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MC2 Onsite Teaching Imparts Hands-On Skills.

Knowledge is Power. MC2 Onsite Training Enables Working Smarter and Safer, Not Harder.

MC2 Training Helps Ensure Clean School Restrooms

MC2 Covers Restroom/Classroom Cleaning

MC2 Trains Custodians to Work Smarter and Safer, Not Harder

MC2 Training Elements

MC2 is pleased to offer targeted onsite training to school/university cleaning departments seeking to Work Smarter and Safer, Not Harder.

We emphasize the first five letters of ‘custodian’ and ‘customer’ are the same”

— Perry Shimanoff

SAN CARLOS, CA, USA, October 11, 2019 / — Perry Shimanoff, President, Management and Communication Consultants (MC2)―custodial trainer for CASBO (California Association of School Business Officials) and Master Trainer for CMI (Cleaning Management Institute)―is pleased to offer targeted onsite training to school/university cleaning departments seeking to Work Smarter and Safer, Not Harder.

Topics include:

1. Train the Trainer (CMI)
2. Basic Custodial Certification (CMI)
3. Blood Borne Pathogen “Best Practices” (CASBO and Others)
4. An Introduction to Cleaning
5. How to Read a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
6. Carpet Care and Spot Removal
7. More Work with Less Sweat (Smart Cleaning)
8. Floor Stripping/Refinishing
9. Restroom/Classroom Cleaning
10. Custodial Management for Principals
11. Customer Service
12. Chemistry of Cleaning

Short, Sweet, Local—and Effective

MC2 training minimizes “seat-time”, length and amount of instruction—e.g., just three or four learning objectives—to boost retention.

“We focus on short, effective training,” Shimanoff states. “We view the worker as a coffee cup, and our knowledge base from 40 years of field experience, a coffee urn. We fill—but don’t overfill—the cup.”

CMI Train the Trainer and Basic Custodial Certification (Level 1) training is condensed by 33% and delivered onsite. Most non-CMI classes are three hours in length and also provided “on location”.

Workshops are held directly at a school or local community venue, eliminating time and travel expense for attendees, while enabling them to apply lessons quickly in their facilities.

Workshops address individual learning-styles, from those who learn most by listening, reading, and watching, to those who learn best through hands-on and social interaction (e.g., the instructor asks workers to share their most challenging cleaning issue, then the group solves the problem together).

Smarter, Safer, Easier

MC2 Training integrates the needs of both custodian and customer. “We emphasize the first five letters of ‘custodian’ and ‘customer’ are the same,” Perry notes.

Custodians learn to discuss or “frame” cleaning with teachers, principals, and administrators, using the language of business; broaching cleaning’s impact on IAQ, safety, academic performance, pest control, odor control, and security, among other concerns.

Asking good questions stimulates thought and discussion:

Q: “Are you aware there are at least eight safe methods to disinfect surfaces (i.e., eradicate bacteria) without using traditional chemical disinfectants?” The answer paves the way for explaining greener, healthier methods.
Q: “Why do we clean?” Identifying the “why” of cleaning in group interaction helps eliminate processes and products that do not meet criteria, saving time and money, while protecting health.
Q: “How would you determine the pH of a product?” The answer has workers demonstrating steps to ensure a product is safe for people and surfaces by reading the SDS and using a litmus test kit.
Q: “What should always be the last step in the cleaning process?” This helps custodians understand when the job is “done”—and why.

Lastly, Shimanoff gives away at least two cleaning tools to each attendee at an event often including a litmus or pH test kit, microfiber towels, and/or a UV inspection light.

Bottom Line? Through MC2’s onsite training and workshops, cleaning becomes better, safer, and more effective at lower cost, and workers come away becoming—and importantly, feeling like—true professionals.

About Perry Shimanoff

Perry Shimanoff has four decades of experience working with educational/government facilities in maintenance and operations management. He has taught cleaning seminars to more than 16,000 school custodians nationally; designed several computer applications for maintenance management, facility scheduling, and custodial operations (e.g., SPMMS, SuperACE, FaST); and published more than 50 trade journal articles. He is also the author of seven works of fiction. He is the custodial trainer for CASBO (California Association of School Business Officials) since 1995 and one of five Master Trainers nationwide for Cleaning Management Institute (CMI).

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Source: EIN Presswire