Fucoidan, from brown seaweeds, offers an anti-HIV function and Immunoregulation by Dr. Susana Trujillo

Fucoidan- sulfated polysaccharides from brown seaweeds like Mozuku, Mekabu and Fucus – has been shown to inhibit human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.

Fucoidan directly affects the secretion of extracellular matrix proteins, influences the proliferation of cells, can activate apoptosis and support the immune function.”

— Dr. Susana Trujillo

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is shown that the sulfated polysaccharides in Fucoidan inhibit infection of both CD4+ and CD4- cell lines by HIV and that they inhibit HTLV-1 and, to a lesser extent, the simian retrovirus, MPMV, which use receptors other than CD4.2 In contrast to semisynthetic sulfated polysaccharides, natural brown seaweed polysaccharides (Fucoidan) do not show any visible anticoagulant activity at therapeutically administrable doses. 1 Advantages of the brown seaweed polysaccharides are their natural extraction process, wide spectrum of antiviral activity, absence of cytotoxic effects, no side effects during long-term use, and good absorbbability.3,4

The Immune System

The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. The immune system is made up of:

• Physical barriers: such as intact skin and mucous membranes.
• Chemical barriers: such as stomach acid and antibacterial substances in body fluids.
• Organs and cells: such as tonsils lymph glands and a variety of white blood cells.

How AIDS develops

In the presence of HIV, the immune system is slowly disrupted. HIV kills cells in the lymph nodes (small glands filled with immune cells that trap foreign organisms) and in other sites. This affects the balance of the immune system.5 Then, the virus levels in the blood and the lymph nodes increase because the immune system cannot keep up with the amount of virus constantly produced.6,7

HIV continually changes itself, avoiding attack by the antibodies and immune cells that normally control infections. Each generation of viruses is slightly different. This constant evolution helps HIV keep one step ahead of the immune system. Immune cells can only look for viruses that resemble the previous generation of HIV, so the virus constantly ‘escapes’ the immune system.7

CD4 T-cells gradually decline in number. This is because they are killed by HIV and because they are over-activated, and this leads to an increase in T-cell death.5,6 HIV destroys memory CD4 T-cells that have been primed to rapidly respond to infections. Therefore, infections such as Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) and Candida (thrush) develop when the CD4 cell count falls.7

HIV and the Immune System Response

Following the above, the presence of high levels of HIV in the body stimulates the immune system and huge numbers of HIV-specific CD4 T-cells are produced to contain the virus. However, these activated CD4 T-cells are also prime targets for the virus and can be rapidly infected and destroyed, leaving the body with weakened anti-HIV immune responses.8,9

Long-term non-progressors tend to maintain high levels of HIV-specific CD4 T-cells and CD8 T-cells that effectively control HIV replication and keep viral loads low.10,11 Stronger HIV-specific CD8 T-cell responses are significantly associated with greater viral load decline during primary infection.12,13 CD8 T-cells act against HIV in primary infection by killing HIV-infected cells and secreting chemokines.14,15

Fucoidan’s anti-HIV function

Fucoidan can protect healthy cells from becoming infected with the HIV/AIDS virus – in turn, Fucoidan can keep the virus from infecting those who have not contracted it.

Isolated Fucoidans from several brown seaweeds, for example, Undaria pinnatifida (Mekabu), Cladosiphon okamuranus (Mozuku) and Fucus vesiculosus (Fucus) exhibited potential antiviral effects against HSV-1 and HSV-2 deprived of cytotoxicity for Vero cell cultures. Elizondo-Gonzalez and colleagues reported that the isolated Fucoidan from Cladosiphon okamuranus (Mozuku) showed potent antiviral activity against Newcastle disease virus in the Vero cell line at the initial stages of infection. The viral formation declined by exposure of Fucoidan prior to cleavage of the fusion protein, which led to attachment of Fucoidan to the F0 protein. This finding was important to reassure that Fucoidan has anti-viral activities. Consequently, Fucoidan exhibited a better antiviral potency than ribavirin.17 Moen and Clark, 1993, studied isolated Fucoidan from F. vesiculosus, which showed its potential to suppress HIV RT in vitro.

