined with   regular exercise habits can produce extraordinary benefits, including higher energy levels, better mental health,   reduce   stress,   anxiety, depression and add   additional years plus a better overall quality of life. There   are a whole host of other benefits, including improve muscle strength, boost energy and endurance as well as increased oxygen supply to all  tissues and cardiovascular system.

What Nutrients are important

Nutrients are  vital compounds that   provides fuel and energy essential for sustaining   life, health, survival and an active lifestyle.  As you become more physically active the body requires more nutrients which results in improved health conditions. The second most important nutrient after water out of the six essential nutrients is carbohydrates,  it converts food into fuel which is energy for the body, nervous system and brain.

To keep your bones, joints and muscles healthy, you need calcium, it’s a mineral essential for  life. Calcium plays an important role in blood clotting;   it allows our muscle to contract and regulates our heart beat. There are a number of daily activities you can do, but the accumulated workout during the day adds up to healthy benefits. Nutrition is important when you exercise so that your body is able to handle stress,   with faster recovery   rate while building stamina.

By educating yourself about the biological benefits of physical fitness with balanced nutrition you can improve your health, prolong life, and boost the all-important immune system which is the first line defense against the invasion of parasites and bacteria. The advantages derived from   the gym are more than just   burning calories. It can also boost your physical appearance by burning fat, building muscles that are important to create self-confidence which inspires and motivate a happy life for you.

Obesity the silent killer

Most people do not engage in outdoor activities,   you have to make a conscious effort to be more active. Shed those extra pounds, especially around your waistline. The excess belly fat is the results of consuming too much protein from meat and sugar which the body is unable to process. This extra fat places a burden on your heart, obesity increases the risk of over 30 chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, asthma as well as respiratory conditions. Choose healthier foods, avoid or limit alcohol and red meat.  Physical activity must be something you enjoy, otherwise it doesn't keep you on your toes, and you forget to start.

Can running improve health and reduce stress

Maintaining a healthy weight requires discipline,   the willingness to change your eating habits, reduce processed foods.  Adolescents   as well as Children should indulge in daily outdoor activities for strengthening bones and   muscles.  As  fitness improves, you can do longer periods of intense cardio workout such as increasing   speed which will increase  circulation resulting in increased energy consumption because energy is needed to increase breathing, heart rate and metabolism. Regular physical activity burns additional calories to maintain a healthy physique.  A person needs a certain caloric balance to stay healthy, which in turn balances with healthy foods. Consuming foods low in fat,   high   in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins plus minerals are important. Can running improve health and reduce stress, consistent workouts in combination with a healthier diet are usually the key to losing weight. If you suffer from conditions that maybe affected by excessive physical activity such as heart disease, or if you are concerned that too much activity might make the situation worse, then its best to consult with your physician before beginning a strenuous exercise program.

In addition to maintaining a daily exercise routine, consuming the best vitamins in vegetables should become the foremost priority of your daily diet. “You are what you eat” said Anthelme  Brillat. Consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetable is essential because of the benefits they contribute to your overall health. A large percentage of Americans due to their busy and stressful lifestyle, neglect their health by eating unhealthy foods loaded with ingredients such as high levels of sugar, sodium and a high fat diet.

How critical is vitamin deficiency

This type of unhealthy diet can eventually develop serious health issues, as   you become more deficient in critical supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, folate and  B12. Vitamin B12 and folate plays an important role in the production of red blood cells, carrying oxygen from your lungs to the rest of the body, and removing carbon dioxide. Get the best vitamin C for immune health.  Humans cannot manufacture or store vitamin C. It’s  an essential nutrient for the  blood vessels, heart, and skin also wound healing. It also protects the arteries from cholesterol deposits which can lead to heart attack and strokes. The human species could not survive without vitamin C;   it’s one of the primary building blocks of collagen along with amino acids such as lysine and proline. Collagen is similar to the steel structure used to construct buildings, without collagen the skin would lose the elasticity; your arteries would become frail with cracks leading to high cholesterol and   health issues that could be detrimental to your cardiovascular system. The amazing benefits could change your life. Check out Omegapowersales vitamins and supplements, the  best place to buy supplements online.

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