7 Major Mom Trends That Will Boost Brand Sales

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Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO, Marketing to Mums

New generations, new technology and new realities change mothers purchasing behavior

Moms are continually evolving. And brands need to continually reexamine their messaging and marketing strategies.”

— Nan McCann, M2Moms® Founder & Producer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drawing on multi-year research of moms purchasing behaviors, Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO of Marketing to Mums uncovered 7 major trends impacting moms buying habits. In her latest article on M2Moms® – The Constant Conference, McCarter, a widely recognized moms marketing and research expert, writes, “There are seven specific trends that brands can harness to grow their business with today’s moms.” M2Moms® – The Constant Conference is a 24/7 online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers build better business with moms and families.

McCarter explained, “Mothers are increasingly rejecting corporate sales messages in favor of third-party endorsements. As the demands and expectations of mothers increase, so does the way they value convenience and time. Also, with moms entering business at an ever-increasing rate, we are seeing a strong trend of mothers wanting to support women in business. Plus, moms love the audio intimacy of podcasts. Notably, mothers want brands to be more inclusive of the changing family structure that exists and remove stereotyping from their advertising. Additionally, the research showed that Moms are embracing minimalism as they opt to live simpler, more meaningful lives. We are also seeing kids and dads having more of a say in purchase decisions, with a more collaborative approach being taken in modern households.”

Nan McCann, Founder & Producer of M2Moms® said,” Katrina’s series on marketing to moms and families illustrates why it is very important for marketers to keep up with today’s moms. They are continually evolving. And brands need to continually reexamine their messaging and marketing strategies. Other new M2Moms® articles include: Snippies video “Countdown to Election USA”; “Black Lives Matter at Home” ; “Covid19 Changes Moms Grocery Shopping Behavior … Probably Forever!”; “Play & Pandemic: How Brands Can Help Families Now”; Advice on avoiding the “7 Mistakes Brands Make When Marketing to Moms”; surprising research results on “Charitable Giving Across A Lifespan”; the latest news, innovations and trends on parents & families; an unmatched compendium of mom-marketing-focused data; presentations; best in business reads on Madd About Books; and to help Members work out those WFH kinks in an ongoing series of “Moves that Stretch” with Stephanie Bittner, founder of Bittner Movement.”

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