Breakthrough in charcoal lighting replaces the need for lighter fluid with no chemical odors.

We are driving to eliminate the use of lighter fluid. It is dangerous to have around the house or transport to the beach, park or campground.”

— Bill Mince, CEO

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2018 / — EZ Flame BBQ, Inc. has introduced the patented EZStart® Charcoal Chimney, a new eco-friendly method for igniting charcoal. The mission of EZ Flame is to keep the art of grilling with charcoal alive by providing a safer and easier process for igniting charcoal. The EZStart® is easier and safer to use than current chimneys while eliminating odors, chemicals, and the unsafe need to lift and pour out hot coals.

What makes this different is the EcoStart® disk, which is made from recycled pulp paper and is inserted into the chimney instead of newspaper. It is fully consumed as the charcoal lights and it eliminates newspaper ashes from flying around. Simply load your charcoal, light the EcoStart® disk, wait 10-12 minutes for the charcoal to be ignited, and then lift the chimney and the hot coals easily slide out the bottom. You’ll be ready to barbecue in no time.

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Why is EZ Flame better than current charcoal chimneys?

Source: EIN Presswire