Infinite Beauty reveals trio of tips for glowing skin this fall

Infinite Beauty

Infinite Beauty

A regular skincare routine is key to achieving beautiful skin, but it doesn't stop there.

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2018 / — It's generally well acknowledged that with a great skincare regime comes great skin. According to Infinite Beauty, however, there are several areas which are all too often overlooked, even by skincare addicts. Here, the brand reveals a trio of tips designed to help maintain a beautiful complexion year-round.

For starters, and something which is regularly overlooked according to the brand, Infinite Beauty points toward regularly cleaning pillowcases. According to Infinite Beauty, this is something which many people all too readily discount in their pursuit of perfect skin.

Even washing pillowcases regularly, along with other bed linen, may not be frequent enough. In fact, pillowcases, says Infinite Beauty, very quickly become covered in bacteria and sebum from the scalp, and residue from any oily or creamy hair products, much more so than other linen.

The brand suggests making it a habit to wash pillowcases on the regular and says sleeping with clean pillowcases can massively reduce breakouts and many other common skin complaints.

Secondly, Infinite Beauty advises throwing out any old makeup, highlighting that most products have an expiration date once opened. Most beauty fans will have been guilty of hoarding old mascara, lipstick, or eyeshadow palettes, but using these out of date products can be detrimental both to skin and overall health according to the brand.

Infinite Beauty advises that liquid and gel eyeliners have a shelf life of around six months. Pencil liners can be held on to for about a year. Mascara meanwhile is good for three to six months, with powders typically lasting one year or more, as long as they remain looking and smelling good.

Of liquid foundation, the company says that if it's in a pot, it's good for no longer than six months. If it's in a pump bottle, however, it may be used for up to two years. Lastly, lipstick should also last up to two years, but it should be tossed if there are noticeable changes in texture, smell, or color, according to Infinite Beauty.

Third of the brand's trio of tips revolves around sunscreen. Surprisingly, Infinite Beauty suggests that even skincare addicts often overlook this most vital of complexion-maintaining rituals. Skin protection, says the brand, should be an essential step in everyone's daily routine.

Conversely, protection from sunburn is not the most important reason for wearing sunscreen. Instead, according to Infinite Beauty, it's about reducing often unseen damage from the sun. Sunburn is an immediate reaction, yet damage from the sun occurs over a lifetime, and it's this damage which the skincare brand is keen to help prevent.

Infinite Beauty advises considering a moisturizing facial sunscreen which is unlike usual sunblock lotions. Designed especially for the face, they won't clog pores, and even leave the skin primed and ready for makeup application.

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