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Swyp is a sign-in, cloud-based, visitor management system which offers great impressions to your guests.

Very easy and simple way to log the visitors check-in's , checkouts in just few steps instead of consume a lot of time with note books. Very interactive, user friendly interface.”

— John Carry

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 16, 2020 / — Have you ever had experienced having trouble keeping the visitor monitoring sheets? Had your portfolio or cabinet stuck because of too many files? Had multiple mistakes during the data entry process? If you had experienced all of these headaches, then you better change the way you are doing it. Keeping files and monitoring visitors are prone to human errors, that is why the technology industry has been doing its best to develop new ways to make things much easier than ever. Technology is another term for efficiency, without it, life would be much difficult.

Since technology has always got our backs, experts formulated a system to make it better for the receptionists and the company. Not every day is a good day for everyone. Having a promising office companion is a great choice. Devicebee did you a favor for making incredible solutions for you. Your receptionists do not need to be 100% every day, they just need swyp, a visitor management system

What is swyp?
Swyp is a sign-in, cloud-based, visitor management system which offers great impressions to your guests.

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system is a type of technology that helps decrease the use of paper logbooks and the hassle of compiling and keeping it in drawers or boxes. This type of organization tool is used in companies, restaurants, and other establishments that checks their visitors every day.

What can swyp do?

Unlike what a normal employee can do, swyp, as a visitor management system provide lots of features that are convenient and efficient. Those features are:

– Front Desk Streamlining
Swyp is designed to make your front desk even effective by utilizing simple and faster methods. Less front desk traffic, the better.

– Impressing Visitors and Branding
The first impression lasts, it is important to have your visitors an idea of what comprises your company like its core values and vision. Guests do not regularly come to you. Make them visit you often by adding swyp to your company.

– Seamless Integration
If you wish to incorporate swyp to your old management system, you do not have to worry. Swyp lets you seamlessly enroll with another system. Taking your visitor management solutions to another level creates a higher level of efficiency.

– Simplified Visitor Management
There is no need for a complicated management system. Reduce the hassle that you and your visitors/customers may experience. Switch to a simple but better companion.

– Experience Global and Local Expansion
Swyp offers multilingual support for local and foreign guests. Wherever your guest is, you can still accommodate them through this system.

– Explore Enterprise-grade Features
For better security purposes, swyp allows the use of QR codes, face recognition systems, and watch-lists.

Upgrading to something convenient is worth every dime. Swyp does not have a single function. It provides data privacy and security, health, and safety benefits too. Give your visitors a hassle-free appointment booking and rescheduling. Your company and your guests need not to worry about operating systems of your devices, swyp works on all devices, and web browsers.

Swyp is built for you. Its developers want to create a whole new world of better reception and front desk help. Pull yourselves together because swyp offers a free 14-day trial for interested clients and subscribers. Grab the chance and make your visitor management system on top. Visit and experience an upgrade to your services.

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