Triton Solar Announces Entry into the EV Car Market under the ‘TRITON’ Brand

CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY, USA, February 26, 2020 / — Triton Solar Announces Entry into the EV Car Market under the ‘TRITON’ Brand

In a landmark development, Triton Solar, a New Jersey-based cleantech power & battery company forays into the world's fast-growing EV cars market. Over the past several years, Triton Solar team has gathered experience in the field of battery technology and electric vehicle systems by understanding not just a product behaviour in the market but also the consumer behaviour in the clean energy domain. This experience will be utilised along with the company’s new strategic expansion into the field of new-age automobile. With this announcement, the company has made a global announcement of the Triton Cars Brand.

The new cars being launched under the Triton brand shall have the maximum range of 740 mi on a single charge with 1500 hp to the wheels. The unique superpower burst mode technology will deliver the best in class acceleration challenging the current market offerings. The three versions of the cars shall be sports, SUV & sedan. With this, they launch the first cut looks for the sports & the SUV versions.

“The automobile industry worldwide is undergoing a significant transformation. Clean energy and alternate power are some of the major driving trends that this industry is witnessing. We at Triton are going to bring great value to this trend. Our innovative and advanced EV Cars models will not only transform the auto segment but it will give a great boost to the consumers who wish to use new-age EV cars with a great combination of style and power,” explains Mr. Himanshu B Patel, Founder and MD of Triton Solar.

Right now, the company is proud to unleash the stylish designs and specs of the upcoming models of the cars. However, moving forward, the cars will have a manufacturing facility in the United States as well as India.

Through these stylish and Powerful Triton car models, the company is looking forward to attracting high-end consumers of luxury cars.

Triton Solar has been working aggressively in the clean energy and efficient power management market. Recently, the company has made some industry-changing products portfolio of Triton Pandora Box. Also, Himanshu B Patel has received a SMEStreet Leadership Milestones Award for his extraordinary work in the area of clean energy and efficient power management solutions. CEO Mr. Himanshu B. Patel has recently acquired significant stakes in an Indian technology startup ‘Ushva’. Ushva was founded by two IIT Bombay Alumni ‘Visat Patel & Ashutosh Kumar’ who have had significant prior experience in building EV sports cars. They were among the first team from India to build award winning formula electric race cars.
With this strong team in place and years of technology experience under Triton’s hood, the upcoming EV cars being launched under the ‘Triton’ brand will definitely be the showstoppers in the automobile industry.

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Source: EIN Presswire