Other studies showed that respective activities are not because of dispatching of target cells. Indeed, Fucoidan induced no adverse effects on protein metabolism and cell generation.16 HIV-1 infection of target cells is protected after preincubation with Fucoidan. Moreover, Fucoidan can effectively augment immune system health by activating immunoreactions of the cellular and humoral types and by increasing macrophage phagocytosis. In conclusion, Fucoidan directly affects the secretion of extracellular matrix proteins, influences the proliferation of cells, and can activate apoptosis.17 Scientists also examined Fucoidan for its anti-HIV-1 abilities, given its potent anti-herpetic properties. This anti-HIV-1 activity was not a result of Fucoidan working as a viricidal, but rather as a direct consequence of its ability to inhibit the early events of viral replication with Fucoidan. Moreover, Fucoidan can effectively augment immune system health by activating immunoreactions of the cellular and humoral types and by increasing macrophage phagocytosis.18 In conclusion, Fucoidan directly affects the secretion of extracellular matrix proteins, influences the proliferation of cells, can activate apoptosis and support the immune function.18


1. Damonte E.B., Matulewicz M.C., Cerezo A.S. Sulfated seaweed polysaccharides as antiviral agents. Curr. Med. Chem. 2004;11:2399–2419. doi: 10.2174/0929867043364504. [PubMed]
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7. Goujard C et al. CD4 cell count and HIV DNA level are independent predictors of disease progression after primary HIV Type 1 infection in untreated patients. Clin Inf

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Fucoidan’s Ability to Prevent the Flu and Its Ability to Inhibit the Influenza A Virus by Dr. Susana Trujillo

The immune system is actively finding ways to prevent viruses, bacteria and infected cells from affecting our health.

Besides the ability of Fucoidan (Mekabu, Mozuku and Fucus) to enhance the immune system naturally, they are also able to produce higher antibody titers against all three strains of influenza. ”

— Dr. Susana Trujillo

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — When our immune system is weak, some viruses can "hide" inside certain cells in our bodies and avoid being totally removed by the immune system. Some viruses can do this for a long time.

The best flu prevention strategy is basic — good nutrition (including taking natural health supplements), regular exercise, and enough sleep. You can also wash hands frequently and avoid people who have the flu. Still, it's hard to prevent contact with microorganisms (germs). Therefore, the best way to prevent the flu and other diseases is by keeping yourself healthy.

Flu is an infectious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.1 Some of the symptoms caused by Influenza (a viral infection) are fever, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, and cough that lasts a week or more.1 People commonly use the term "flu" to define any kind of respiratory or gastrointestinal illness, such as colds or diarrhea and vomiting that resemble “influenza-like-illness” (ILI) symptoms. However, influenza usually associated with more severe illness and lasts longer than the common cold and, normally, influenza does not cause vomiting or diarrhea in adults.2

Because influenza viruses are constantly mutating and there are different strains and subtypes that are prevalent among human populations from year to year, outbreaks and epidemics occur in certain geographical areas or countries. Occasionally, an influenza strain will emerge to cause an influenza pandemic that spreads globally and is usually associated with more severe disease and increased mortality.6

Most people recover from influenza without any complications and develop immunity to future infection with the same strain or a related influenza strain that may prevent illness symptoms or make illness less severe.10 However, there is an increased risk for serious complications and death for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems or who are suffering from diabetes, kidney dysfunction, heart disease, and other chronic health issues.8

The single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to adapt good health habits like covering your cough and washing your hands often can help stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses like the flu.9 There also are natural health supplements like Fucoidan with antiviral properties that can be used to treat and prevent the flu. The different types of Fucoidan (Mozuku, Mekabu and Fucus) offer the nutrients you can take to protect yourself and others from flu and help stop the spread of germs.

