Facebook & Instagram Encourage Millennials To Complete The Most Purchases, Says New 2018 Survey From DesignRush

30% of Millennials have purchased products directly on Facebook. In addition, 67% build a trustworthy relationship with a brand through Instagram and Facebook.

Our findings can help top agencies and growing businesses determine which channels drive valuable traffic, how to build customer relationships, and which marketing tactics improve conversion rates.”

— Gabriel Shaoolian, Founder and Executive Director of DesignRush

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The vast majority of Millennials are regularly active on the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Thus, businesses already understand that they need to invest in a strong social media presence.

But how many conversions does social media really create, and which platforms are the most valuable for growing brands?

DesignRush.com – an online site that showcases the best designs, digital marketing strategies and business growth tips – recently conducted a survey analyzing 219 Millennials’ shopping habits on social media.

Our findings:

1. 30% of Millennials purchase products directly on Facebook, followed by Instagram (17%) and Pinterest (8%).
2. 35% build brand and product trust through Facebook, followed by Instagram (32%) and Pinterest (21%).
3. Snapchat fosters the lease brand and product trust, with just 5% of Millennials valuing the platform. This is followed by 8% believe Twitter fosters the most brand and product trust.
4. 37% find products they are willing to use on Facebook, 30% find products that they would use on Instagram, and 24% find worthy products on Pinterest
5. Just 4% of Millennials feel that they discover valuable products on Snapchat, and 5% find worthwhile products on Twitter.
6. 61% of people surveyed trust their friend’s product or brand endorsements. This is followed by their own experience (51%) and website reviews and testimonials (48%)
7. Only 10% of Millennials trust celebrity endorsements and 12% trust influencer endorsements the most.
8. However, 18% of Millennials will trust a product more because they saw an influencer use it on social media. An additional 38% may trust that product more, and 20% will trust the product more if the context it was presented in was natural.
9. But 48% won’t trust a product more just because a celebrity used it on social media.
10. 41% of those surveyed are not inspired to complete purchases because of email retargeting/remarketing campaigns. An additional 18% are less likely to complete a purchase because of email retargeting/remarketing.
11. 37% of Millennials are not encouraged to complete purchases because of retargeting ads. An additional 16% of Millennials were less likely to complete a purchase due to retargeting.
12. 12% of people surveyed are more likely to make a purchase due to email newsletter promotions, and 50% are sometimes more likely to purchase.
13. 47% prefer to shop on eCommerce websites, as opposed to social media (12%) or brick and mortar stores (10%).
14. 31% of Millennials are inspired by social media to complete purchases, but don’t perform transactions on the platforms themselves.

Ages 18 to 34 are the most valuable demographic for businesses. This is because the age bracket has some spending power. But more importantly, appealing to this age group effectively increases the likelihood for lifelong brand loyalty, which is what provides long-term success for businesses.

“Modern brands know that they need a social media presence, but often fail to create a meaningful presence that increases revenue,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “Our findings can help top agencies and growing businesses determine which channels drive valuable traffic, how brands can build positive customer relationships, and which marketing tactics improve the conversion rates necessary for bigger bottom lines.”

The new survey’s key findings can be translated into specific social media strategies.

Not All Millennials Shop Directly On Social Media – But Those Who Do Prefer Facebook

30% of Millennials surveyed have purchased products directly off of Facebook, which proves that young adults appreciate well-targeted advertisements, ease-of-use and instant gratification. eCommerce website platforms such as Shopify feature social media integration.

That said, about 33% of people surveyed don’t purchase directly on a social media platform. Social media eCommerce isn’t the right fit for every brand, so they must first understand their specific business objectives before enacting this strategy.

Snapchat Doesn’t Drive Revenue

Snapchat has 300 million active users, but those users are not transforming into direct conversions. Brands may still want to post on Snapchat to cultivate a recognizable and accessible brand identity, but they shouldn’t rely on the social media app to increase revenue – even with celebrity or influencer endorsements at the helm.

Millennials Trust Their Friends’ Brand Experiences More Than Influencer & Celebrity Endorsements

A major takeaway from DesignRush’s survey results is that, despite the growing prevalence of celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing, Millennial consumers trust “real” people first and foremost.

Therefore, brands should encourage website reviews, customer testimonials and explore user-generated content on social networks. These tactics will show the value of products and services while maintaining a level of honesty and integrity that Millennials crave.

When In Doubt, Drive Traffic To Your Website

Although Millennials are heavily influenced by social media ads and endorsements, they still prefer to complete purchases on a traditional eCommerce website. Businesses hoping to improve their social media strategy should still include paid ads, retargeting ads, sponsored content and other social media posts that directly funnel customers to their eCommerce site.

Plus, businesses can find a list of the best eCommerce website design and development companies who can create a user-friendly shopping and checkout process on DesignRush.

How Businesses Can Create A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Brands hoping to improve their digital footprint and captivate valuable consumers across social media can find the best social media marketing firms, ranked by clients, experience, portfolio, price and more on DesignRush.

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