Why Email Errors Happen: Report Ties High Mistake Rates to Manual, Ad Hoc Testing

If you don't have a written pre-deployment checklist procedure, what type of emails do you test?

A key finding in the report

New report finds ties error-free confidence to team size, pre-deployment workflow

Email errors are expensive. Our model shows that errors can cost even a modest-size campaign $$ in potential lost revenue. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you test every email, every time.”

— John Thies, CEO, Email on Acid

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — London: Email campaigns are more likely to go out with errors when marketers fail to test messages before sending or rely on manual processes to detect mistakes, according to the Error Emails: The definitive report on mistakes, errors and apologies that never needed to happen, a new study from Email on Acid in partnership with Holistic Email Marketing.

The study examines how B2B and B2C marketers tackle the ongoing problem of email errors – from copy errors and wrong links or calls to action to sending to the wrong audience – and highlights opportunities where marketers can make their emails nearly error-free, such as testing every campaign email before sending and switching to an automated pre-deployment process.

Among the findings:

● Errors increase when pre-deployment testing isn’t done on every email.
● More than 50% of respondents follow a written pre-deployment checklist.
● Pre-deployment testing remains a manual process for most marketers, regardless of team size or frequency of sending.
● Frequent senders – brands that send more campaigns in a shorter amount of time – are more likely to send mistakes in emails.

Sample finding: More than half (52%) of marketers in the survey said they follow a written process in pre-deployment, such as a checklist, every time they send an email. Marketers who don't test every email are more likely to test new templates or designs (43%) or "important" emails (30%) than automated email flows (5%).

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Representatives from Email on Acid and Holistic Email will discuss the report and its findings during a webinar at 11.30am ET (4.30pm BST) on the 23rd September, 2020. Register for the webinar and download a copy of the report.

Why errors are a problem

"Email errors are expensive," Email on Acid CEO/Co-Founder John Thies says. "One of our models shows that errors can cost even a modest-size campaign $16,320 in potential lost revenue. Spending $7.30 on testing that campaign would have prevented such a costly mistake. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you test every email – every time."

“Every email you send is an important email,” Holistic Email Marketing CEO Kath Pay says. “As John says, the cost of making a mistake is not just the loss of business. It’s also the time you must spend in staff meetings to pin down the reason for the mistake and the stress of creating, testing and sending a correction email. You will push ‘Send’ more confidently when you have a solid pre-deployment process.”

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