In relationship to the nutritional health supplements that can help you prevent the flu, one of the most studied brown seaweeds is Mekabu, which contains Fucoidan a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from the sporophylls of the edible seaweed (U. pinnatifida)11 and long used as a traditional food in Japan, has attracted attention as an agent that enhances immune function because various types of Fucoidan reportedly have physiological activities such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-angiogenic, anticoagulant, and antitumor effects.12 For virus infection in mice, oral administration of Mekabu Fucoidan increased neutralizing antibody production in the mucosa and blood and inhibited viral growth. At the same time, Mekabu Fucoidan also demonstrated to enhance immune function through mechanisms involving natural killer (NK) cell activation and increased production of IFN-γ and IL-12 in animal studies.11 The WHO announced a new influenza pandemic on 11 June 2009.13 Three influenza pandemics (Spanish, Asian, and Hong Kong) in the 20th century, and more recently the extremely pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) with high lethality reported in Hong Kong in 1997, indicate that humans have long been facing influenza threats. The emergence of new influenza viruses and human epidemics is now recognized as a serious global health problem.13

One study from the Mukogawa Women’s University in Japan reported that their study “showed a possible adjunctive role of Mekabu Fucoidan in antibody production in the elderly, although further studies on the underlying immunomodulatory mechanisms are needed.”14

Recent studies focused on antiviral compounds obtained from natural resources. Many extracts from brown seaweeds have been isolated and tested for pharmacological purposes, and their antiviral activity has been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide present in the cell wall matrix of brown algae that has been demonstrated to inhibit certain enveloped viruses with low toxicity. One important study evaluated the potential antiviral activity and the mechanism of action of fucoidan from Cladosiphon okamuranus against Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV0 in the Vero cell line.

In conclusion, besides the ability of Fucoidan (Mekabu, Mozuku and Fucus) to enhance the immune system naturally, they are also able to produce higher antibody titers against all three strains of influenza. The immune system is compromised in people with a weak immunity, still there are healthy habits like taking Fucoidan on a daily basis that can be adapted to be healthier and to avoid getting sick too often.

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The Positive Effects of Fucoidan from Mekabu, Mozuku and Fucus in Reducing Osteoarthritis Symptoms by Dr Susana Trujillo

Osteoarthritis is the most predominant form of arthritis.1 At the same time, osteoarthritis is one of the most common chronic health conditions among adults.

Supplementation with fucoidan decreased the leptin and IL-1β levels. These studies suggest that the oral administration of Fucoidan may improve meniscal/ligamentous injury-induced osteoarthritis. ”

— Dr. Susana Trujillo

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Osteoarthritis has an inflammatory element affecting the synovium (the soft tissue that lines the spaces of diarthrodial joints, tendon sheaths, and bursae) and cartilage, which leads to subchondral bone tissue breakdown, resulting in pain, stiffness, and joint failure.2 Several studies have suggested that osteoarthritis joint degeneration occurs from a combination of mechanical stresses and biochemical factors.3 Chondrocytes as well as synovial cells, in an elevated osteoarthritis condition, express inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin (IL)-1β and the tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α. As a result, there is an increase in the matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs) and some pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-8, IL-6, prostaglandin E2, and nitric oxide.3

Osteoarthritis models can be classified into primary (spontaneous) and secondary (post-traumatic OA, including induced models) osteoarthritis.4 At the same time, obesity has long been recognized as a potential risk factor for osteoarthritis, especially in the knees. By increasing the mechanical forces across weight-bearing joints, obesity or the excess of body weight may lead to cartilage degeneration. Other causes such as inflammation and lipid metabolism disorder in obesity are also associated with osteoarthritis. Recent studies reported that inflammatory cytokines such as leptin, adiponectin, and IL-1β are involved in obesity-associated in osteoarthritis.2,4

Various approaches used to treat osteoarthritis include non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatments. Pharmacological treatments include analgesics or anti-inflammatory agents such as acetaminophen, cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 inhibitors, glucosamine/chondroitin sulfates, non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and intra-articular (IA) corticosteroids. Still, these treatments have side effects, for example, NSAIDs are correlated with an increased risk of cardiovascular (CV), severe gastrointestinal (GI), and renal injuries. Based on the diverse and various side effects, various studies have focused on functional foods for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis, which may result in the promotion of cartilage health and safety, even after long-term use.1,3

