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CSA Balloons, a leading North American custom printer, has revealed the top three upcoming custom balloon trends for the new year.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, December 26, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ —

1. GIANT Custom Balloons

Whether it is for a business event or a personal one, giant custom balloons are certainly going to be trending more so than ever in 2019.

For business events such as trade fairs, these mega-sized promotional tools are great to help you stick out from the crowd of other business gathered there. They give a feeling of fun and energy to your enterprise. Not to mention, they look amazing on your business’s social media page.

For personal events, giant personalized balloons elevate the mood and spread positivity. For gender reveal and name reveal parties, releasing a giant balloon out of a box in either pink or blue with the name of the baby on it is a popular trend. For weddings, large heart-shaped balloons with the name of the bride and the groom also are a tasteful and romantic accessory. For a birthday or graduation, giant balloons with your name on them are perfect for any photograph!

2. Custom Balloon GARLANDS

Be it a corporate launch or an engagement party, a vibrant custom balloon garland ties everything together, making it sure to trend in the new year.

At a business event, balloon garlands customized with your company’s unique branding and logo are a perfect way to create an important and professional experience for your guests. It shows the hard work your company has put in to the event to make it memorable and beneficial for all involved.

At a personal event, balloon garlands made to your own liking are perfect to bring to life an occasion, and create a lovely event for all of your guests. Be it a wedding, a graduation or a birthday, balloon garlands are unique and out-of-the-ordinary, ideal for all purposes.

3. Custom Balloon CEILINGS

Wow! An original and thoughtful idea to make sure that your event is remembered by your guests and yourself as being important and special … custom balloon ceilings. Who wouldn’t want to use these in 2019?

Companies can benefit from the distinct nature of custom balloon ceilings at conferences and business launches. Often, the people who attend these attend numerous throughout the course of the year. Having such an amazing marketing item used to represent your brand during such an event is a huge advantage to making sure that your business is remembered positively. Who better to take care of this responsibility for you than a qualified custom printer?

Everyone wants their party styled with a gorgeous personalized balloon ceiling. Impressing and wowing your guests is easy to do with these items. Fun and notable, they come in all kinds of different types from CSA Balloons.

Easy to Achieve with CSA Balloons

These three trends are certainly going to be in high demand come the new year. When it is time for you or your company to benefit from custom balloons, calling a professional custom printer with dedicated staff such as CSA Balloons is the way to go.

Make sure that your event is just as exceptional as you imagined it to be, with CSA Balloons and these stunning new balloon trends.

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