SOARIGAMI: Portable Personal Space


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SOARIGAMI: Portable Personal Space

San Francisco, CA -November 3, 2017 – Soarigami, A folding device that doubles the area of an armrest, is winning what they call, the “elbow war” through creating a friendlier, more comfortable, environment for travelers.

Soarigami’s armrest extender and divider is lightweight, portable, and beautifully designed. This unique product is a patented armrest attachment, that physically divides the existing armrest, into two separate units, separated by a leatherette divider. This allows users on both sides to comfortably rest their arms, without accidentally bumping or touching their neighbor. Creating what the co-founder Sonia Chang calls “Savvierskies”.

Soarigami is a functional, and durable product, capable of withstanding the rigors of travel. The durable plastic body keeps weight to a minimum, while the stainless-steel screws and rubberized winglet clamps securely hold the device in place. Soarigami’s mission is to create “savvier skies” by reducing conflict and establishing personal space for you and your seating neighbor.

Despite the resemblance to an upside-down paper airplane, Soarigami can easily be adjusted to fit stadium seating, movie theater seating, and anything else that uses row seating. A winner of numerous awards for innovation in airline transport and product design, Soarigami makes the perfect gift for anyone that travels. For more information:

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