A very interesting and helpful functional food is known as Fucoidan. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide that contains L-fucose and sulfate groups and found in various species of brown seaweed such as Cladosipohon okamuranus (Mozuku), Undaria pinnatifida (Mekabu) and Fucus vesiculosus (Fucus). Because of their pharmacological properties such as the antioxidant,9 anti-tumor,9 anti-inflammation,10 anti-diabetic,10 and anti-obesity properties,7 Fucoidan has gained significant attraction. Recent studies indicated that Fucoidan has the potential to suppress inflammation in collagen-induced osteoarthritis. Furthermore, Fucoidan is potent as a therapeutic agent that provides hypolipidemic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fucoidan obtained from brown seaweeds shows promise in taking on aspects of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.6 In another study, a team of researchers looked at the effect of Fucoidan on markers of rheumatoid arthritis in laboratory conditions and published their findings in Inflammation. Their findings concluded that: “Fucoidan may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.”7 Additionally, a third study looked at the effects of fucoidan on symptoms and inflammatory cytokine activation in 40 rats with osteoarthritis. The scientists found “that administration of fucoidan prevents the progression of osteoarthritis” in the rats. These results were published in The Journal of Medicinal Food.6

Fucoidan extracted from Mekabu, Mozuku and Fucus showed anti-inflammatory effects on osteoarthritis induced inflammation. The hypolipidemic properties worked against fat accumulation and protected the joint and cartilage on osteoarthritis induced male rats. In addition, supplementation with fucoidan decreased the leptin and IL-1β levels. These studies suggest that the oral administration of Fucoidan may improve the obesity and meniscal/ligamentous injury-induced osteoarthritis. At the same time, Fucoidan also can enhance the immune system and to improve the Quality of Life in people with osteoarthritis.

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Dr. Susana Trujillo
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Reuben’s Brews Announces 2019 Beer Release Calendar

SEATTLE, WA, USA, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Right on the heels of opening its new brewing facility, Seattle’s Reuben’s Brews unveils its 2019 Beer Release Calendar. The family-owned brewery plans to continue its extensive small batch and taproom-exclusive releases, while also canning and distributing everyday favorite brews.

The upcoming year’s release calendar includes favorites like Crikey IPA, Gose, and the return of Bits and Bobs along with innovative highlights like:

– New Year-Round Beer – Hazealicious: A perfectly balanced hazy IPA with just the right amount of juicy flavor, offset by a soft bitterness. Available in six-packs and on draft all year long!

– New Sour Series: A diverse lineup of light and refreshing fruited seasonal sours. 2019 kicks off with Tart Cherry Weisse (Jan – Mar); the brewery’s traditional Gose (Apr – Aug); Razzmatazz, a Raspberry Berliner Weisse-style ale (Sept – Oct); and Holiday Gose, a refreshing cranberry-orange Gose for the winter (Nov – Dec).

– New Small Batch Series: This popular – and prolific – series features no less than 12 beers in 2019, a new beer every month. The wide range of styles and flavors is augmented even further in 2019 with the addition of new brews Auspicious Sons, Extant IPA, Limoncello, and Day of the Dead Dark Lager. This series will alternate month by month with 22-ounce bottles and four 16-ounce can packages.

In addition to the published 2019 calendar, an overview of planned styles for the popular experimental Crush series, growing sour program, and Barrel-Aged beers will be published later this year.

You can view the calendar here: http://www.reubensbrews.com/blog/2019calendar


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INDIGENOUS Announces Spring 2019 Line “Art in Nature” Collection

Organic Cotton Leaf Cardigan | Indigenous

Organic Cotton Leaf Cardigan

Handmade Organic Cotton Poncho and Tank | Indigenous

Organic Cotton Handwoven Poncho and Crochet Tank

Each style tells the story of sustainable fashion—creating a wardrobe with meaning, and awareness through design.

