Succulent Crystals Announces Whimsical Yoga Wear Collection for Fairies of All Sizes.

A starry background with the silhouettes of fairies flying into the moon, with the words, "The Faerie Folk Collection by Succulent Crystals."

Succulent Crystals Announces New Yoga Wear Collection for Fairies of All Sizes.

A Snow Fairy surrounded by crystals, succulents, roses, and pinecones, with the words "The Faerie Folk Collection by Succulent Crystals."

The Faerie Folk Collection by Succulent Crystals launches Nov. 1st at 12pm EST.

A dark forest and a fairy with bat wings, with the words, "coming November 1st."

The Faerie Folk Collection will be available exclusively in the Succulent Crystals Etsy shop starting November 1st.

Known worldwide for magical yoga clothes in color-drenched designs, Succulent Crystals is launching a new fairy-themed collection this winter in sizes XS-6XL.

It's a unique lifestyle. My designs aren't for everyone, but for those who resonate with the art and message behind Succulent Crystals, it means finally feeling seen, understood, and represented.”

— Leslie Athanason

OCALA, FL, USA, October 11, 2019 / — The world of modern yoga wear brims over with monochromatic yoga sets in muted shades, modeled on ultra-thin Instagram influencers in perfect ponytails. Independent artist Leslie Athanason, designer and CEO of Succulent Crystals, constantly strives to break that mold by creating outrageously bold, colorful, enchanting designs with truly inclusive sizing, inspired by the crystal-collecting, plant-parenting, wand-waving lifestyle of the modern fairy. Her upcoming Faerie Folk Collection is no different, with five brand-new fantasy-themed designs that come to life on luxuriously soft yoga leggings (XS-6XL) and sports bras (XS-2XL).

“My customers, and especially the ones wearing plus sizes, were sick and tired of searching for fun workout clothes and finding the same old thing,” Leslie says, “I wanted to offer them something different. Something that lets them express themselves and feel magical, beautiful, and worthy at every stage of their journey. Like a moving, breathing, dynamic work of art.”

Fans (AKA "Fairies") of Succulent Crystals eagerly await the Faerie Folk Collection, which launches Friday, November 1st at 12pm EST. Over the past several months, Leslie has meticulously painted the Moon Fairy, Snow Fairy, Forest Fairy, Garden Fairy, and Briar Fairy designs, then (with a wave of her wand) turned them into cozy yoga leggings and bra sets. To eliminate wasted materials and overstock, each piece is printed, precision-cut, and hand-sewn to order for each individual buyer.

The Faerie Folk Collection will be available for purchase exclusively in the Succulent Crystals Etsy shop at

Leslie Athanason began designing her richly artistic, fantasy-themed athletic wear in 2018, after noticing a problem women like her were having. “As a lifelong athlete, yoga-lover, and comfort enthusiast, I’ve worn my share of leggings. You’ve got your workout leggings, which are durable and functional, but usually pretty stiff and boring,” Leslie quips, “and then you’ve got your ‘cute’ leggings that show your personality, which are probably covered in unicorns. And in the back of the drawer are your worn-to-death leggings, which are faded and have no waistband left, that are so comfy you keep them to sleep in. I just started wondering, why can’t we have it all?” Succulent Crystals was born from the idea that a woman should be allowed to feel gorgeous, magical, and comfortable, all at the same time, at any size, whether she’s lounging on the couch or running a marathon.

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Source: EIN Presswire