Pillow Market 2019 Global Industry, Demand, Sales, Suppliers, Analysis, Forecasts 2025

This report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

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The Global Pillow market size, during the year 2019 to 2023, will grow by $ 12 billion. The Compound Annual Growth Rate is expected to be around 6.4 percent. The growing demand for cervical Pillow and the increasing sales of different types of such products online are some significant factors that are expected to propel the growth of the market. Some other factors, such as the increasing number of hotels, growing usage of adoption of memory foam-based products, etc. are greatly triggering the global market.

Talking about memory foam cushion, they offer a lot of health benefits. For example, effective spinal alignment, which is considerably boosting demand across the world. These are specifically designed for providing adequate support to the spine, head, and neck. The foam in this product reshapes itself based on the weight of the body. They are hypoallergenic and prevent different harmful bacteria from growing. It also prevents dust mites, which1 can develop various allergies. Owing to these beneficial factors, the adoption of such a product has increased.

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On the other side, the technological advancement, different gadgets, and internet-based transaction platform have made the process of buying such products a lot easier. The availability of different types of products on various online platforms offers the buyer a great level of convenience to choose the desired product based on their budget. The growing awareness about online shopping will motivate the key players to produce more products and sell them online. This will be a significant trend in this industry and will also accelerate the growth of this product market in the coming years.

The major manufacturers covered in this report :
American Textile Company
Pacific Coast
John Cotton
Paradise Pillow
Comfy Quilts
Nishikawa Sangyo

Global Market Segmentation Analysis

Talking about the segmentation of the Global Pillow Market, the entire market is segmented on the basis of product type application and region. Based on the product, it is split into cotton, down & feather, memory foam, and others. As per the information given in the new report, the memory foam segment is expected to enjoy maximum shares in terms of growth as well as revenue. These products offer a lot of health benefits as well as maximum level of comfort during sleeping. So, the demand for this is quite high. On the basis of application, it is divided into commercial and household. The commercial segment will grow at a higher CAGR.

Geographical Market Segmentation Analysis

Geographically, the World Pillow market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa. The countries which included in the market report are the United States, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Russia, UK, Germany, and more. The statistical data shows that North America recorded the highest market share in the year 2018. So, based on previous performance and the latest trend, it is forecasted that this region will again dominate the global market during the forecast period. The United States is a major market player in this region. The growing awareness of the health benefits related to memory foam will contribute to the growth.

Latest Market Updates

Hollander, a leading cushion and sleep products manufacturing company, has recently introduced some sleep products made of memory foam material. The products will soon be launched worldwide. Made from 100 percent organic material, the products naturally hyperallergic and can prevent bad odor. The supportive fill can adjust specifically to the body type and will support the body during the sleep.


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