At some point the earth's beauty becomes enough.”

— Toni Morrison

SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — California-based INDIGENOUS, a 25-year Impact Fashion pioneer, announces the retail debut of the ART IN NATURE COLLECTION, a line not only inspired by the natural world, but kind to it as well: 100% organic, non-toxic, and sustainable. Handcrafted in Peru, the spring line is part of the brand’s culture of caring—lifting the lives of artisans, their families, and communities while investing in a supply chain that goes beyond fair trade to make the biggest impact possible.

Fresh and forward, the spring line offers everyday modern wardrobe staples like soft organic Pima cotton tops and leggings, as well as intricate knits and textural wovens. These styles layer together with sophistication and make timeless dressing simple and sustainable.

• Draping fabrics and fluttering asymmetrical hemlines evoke coursing streams and waterfalls.

• Intricate artisan knits, for which the ethical fashion company is well-known, draw upon the natural symmetry of plant life. Mirroring the natural world, designs include leaf-inspired details and textures reminiscent of ancient tree bark, dappled sunlight, and river stones.

Each style is all-natural, crafted from organic Pima cotton, and soft, eco-friendly Tencel. New fabrics, like hand-wovens, and lightweight organic cotton crepe, make their debut this season. Designer Britta Reynolds grounded the line in a timeless palette of neutrals complemented by rich colors of verdant moss green—the color of hope and life—deep watery blues, peaceful lavenders, and vibrant papaya orange.

As an all-natural clothing brand, the earth is always at the heart of INDIGENOUS, but never before has the line so readily drawn upon the planet as its muse. Each style tells the story of sustainable fashion, creating a wardrobe with meaning, and awareness through design.

California-based INDIGENOUS is a 20-year pioneer of Impact Fashion. The company leads sustainable and ethical product sourcing, and industry-wide initiatives designed to impact the way fashion is created, valued, and worn. Employing over 1,000 artisans and offered in 700+ stores nationwide, the brand has grown organically since 1994. Founders Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds set out to change a broken industry model by cultivating a culture of caring, and have set industry standards in Fair Trade and organic, healthier products. Privately-held, the company is a founding member of B Corporation, the Sustainable Working Group, Social Labor Convergence, and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Read more at INDIGENOUS.com and follow us on Twitter (@indigenousDesigns), Facebook (Indigenous) and Instagram (IndigenousDesigns).

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Introducing ENDVR.io: A Better Way to Boost Your Brand at the Frontline

ENDVR.io is an iOS app that empowers brands to offer cash incentives to frontline retail employees who provide in-store insights and become micro-influencers.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, January 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Introducing ENDVR.io: A Better Way to Boost Your Brand at the Frontline

With ENDVR Brands Can:

Collect valuable in-store insights on-demand
Turn retail employees into micro-influencers on social media
Increase sales through contests and reward programs
Maintain a direct and on-going connection with in-store staff

With ENDVR Retail Staff Can:

Earn extra money
Share valuable insights from the frontline with brands
Gain access to exclusive contests from brand partners
Get pro-deals on great products

ENDVR.io is excited to introduce a new, easy-to-use app that lets brands offer cash incentives to retail employees who provide in-store insights and promote the brand online.

Made to address a growing need in the market, ENDVR creates positive, fruitful interactions between sales associates and brands. As co-founder, Steve Gendron, explains, “Having worked with brands for over 15 years, I know that they are always looking for ways to connect and engage with frontline staff. Brands want to know what sales associates are seeing and hearing on the store floor. That’s the kind of data that help brands improve their products and innovate their marketing. And that’s what ENDVR empowers brands to do, which is why it’s such a useful tool.”

With ENDVR brands can send out simple “missions” to frontline workers who, in turn, provide the brand with information from the store-floor for cash rewards and/or product discounts.

