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PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, November 9, 2019 / — Pickles Market:

Executive Summary

Pickling is a process to extend the lifespan of vegetables, fruits, meat or dairy products. The process involves brine for anaerobic fermentation or immersion in vinegar to preserve the desired products. In East Asian countries vegetable oil is also used along with vinegar in the process. The product is called Pickles. The pH of the pickle is less than 4.6, which helps to kill most of the bacteria and preserve the products for months. Mustard seeds, garlic, clove, and cinnamons are added to enrich the test, these natural spices and herbs have antimicrobial characteristics as well.

The global market for pickles is growing as it is very popular among people from different age groups. Pickles not only preserves the food; it also adds texture and taste to a product that attracts the consumers more. It also develops B vitamins that are good for health. Pickles can be dated back to Indus valley civilization. The process was developed to preserve food for every season and for long journeys. However, nowadays pickles are often consumed because people enjoy their taste, which is why the global market for pickles is growing rapidly.

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Pickles, however, do have some health hazards. A wrong preparation method can develop fungi in the pickles, which can have serious effect on health. Also, consuming pickles that are outdated can be harmful. Hence, it is desired that all the produces go through a strict monitoring process. Several food safety regulatory boards are ensuring that the produces are checked properly, so that, people can enjoy the taste of the pickle without being getting harmed.


The global pickles market is diverse. People enjoy different pickles involving different preparation techniques. In order to understand the market potential, the pickles market is segmented based on the product type and the application area. Fruit pickles, vegetable pickles and many other types of pickles come under the type segment. This segmentation helps in developing business models and target customers as per the growing need. Retail and food services fall under the application segment, which helps in understanding the way it can be delivered to the customer’s door. Several online retail agencies are also boosting the market growth, as it has a doorstep delivery mechanism that is becoming popular among the customers.

Regional Analysis:

The global pickles market is diverse because the market is based on people’s food preferences. Different regions have different impact on the preferences. The global market for pickle is segmented into five regions; Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Asia Pacific countries are witnessing a surge in the market as pickles are extremely popular in this region. Different pickles are tried and tested regularly, which helps in developing the industry and the portfolio. North American and European market is also growing as pickles are becoming an integral part of their diets.

Industry News:

A Texas-based company has developed an interesting combination of pickles and beer to lure its customer base. The combination has become popular and help in developing new produces.


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