Marketing Failures Threaten #1 Asset of U.S. Businesses

Leading consultants see “brand recognition” as increasingly both valuable and vulnerable

In our experience, marketing failures are probably the largest threat to a company’s success. Or its existence.”

— Nehemiah Douglass

RIVERSIDE, CA, USA, January 2, 2019 / — Realtor, Styrofoam, Kleenex, Coke and Google … are only a few iconic examples of brand recognition that have become so ubiquitous as to become part of our everyday language and general descriptions of professions, goods and services. On a smaller scale, essentially any business, of any size, must rely on its reputation and credibility to remain in business. Yet, advertising agencies and in-house creatives too often shoot themselves in their feet, backfiring into their revenues, with campaigns that are poorly conceived, unintentionally offensive or are simply “bone-headed.” Multiple examples of marketing failures pervade even the most recognizable of monolithic corporations.

As the economy expands into 2019, the nation’s most successful and proactive business consultants advise that the value of branding and effective marketing far exceeds that of any capital investments in equipment, physical plants, inventory or any other tangible assets. The latter can be sold, repaired or replaced. The former, not so much.

Moreover, in the 21st Century, fortunes (or livelihoods) are made and fortunes (or livelihoods) are lost due to the intangible metrics of service, quality and customer satisfaction as defined by consumer reviews, public perception and personal opinions blasted throughout the internet, social media and an instantaneous 24-hour news cycle.

Recognized expert business consultants and marketing professionals are now far more critically important, necessary, to the success or demise of an enterprise than were any operations managers, innovative technicians or executive administrators of the past. Attorneys, mechanics, retailers … ‘though talented experts in their respective fields … are not necessarily qualified to make a profit in their highly competitive marketplaces. Branding is a singular key combination of consistency – in maintaining reputation, credibility and marketing strategies. Equally important is avoiding marketing pitfalls, which is worth more than any publicity stunt, clever slogan or Super Bowl commercial.

Among the most prominent of national business consultants, Nehemiah Douglass was recently interviewed and explained: “Obviously, we address the fundamental functions of accounting, operations, administration and all the other “nuts and bolts” elements of our client companies. But branding marketing and sales are those areas of expertise that we most often find to be ignored, underdeveloped or counterproductive toward optimizing revenue and profit. In our experience, marketing failures are probably the largest threat to a company’s success. Or its existence.”

Nehemiah Douglass is a nationally recognized author, investment broker and business consultant who has been featured in Forbes, Inc. and numerous other industry publications as well as a commentator throughout the national broadcast media. Visit and converse with him directly at … or … or

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