By “gamifying” data collection through the ENDVR survey function, brands are able to gather the all-important in-store intel that only frontline employees can provide. That means access to on-demand insights from retail staff in real-time. It’s an invaluable tool to help keep brands’ marketing and sales teams connected and in-tune with customers where it counts most—in the store.

But getting valuable data is only half of the app’s value. ENDVR also gives brands the opportunity to harness the power of retail associates’ online presence.

Sales staff love great products and are inclined toward certain brand loyalty. They want to promote the products and brands they enjoy and appreciate online. By using the ENDVR app, brands can send out “marketing missions” to retail staff, already eager to share a brand story online and drive traffic to their store.

Through these missions, retail staff can become micro-influencers and get extra cash to promote the products and brands they love. And brands get authentic online exposure to a broader set of potential customers, with minimal cost and effort.

For retail staff and brands, it’s a win-win situation!

During ENDVR’s exclusive launch, there are no upfront professional fees or monthly platform access charges for strategic brand partners. And for retail staff, it’s always free – they simply download the app, find the brand missions that suit them best, and start earning.

ENDVR is a simple, direct and effective way to connect to the frontline and help your brand grow.

To learn more about how ENDVR can help your brand reach the frontline in-store, contact one of our launch specialists at hello@endvr.io.

Media Contact Names: Steve Gendron & Jaffray Hill (co-founders)
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2019 Bend Brewfest Sets Dates, Accepts Brewery Participant Applications

Annual Bend, Oregon beer festival scheduled for August 15-17; applications for brewery participation open on February 1

Every year, we are honored by the number of fantastic breweries from around our region – and beyond – that are interested in participating in Bend Brewfest”

— Marney Smith

BEND, OR, USA, January 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Les Schwab Amphitheater is getting ready to host the much-anticipated annual Bend Brewfest, slated for August 15-17, 2019. The popular outdoor venue in Bend, Oregon’s Old Mill District will be filled with a resounding number of “cheers!” as 70+ breweries share their unique creations with upwards of 40,000 patrons. The brewery application process begins on February 1 and closes on February 22; breweries that are interested in participating in the event should visit the Bend Brewfest website where they can find an application to submit for consideration.

“Every year, we are honored by the number of fantastic breweries from around our region – and beyond – that are interested in participating in Bend Brewfest,” said Marney Smith, director of the festival. “While we wish we could accommodate them all, our final lineup will hold 70 to 75 breweries. We will be announcing the participants in early March, so stay tuned.”

Last year’s event served up over 200 craft beverages, raising more than $15,000 for charity. The money was divided equally among four local nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their respective missions:

Bend Fire Department’s Community Assistance Program – identify crisis within our community and provide timely solutions with purpose and compassion.

Deschutes River Conservancy – to restore streamflow and improve water quality in the Deschutes Basin.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon – to provide mentoring programs for area youth.

NeighborImpact – to help families access skills for success, family services, financial assistance, food, housing, heat and energy assistance.

Founded in 2002, the Bend Brewfest has raised more than $80,000 dollars for charity since its inception. Each year festival visitors can taste both incredibly rare and popular beers from nano-breweries to some of the most highly recognized craft breweries in the region, in addition to hand-crafted ciders and wine. Bend Brewfest has become known as an event where brewers showcase their specialty, hard-to-find brews on the festival’s X-Taps, and 2019 promises more of the same rare beers not available in stores or restaurants.

For more information, visit www.bendbrewfest.com.

About the Les Schwab Amphitheater
The Les Schwab Amphitheater is Central Oregon premier music venue, providing a beautiful outdoor riverfront space for concerts, festivals, sporting events and more. Opened in the historic Old Mill District in 2002, the Amphitheater was named in honor of a remarkable Central Oregonian, Leslie Schwab. The venue accommodates approximately 8,000 patrons for some of the biggest names in entertainment, the Bend Brewfest in August and other community events. www.bendconcerts.com

About the Old Mill District
One of the Pacific Northwest’s most distinctive and dynamic mixed-use developments, the Old Mill District is located on 270 acres that formerly housed one of the largest sawmill operations in the world. The rich history of the land is coupled with spectacular mountain views, scenic river vistas and an extensive trail system to enjoy the outdoors. More than 55 local, regional and national retailers and businesses call the Old Mill District home. The Old Mill District – Bend’s most unique shopping, dining, living, and entertainment experience. www.theoldmill.com


Media Contact:

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Heavy Hitters Announces Six Lucky Hires for the Best Weed Job on the Block

New Brand Ambassadors – The Originals – Get Paid to Smoke Cannabis and Travel

MAMMOTH , CALIFORNIA, USA, January 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Heavy Hitters, the original THC vape cartridge from Southern California, announced today its newly hired team of The Originals – Heavy Hitters’ own brand ambassadors. Announced last fall and receiving media coverage from the likes of INSIDER, Thrillist and Now This, the campaign sought to find unique passionate cannabis enthusiasts who embody what it means to be an original. The lucky six will get paid to travel to cool music and lifestyle events, actively showcasing the brand through their passions and skills and, of course, smoke weed. The squad was selected from across the country in a contest to find the most passionate Heavy Hitters fans, who also happen to be avid social media buffs. Each applied online with their video resumes, and were hired to jump in and start sharing their love of the Heavy Hitters brand starting today.

The pay? $1200 per month, plus $500 in Heavy Hitters product credit. The perks? Attending some of California’s hottest festivals and events, all while spreading the love of Heavy Hitters and enjoying the tasty vape brand with friends, old and new.

Here’s a look at the new crew of The Originals. Full bios available here. An array of photos available here.

• DJ Wu from Riverside, is a DJ and music producer. @real_djwu and on Soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/real_djwu

• Sarina, who hails from San Francisco, is a visual artist. Sarina @_sarinaca and Your Highness on YouTube

• BG Sandino from LA is the founder of Kush Tube and considers himself a cannabis connoisseur who loves making music. @bgsandino and Kush Tube

• MsKottonmouf (Yaya) from LA co-owns a cannabis streetwear brand called Kottonmouf Clothing. This brand is all about marijuana and you're going to definitely
KNOW THAT when you see the designs. @mskottonmouf16 and designs at www.kottonmoufclothing.com/

• TiigerLily from Joshua Tree says cannabis is a great way for her to enhance her flow arts and wire wrap jewelry-making. @tiig3rlily and @wireweavedreams

• Coco Hoyne, from Chicago but now living in LA, works for S Factor, a pole dance studio and does tarot card reading @coco.neoamerickana

About Heavy Hitters
The original high-potency vape cartridge, from Southern California, Heavy Hitters boasts True Ceramic cartridges with cold-filtered distillate for the best vaping experience available. Smokers love Heavy Hitters for its best-tasting oil and most enjoyable high. Heavy Hitters' signature cold-filtering purifies the oil beyond standard distillation, resulting in a consistent ultra-potent cannabis oil, and a better experience for you. True Ceramic cartridges yield none of the harmful wick components of standard cartridges, instead relying on high-quality ceramic throughout the heating element to ensure no harmful byproducts, and an even dose. Bearing the Clean Cannabis Guarantee seal, Heavy Hitters proudly meets or exceeds all California standards for cannabis excellence and safety.

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Introducing Alie: An AI-Powered Smart Recommender System for Website & Application

alie ai powered recommendation system

Alie – AI Driven Recommendation Engine

Accurate analysis of user data and recommendation of personalized content made easy with Alie, the AI-powered recommender tool.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York-based OTT platform provider Muvi, today launched Alie, an AI-powered smart recommender system designed to recommend customized recommendations to its users based on their individual tastes. It may be noted here that Alie is the first AI product from Muvi which has built its niche in the streaming industry for its highly customizable end-to-end video & audio streaming platform.

Alie is an AI-driven Recommendation Engine for any online business, blogging platform, and websites. Alie deploys machine learning and deep learning algorithms to capture and analyze individual user data and recommend personalized content in real-time with impeccable accuracy. Alie edges out its contemporaries because of its predictive ability to generate meaningful, yet non-obvious recommendations to visitors thereby providing them with a customized browsing environment.

Ipsita Nayak, Product Manager, Alie, quotes, “We wanted to build a recommender service for a while but did not want to fall into the category of the existing ones. Alie is the brainchild of a handful of data scientists from Muvi who have been studying the content consumption behavior and browsing pattern of end users for years. The acutely researched and rigorously rehearsed version has just been introduced to the market. Alie’s expertise in areas like machine learning, data mining and predictive modeling are expected to help website and app owners immensely.”

Alie is currently priced at $99 per month and it’s touted to be the most affordable and scalable recommender service available in a rather fragmented market. Assuring faster data integration, Alie just needs store owners to configure the API endpoints of their data source and they are all set. Take a look at the features of Alie.

“Alie is the solution to online store owners’ longstanding product discovering issues. Be it a content website or an e-commerce store, Alie fits them all and marks off all desired categories. The real-time recommendation by Alie single-handedly addresses issues such as lesser user engagement and minimal conversion rate. With real-time updating and learning, Alie hits the bull’s eye when it comes to accuracy and efficiency of the recommendation it makes. Available for a 14-day Free Trial and $99 per month afterward, Alie is here to prove that quality comes with affordability too”, says Jyoti Nayak, Senior Marketing Manager, Alie.

About Alie:

Alie is Muvi’s first AI product. Built on a state-of-the-art architecture, neat design and coupled with features such as easy integration, advanced algorithms, and real-time recommendation, Alie captures and analyzes user data to make accurate product/content recommendation as per individual user’s taste and preference. Best suited for OTT services, e-commerce sites, and content portals, Alie is known for hassle-free integration and commits to 100% Transparent data usage.

To learn more about Alie and its use cases, please visit https://www.muvi.com/alie/

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Styched.in Launches the Save Government School Merchandise

Styched.in, a fast fashion ecommerce portal, launched the Save Government School Movement merchandise, with T-Shirts advocating the movement.

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, January 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Production-on-demand based youth fashion startup, Styched, launches ‘Save Government School Movement’ merchandise. The #SaveGovtSchools movement is a statewide campaign in Karnataka that kick-started in July, demanding a comprehensive state education policy to ensure free and quality education for all. It aims to achieve this across all the state-run government schools. The campaign is headed by Anil Shetty, President of the Nav Bharat Democratic Party.

Styched.in has been given the mandate of selling the merchandise online and using the proceeds from the T-Shirt sale towards helping the campaign and the Government Schools provide better education to all children. Popular film actress Pranitha Subhash will be launching this T-Shirt line at a formal event during the first week of February.

Speaking about this movement, Saswata, one of the angel investors at Styched said, "We are hopeful that these T-Shirts will help spread word of this extremely important movement in Karnataka. The future of the country heavily depends on quality education and infrastructure provided at schools, and this campaign takes one major step towards providing better facility to all Government run schools. We are all the more excited since Styched as a brand believes in the Make in India motto and there was a clear synergy between the two."

Styched.in, promoted by Sensedynamic Fashions, is a fast fashion brand targeting the youth. Founded by health enthusiast Sony Joseph, the company is based out of Bangalore and is a pure play ecommerce brand. Styched is funded by a group of friends and alumni of IIT Kharagpur, namely, Durga Dash, who heads seller marketing at Amazon India, Saswata Banerjee, who is a tech entrepreneur and ex-Justdial, and Soumajit Bhowmik, who is the ex-Head of Marketing at Jabong and the current Director of Ecommerce at Capillary Technologies. The brand aims to become the go-to brand for the youth and millennials for fast fashion – high quality apparel at lowest prices. The company is gearing up for some major alliances across various sports formats and movies to be the official fan tee provider in India.

"Fashion ecommerce penetration in India is still quite less and there is significant market left open for new brands, especially low-cost youth brands. With Styched, we aim to capture a considerable market share for this vertical in the next 2 years" said Soumajit who was recently awarded as the most influential ecommerce professional in the country.

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